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Rain Lashed The Field. Steel Echoed on Steel or bone or flesh. Arrow's met Felsh or shield and Charge after Charge Echoed over the rising dead. Hymm looked around watching as the Tyr's Hand Crusaders Hacked into a fresh pile of zombies and skeletons. reloading his new looking gun droping the carterage to the ground he rammed a fresh one in. a scream sounded from above as a giant bat dropped a crusader from 100 feet up. Hymm aimed and fierd bringing down the bat and reloaded again. advancing to catch up with his group Hymm put a bullet through the heart of a Zombie wearing Crusader armour. relaoding again Hymm joined his squad.

Bloodied tierd and weary Hymm and a few Others Returned to Tyr's Hand. Hymm took off his bloodied clothes and jumped into his bunk. No sooner had he closed his eyes a foot kicked him. "Hmm?" Hymm groaned another crusader passed him a sealed letter with the wax seal of emmisarry Habeus. Hymm cut it open with his short sword tierd and hungry he read it.

"Brother Hymm your term in Tyr's Hand is at an end please return to Stormwind City with Haste" Signed Emmisarry Habeus DeMontfort

Hymm sighed "back to Stormwind City" he thought strapping his armour back on after cleaning it he headed back to the big city.

When Hymm arrived he saw Miss Redcross and a young looking woman in a scribes robe comforting someone. He ignored them and moved down to the Refectory. saluting another random crusader he glanced at the "in" roster spotting that louise wasent there. Hymm's mind raced back through his carefully filed memories and he took a glance at the space between miss redcross and the scribe. the girl crying was Imoneak. Hymm's heart went cold. Hymm whent calmly into the crypts and screamed his head off causing a book to fall off a shelf in the refectory. Hymm looked at his armour and the roster....Lou or the mission? Hymm thought Lou was a part of the mission and therefore part of him.

A few Days Later

Hymm placed out a letter adressed to Habeus,

"Dear Emmisarry i have decided to take antoher term in Tyr's hand i need to gain seasons as a veteran send my reguards to sister Imoneak and the rest of the crusaders i can do so much better good up there at the moment"

Hymm simled at the blazing sun outside.....who knows? the mission was good he was determaned to help sister louise do a favour for imoneak and maybe slay a few scourge along the way. Hymm put on a battered leather hat and began to sing softly to himself

"With an eye on the shadows protecting his fellows......"

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