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Ormsby approached the camp surrounding The Dark Portal, it was strangely empty, not even the The Watch Commander was there.

" What kind of madness is this... "

Ormsby looked around the camp, no one, not even a cockroach, The Dark Portal and the lightning in the sky where the only sounds Ormsby could hear.

He approached The Dark Portal on foot, his heart pounding faster as he got closer and closer, until the force of The Dark Portal blew his hood off. He took at deep breath as he took the pendant from his robe, holding it in his scarred hand.

" I....I cant allow this soul to be bound to undeath as I had been. Mistress, forgive me... "

Ormsby grapsed tightly on the pendant as he prepared to throw it at The Dark Portal. With all the strength in his being, he threw the amulet through the green void.

At the moment the amulet went through the portal, a loud crack could be heard erupting violently, like a volcano! A large bolt of black lightning surged from the portal towards Ormsby!

Ormsby's eyes widened as the bolt surged towards him. Ormsby could only remember one last thing as the bolt approached him, it was what Suzanne had said to him before he left Stormwind...

" Redemption..." she said.

Ormsby's body twitched slightly as the bolt passed him threw him, frying his robe completely. He then stood for a moment, his mouth wide open, trying to gasp for air and his hands hanging freely by his side.

" Redemption..." He muttered.

Ormsby's gave one last scream of pain as he fell backwards, his eyes now glazed over. He then lay motionless on the stone floor, his body burned and the portal surging violently...

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