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The Town of ???????, ???????? Edit

The smell of death was abundant, the strength of shadow even more so. Ormsby approached the town, something had happened here, this wasnt normal!

Ormsby passed through the town gates, it had been utterly destroyed, the wood still smelled of ash. Then, Ormsby heard a familiar scream!

"Ormsby, how could you do this!?!?". The voice sounded familiar, it was Louise! Ormsby ran down the alley to his left then his right, trying to find her then he did...

Louise was lying on the ground, her stomach was gouged open and bleeding badly. Standing over her was a dark sight, his eyes where glowing red, infact his whole glowed red! The staff he was carrying was familiar, it was black and had a green flame. The man let out a laugh as he picked her up by the throat, choking the life out her, a sadistic smirk showing under his hood which darkened the features on his face.

Ormsby charged at the hooded man, his sword striking the back of the mans head but nothing, the man kept his grasp on Louise!

"Damnit! Let her go!" Ormsby kept striking at the man, his sword starting to break while he did so. Then a crack could be heard! The man let his grasp ease on Louise as her lifeless body fell to the floor.

"L...Louise!" Ormsby backed away, his body trembling with great fear. The hooded man turned to Ormsby, his hand still covered in blood, he pointed to Ormsby.

"Damien, dont deny it!" The man whispered. Ormsby looked at the man, a look a sheer anger on his face.

"You bastard!!" Ormsby charged at the man again, his sword swinging wildly.

"Foolish me!" The man launched a shadow bolt at Ormsby, knocking back several feet into a pile of wood. The man walked slowly over to Ormsby, his sword drawn.

"Damien, dont deny what you truly are, The Light was never for one of your skill." The man drew his sword to Ormsby's throat then with one swift motion, cut along it. Ormsby grabbed onto his throat, trying to stop the bleeding, he looked up at the man, his face was clear, it was himself! The hooded man lowered his head to Ormsby, whispering softly into his ear...

"You were The Light...and by your friends who follow it!"

Ormsby let out a weak yell as he fell forward, onto the mans shoulders. His body going lifeless...

Stormwind City Edit

Ormsby screamed as he woke up, his face dripping with cold sweat. It was all just a dream! Or was it! Ormsby quickly put his Lightbringer uniform and out the door of his house towards the Cathedral. He ran through the cathedral enrance. He looked around desperately, then he saw her, Louise was alive. He let out a sigh of relief. Turning away, he made his way down the stairs towards the cathedral square, he looked around, it was a bright day but then he saw him! The hooded man, smirking at him!

Ormsbys face went pale, maybe it wasnt a dream, maybe more, maybe a vision of things to come...

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