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...The road ahead was dark and damp, the sun nearly sunk into the hill, and Ulgarf wondered what would the Colonel do when he returns to Dun Garok. He was called to Refuge Pointe, Ogres attacked again, and only Ulgarf was around Stormwind. As a loyal soldier, he tought he'll skip the meeting and immediatly responded to the call, taking the quickest gryphon to Southshore. Bad move. His torch was the only source of light along the road, and there was a feeling around, the feeling he had for a few days now. As the dark siluette of Thoradin's Wall was rising into the horizon, Ulgarf peered around, looking for any threats. Nothing, only the dark, shadowy forest lied to the left and right. Hmmpf, tha' Fungus be really playin' tricks on me tought Ulgarf. As he reached the Wall, with a calm walk, he heard something. Or sensed? It didn't matter, as he turned his head, something jumped on him from behind. Ulgarf fell, but rolled to one side, pulling a flintlock out, aiming at the woman. Ulgarf's eyes widened, seeing that the woman in front, it was the same hooded figure he was seeing for days. Just as he pressed the trigger, dark tendrils grabbed the pistol, throwing it meters away. Ulgarf drew his sword, and charged at the woman, trying to deliver a few blows, but missed, as the woman moved with almost invizible moves.

- How convenient, said the woman and Ulgarf immediatly recognized the voice. - Darkstorm, I won't go down quietly! said Ulgarf slamming his sword on the ground, the elemental runes on his sword starting to glow.

- Good thing you remember my name, desserter. Ulgarf raised his sword, trying to hit Entriia's waist, then trying to hit her shoulder, but a dark aura surrounded her, absorbing all the blows. She whispered something, and a shadowblot hit Ulgarf's sword, making it fly a few yards away. The dwarf drew another flintlock, and shot at the Elf's head, but again, the bullet was absorbed.

- Nice trick, said Ulgarf then cursed in all the languages he knew. The woman giggled and shape-shifted into a black panther, jumping on Ulgarf. The dwarf tried to roll to his side, but failed, as the panther landed with her paws on his shoulder, making him fall on his back. A "crack" sound was heard, the elf realised the dwarf's head hit a rock, then Ulgarf began to see white and black dots, his sight slowly fading... He was unconcious. The elf slowly dragged Ulgarf up on the wall, and giggled...

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