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-Fournok, try one more time! Ulgarf looked down at the Gyrocopter's control boards, spinning a wheel, and pusing a small silver button, then looking at the display. Ooke, now! The Gyrocopter remained silent.

-Blasted hunk o' metal! Said the dwarf, then slamming his fist in one of the panels. Muttering, he jumped out of the cockpit, and grabbed a spanner from the tool box, his lens making whirring sounds when focalising on the tool. Ulgarf nervously walked up to the frontal part of the plane, and randomly adjusted some bolts with the spanner, then whacked the hull with the other end of the spanner.

-Oi Fournok, try tha' start the darn thing... Ulgarf opened a panel and looked down at the engine under the metal panel. Fournok finally climbed his heavy body in the cockpit, and pressed the silver start button. Nothing.

-GWAAH! Ulgarf muttered curses in all the languages he knew, then started to adjust some wires and mechanotroms inside the engine. Try again blast it! Again, the plane lay still.

-Ooke, ah think I found tha problem.. tha main rotor, seems tha be burnt. Bah, ever since Saturday's battle, everything is going wrong... Ulgarf began searching trough a metal box, then took a small, shiny cylinder out of it, placing it inside the engine, and taking the old, rusted one, and throwing it away.

-Jus' a second.. The dwarf took a strange pen-like device from one of his seemengly infinite number of pouches, and pressed a rused button located at one end of the device. A small, orange light, resembling a flame, but much smaller and appearently stronger appeard from the other end of the pen-like object. Ulgarf closed his left eye, and the lens started making some whirring sounds while he attached the rotor to it's place, appearently fixing it there for a long time.

-Ooke, ah think it'll work now... Almost fallen asleep, and with a bored face, Fournok slowly pushed the silver button. A loud engine sounds could be heard from the frontal part of the plane, as Ulgarf smiled and closed the metal panel, looking happy.

-Righto, thanks fer tha help lad, i'll let Angst know ye 'elped me.

-Aye.. ok.. I think I'll get som' sleep now then..

Ulgarf muttered something, then looked proudly at a small, shiny piece of metal, on it carved: "AC-0734 3rd Nova Corps", and next to it, painted with white "Pole Star" The dwarf put down the spanner, and closed the tool box, heading for the ammo depot. When he was near the stairs, thinking of why in the world are all these things happening? Nova Corps barely escaped from the last crisis involving the Dark Embrace, now the Blood Elf attack? It seemed strange, as if the Elves knew Dun Garok was recovering.. but from who? And how did they knew how to disable the planes? Destroy the main rotor... only expert engineers knew what puts a Gyrocopter to life, and Ulgarf doubted that any of the Blood elf knew anything about advanced mechanics. Strange indeed. But this was a matter to think about later, for now, an urgent trip to Stormwind awaited, and Ulgarf was almost late. He turned his head back in the hangar bay direction, and a tought ran trough his mind. "Let's see if that hunk of metal really works.."

After a few minutes, he was sitting in the pilot's seat, adjusting numerous wheels and small levers, watching the panels and displays. A mountaineer recruit he didn't knew was opening the hangar door, and Ulgarf bowed his head as thanks. He finally closed the plane's cabin, the round glass dome above him shining brightly while sunlight began to flow trough the half-opened bay door. The Pole Star slowly started moving forward, and began to catch speed.

After two minutes, Ulgarf was looking down at the town of Southshore, the farms barely visible from that height. He checked the map, and turned the plane in Stormwind's direction, watching at the dark-blue water below him, thinking about scandalous inventions and possible future plans for hazardous devices and contraptions...

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