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Summary of Chapter 2 of the Brood

The chapter begins with Ray going back to Silvermoon to find his old friends, he goes to Rosacae’s manor to apologise for his deeds against her, when she sees Ray she is instantly shocked and happy to see him much to Ray’s surprise.

The two talk over what has happened and Rosa is upset that Mog has died. Ray notices there are more children in her manor to which she replies that she has started a orphanage and takes care of children if she can, she then tells Ray that her husband, Solance the leader of Order of the sun has gone missing during a attack on Kael’s HQ in outland.

Rosa explains that she is now leader of the order and welcomes Ray to join once again, Ray doesn’t accept the offer as he feels strange joining them when only a month ago he was hunting them all down. Rosa introduces another old foe of Ray’s Solance’s sister Orana. Orana is at first cocky that she was right all along but is sympathetic towards Ray once she knows how much he lost during the attack.

Ray tells Rosa and Orana about Alorion and that he believes that they are all at danger of his wrath, Orana doesn’t seem to take it seriously whilst Rosa is surprised that one of her colleges would turn against their own people. They offer Ray to tell the order about what has taken place and with some persuading he accepts. When he explains this to the order most do not take it seriously nor trust Ray.

Ray soon after explains to Rosa that he is going to leave to Kalimdor, explaining he has been given instructions by A’dal to go to a old Highbourne city known as Dire maul. Ray leaves Silvermoon and heads to the undercity to catch a flight to Kalimdor to begin his quest.

Over in Stormwind, Imoen is alone in her quarters thinking over what has happened the past couple of days and mourns the loss of her relationship with Ray. She goes down stairs into the Cathedral itself and we see the man from the end of chapter 1.

The two are now outside in the Cathedral gardens, the man is revealed to be known as Galomire and is training Imoen to be a paladin. However for some reason Imoen cannot channel the light describing it to “be something blocking it.”

Imoen leaves the gardens after talking to Galomire and someone walks out of the shadows, Galomire tells this man that she is the one.

Soon after Imoen spends a few days talking to her friends from the other stories (Elizabetha, Amy and Nouala) about it all are confused about it, more so is Elizabetha telling her that is almost impossible for anything to block out the light, this makes Imoen think that perhaps she is doing it subconsciously and tells her about the strange dreams she’s had. These dreams have been going threw out the story and Elizabetha is troubled by these but before she can say anything she is whisked away to do her duties.

She goes back to her quarters and thinks over what has taken place, the next morning she wakes up hearing that one of her brethren’s quarters has been broken into and a dagger resides near his bed which wasn’t there when he went to bed. We see Galomire listening into the conversation.

We then see Alorion at his HQ, Alorion explains that Ray is to naïve to join him just yet but wishes to force him to join. The demon we saw in Chapter 1 laughs and tells Alorion that he should see Ray as a enemy as he is heading to Dire maul to un-do their work. The demon doesn’t explain how Ray could do this but only telling Alorion that there is a artifact there that an old friend of his has that could ruin everything. He then gives Alorion a vial of pure arcane telling him that he must use this rare water to poison the waters of a clan that may cause them problems, this tribe is the Earth Fury clan.

Ray has now reached Dire maul and he soon realises how hard it will be for him to get in, he finally reaches one point in Dire maul where there is a barrier stopping him from getting in, there is a switch but it is a small hand print. He looks around for any other way in and notices pictures on the wall, the pictures show a huge demon coming down from the skies and elves kneeling around him, however each of the elves seem to be female and their stomachs show babies inside of them. Before Ray can decipher any more a spear is pointed at the back of his neck, the spear is one of the Farstriders that charge Ray for poising a lake in Kalimdor with pure arcane to make his allies get sick and eventually die. The guards tell Ray that he will be arrested for his crime or be killed where he stands, Ray chooses to go peacefully.

(( More to come later, next bit is introducing Gadia ))

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