By Rocmar

Rocmar pulled open the doors to the drinking hall with a heave and the sweet smell of juicy kodo meat and fresh orcish mead filled his nostrils. He was greeted by warcries and raised spirits as his clan – the Earthfury…welcomed him to this place of merrymaking and cheer. He walked in past the heavy wooden doors etched with various orcish runes and symbols of the clan. Ergoth was the first to greet him. Rocmar placed a hand on the orcs shoulder and sighed with a smile, admiration could be seen in Rocmar’s eyes through his wolf hood. “Throm’ka brother” he said, withdrawing his hand from Ergoth’s shoulder. “Throm’ka Rocmar!” He bellowed – he obviously had some of the mead already, Rocmar smiled and said to the older orc “I can see the mead tastes well tonight then. Spirits are high and the wolves are quiet.” Rocmar pulled back his wolf hood revealing his patched eye and smiled again, a moment of silence passes briefly between the two before the drums begin to pound, Rocmar stamps his feet and begins to sing a *Lok'tra and most of the others join in the singing and chanting. Rocmar and Ergoth make their way over to the centre table and sit on the benches. Ergoth hands Rocmar not one but several tankards of mead and at the same time he notices the chieftain Torakk near the back of the hall and nods in greeting. The chieftain returns the gesture. He takes a moment to unsilng his hammer and prop it up on the bench and hears a rustling outside, he assumes it nothing and continues to sing and cheer. Nearly all of the clan was those who where on the hunt in azshara and also the barrens. Tannaka sat by her brother's side talking to him of various things - the spirits,hunting or maybe even cooking. Rocmar did not trouble himself with the thoughts of others. "Keep you mind sharp and your ax' shaper." He said that over a number of times in his head before he heard the rustling outside again. He stood up and walked over to the heavy wooden doors, Stonetalon was quiet tonight. "Beautiful here." Thought Rocmar, then it happend....seconds later he was pounced by this...void, it had pounced on him from the roof frames above and tried to claw at his throat with a dagger, he rolled over and unslung a small axe that hung from his belt and slit and -almost severd- the attackers head. Several of the attacker leaped through the doorway and windows of the drinking hall nearly all at once. Then two words were bellowed from Rocmar's mouth. "Elf assasins!".....

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