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Deep within Ormsby's Soul Shard Edit

Ormsby's body floated in the emptyness, his eyes were blank but he was still breathing, memories could be heard in the background, voices from his past, The Faith, Entriia, Louise, Imoenak, Jhornia...

A tear fell from Ormsby's cheek, his eyes opened, looking around, this was the best he deserved, his own Soul Shard, a crystalline palace, no floors, no windows and only the sound of his own thoughts and memories. It was truly bigger on the inside than on the outside. Ormsby let out a weak laugh, looking around again, something had interupted his eternal slumber...or something.

Ormsby quickly looked above. A flash then a women in glimmering white robes floated down towards him, an angellic women, her hair and robes made from what looked like the very essence of The Light itself!

" Damien... ". The women looked at Ormsby with caring eyes, stroking her hand across Ormsbys' cheek, wiping the tear away.

" Who are you, how did you- ". Ormsby was cut off from speaking as the women kissed him, still staring at him with those eyes...he could hear her voice in his head, resounding throughout the crystal chamber...

" Damien, your time isnt over yet...The LIghtbringers, they need you to lead find an old friend...and to find yourself... ". The women backed away from Ormsby, passing him an old item from his past...the book that his mother had learned the dark arts from....Shadow Magic! She then vanished in a flash of light. The chamber went silent again.

Then Ormsby felt a strange new feeling in him. His whole body started surging with dark powers! Then a green flash of fire consumed him! Ormsby didnt feel a thing, he let out a scream of rage, the whole chamber trembling, he then laughed.

" I know...I understand...fight the darkness with darkness even stronger...hmm..." The flames subsided, Ormsby rubbed his chin, a grin on his face.

" But get my body back! "

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