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A New Chapter.

Take care of her for me, sister...

The voice faded as Elizabetha woke up from her slumber, yet still the conversation from last night kept resounding in the back of her mind, as a constant reminder of the truth that made the core of her soul ache, that made her heart bleed in silent sorrow and grief.

The Light has abandoned me, sister...

Elizabetha sighed deeply as she sat up in the bed, putting aside the blanket that had kept her warm in the Loch Modan night, and she tilted her head, listening to the sounds around her. She could vaguely make out the sound of birds outside, the trodding of Dwarven feet that passed by the house. She couldn't hear any fire, which meant that the fireplace had died out, but she could hear Amy's somewhat calm breathing, and knew that she was still asleep. People breathed in a particular way when asleep, if they didn't outright snore.

Take care of her for me, sister...

She bowed her head briefly, holding a hand to her chest as her mental pain made it ache within. beloved sister...why did you lose your sight the way you have... she asked in her mind, knowing that the answer was complicated, riddled with betrayal and terrible inner pain that her sister must've been suffering and was enduring. Elizabetha rubbed her forehead and lifted her face. Part of her still screamed in denial, arguing that it had all been but a nightmare or that her sister had jested, that it was just a cruel joke, a temporary thing of hers that she'd soon cast aside and return to how she had once been: The loving, caring sister that had held Elizabetha in her arms, comforting her, stroking her hair, whispering in her ear of her sisterly love, and of how everything would be alright.

Elizabetha slowly lowered her hand, skirting her blindfold. The fingers told her once again of the hollow feeling, the truth of her lack of eyes - and she wondered... If I hadn't gone North...if I hadn't decided to remind myself...if I hadn't gone back to fight those Undead...if I hadn't sent that woman off with her child in her arms on top of Archi... Had I been able to prevent this...this tragedy? She shook her head. more useless denial. She has lost her way, she has been blinded by her pain, and own deluded desire for futile vengeance. Iana is dead... Stoen nearly died... Karina is hiding... And Amy...oh, shan't be alone in your shan't be allowed to wander in grief and lose your way. I shall make that a fact...for you, sister...for you, my beloved sister... I will bring you back... I will make you see again... And you shall know that the Light didn't abandon you.

She turned, putting her feet down on the cold stone floor - the coldness of it just as frigid as the icy reality she was in right now. That only reminded her of her resolve, as she remembered her plea for aid from Illidor, the Kaldorei Keeper of the Cenarion Guardians. She would fight again, she would learn to overcome the obstacle of having no eyes. I am still a Paladin of the Holy Light. I am still a daughter of Stormwind.

A smile slowly appeared on her face, as she felt strength renewed flowing through her body. I still have a purpose, eyes or no. Elizabetha bowed her head slightly, praying silently before rising and putting on her robe and grabbing hold of her staff that Illidor had given her as a gift not so long after her loss. Her grip on it tightened as the voice of her sister resounding in her memory. I will never leave you, darling sister...

"Nor will I leave you, sister..." she whispered. "And I will save you... I will protect my people...but I will save you."

She turned slowly, again listening to Amy's breathing. She was still asleep.

And I will protect her, sister, as best I can.

Elizabetha stood still as she listened, and silently accepted within her heart: I will save you...or I will forfeit my life...

Indeed, a new chapter in her eventful life had begun - she hoped that she'd live it through.

Yet, as always, she was prepared to die, if needs be.

Light, give me strength...

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