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Ray and Gadia are sitting down in separate interrogation rooms, the Arch Magister walks down a long corridor and goes into one of these rooms.

The room has gone into is Ray’s, Ray is sitting down in his old uniform he got back in the first story.

The Arch Magister opens a folder and turns a piece of paper to Ray, Ray picks up the paper and reads it.

Arch Magister: We looked up on you and Sunfury’s background, no match. Yet for some reason he has not only expressed intrest in you but also your sister, Gadia. Yet that is not what I am really interested in Mr.Garner, your personal life means nothing to the Magister court, we ARE interested in how Sir.Sunfury has managed to keep up all of this magic.

Ray: I don’t know why you would think I would know that sir…

The Arch Magister glares at Ray.

Arch Magister: Don’t lie to us Garner, one thing we have noticed is the increase of fel we have found in your blood…though our kin do not mind such things and perhaps this was gained by you going to far with a fel crystal but perhaps “Noirola’s” review on you and your sister is true…

Ray: All I know is what he’s told me I don’t know if it’s true or not. What he has told me it’s not good, he’s planning something big and I know he’s not working alone.

Arch Magister: We are not stupid Mr.Garner, we do know that the felblood’s work with the sun king.

Ray: No, there is someone else apart from him, when he spoke to me he said he had given up on our prince and that he would take his place…some else is behind all this.

Arch Magister: Intresting…your sister is proving to be difficult you are very lucky that we have a use for both of you, you are not one of us, not completely. Your blood is different and whilst it is different and Alorion is alive you both will be treated as quest in our city.

Ray sighs

Ray: I understand.

Arch Magister: You have also lost your rank as a Blood knight master.

Ray sighs again.

Arch Magister: However…You have cooperate with us so I will be reasonable…we will allow you to stay in the blood knight order, for reasons we cannot understand you can still wield the light…we also know about your mission given to you by A’dal, we must keep our alliance with the creature but for the time being you are not to leave this city OR yours sister until further notice.

Ray: You said that I have cooperated…what has my sister done?

Arch Magister: Well she has no home to go to and im sure you wish to meet your long lost sister…you’ll soon find out.

Goes to Gadia, she has her arms crossed and is sulking. The guards there are trying to get her to sit properly but she doesn’t. The Arch Magister comes in and lifts out his hand towards Gadia, by means of magic Gadia is forced into sitting down. The Arch Magister then casts another spell on her, this time arcane flows around her arms and acts as cuffs holding her onto the chair.

The Arch Magister pulls out a chair and sits on the opposite side of the table, Gadia looks quite frightened seeing how much power this man has.

Arch Magister: Enough games, you lived with that demon spawn for six months so your going to tell us everything we need to know.

Gadia: But I donts no nuttin!

Arch Magister: Maybe so but im interested on how much your “father” taught you.

Gadia: Ey taught meh ow te turn invisble dat et!

Arch Magister: We know of your past deeds Miss Garner, your mother would be ashamaed in you, a leader of a child thief gang? Who would of thought the leader of that group would have been one of the Garner’s? And do not try and lie to yourself in telling yourself that it was Alorion’s fault…

We see Gadia clench her fists and her eyes starting to fill up with tears.

Gadia: et aint meh-

Arch Magister: You taught innocent children to steal and to be greedy and it was because of this they drank the water! It was YOU who made them what they are and by the sun if your brother did not have a use to us I would execute you on the spot! Gadia is sobbing.

Gadia: But…but-

Arch Magister: But nothing! You have worked along side a man who has killed so many lives, you’re his own flesh and blood and worse yet you brought children into it! Now tell me where Miss.Fairbreeze is!

Gadia: I donts no! She went poof I was to scared to do anytin!

The Arch Magister gets out of his seat and slams his hands on the table leaning over Gadia. Gadia looks up at him quite scared.

Arch Magister: You have lived with them for six months! You must know SOMETHING!

Gadia: I donts! I swears! All I noes is dat e framed meh bruder n wuz demon…

Gadia looks down on the table looking quite bewildered.

I donts know bout meh being one…

The Arch Magister stands up straight and looks at Gadia for a few seconds, he grunts and turns around to leave, the guards look at him with slight fear but straighten up as he turns around to face them. He leans over to one of the guards.

Arch Magister: Keep them on close guard, they are not to leave Quel’thas.

The guard nods once.

Gadia is left in the room her body slumped over her chair.

We pan back to Ray, he has Gadia next to him who looks emotionally drained, he is talking to a Magister.

Magister: You are to remain in Quel’thas until further notice, do you understand?

Ray: Yes, where do we stay? I have no money at the time being…

Magister: That has been taken care of, you will stay at Sir.Sunfury’s manor for the time being. You will have some of us visit to look for evidence as to where he could be.

Ray: Thank you Magister. May we take our leave?

The Magister nods and throws some keys at Ray, he catches them and nods once.

Ray and Gadia now walk out of the Magister’s spire, there is a uncomftable silence between the two. Gadia looks distraught about the whole ordeal and after a few feet she stops in the street and begins to cry.

Ray walks over to her and kneels down to her level, he picks her up holding onto her.

Ray: Come on…let’s get back to our home.

The two walk over to Alorion’s old manor, Ray whistles in awe at the size of the building. He unlocks the door to the manor and the door swings open, Ray looks stunned by how big and glorious the Manor looks.

Gadia simply walks in and goes into the front room seeing how she has been here for so long, she lights the fire and sits down on the bear rug staring at the fire. Ray sighs and walks into the room.

Ray: You know…it’s not your fault what happened to those children. If Alorion didn’t-

Gadia: Shut up, just shut up.

Ray goes to say something but stops himself and sighs, he walks into the kitchen and puts his hands threw his hair sighing to himself.

We then pan to a few hours later, Ray and Gadia are sitting at the dinner table eating a salad with boar meat on the side, it’s very uncomftable as none of them are talking. Gadia scowls at the table for a bit obviously thinking about something. Ray picks up on this and breaks the silence.

Ray: Hey what’s up?

Gadia looks up at Ray surprised and then scruffs up her face and shrugs.

Ray: What, come on what is it?

Gadia: Et just…mum n dad aint ere te say ello or anytin.

Ray looks quite stunned that Gadia hasn’t been told about her parents death and carries on eating his dinner.

Ray: Yeah…

Gadia: Wut?

Ray: It’s odd they aren’t here.

Gadia: Yeeeer! Were der beh ne way?

Ray: Erm…they have their own place in Quel’thas.

Gadia: Yer?

Ray: Yeah…it’s not a bad place.

Gadia: Yer iden sumete…wut iz et?

Ray: Erm…I’ll take you to our parents tommrow…

Gadia: Ok!

The two begin to eat their dinner again, Ray smiles at Gadia hiding the truth. When Gadia isn’t looking we see a brief sign of worry on Ray’s face.

Next morning we see Gadia in her pyjamas getting out of her bed and opening the curtains, she gives out a big yawn and puts on her slippers, she goes out of her bedroom and sees Ray who is in a black and red dressing gown.

Ray is making eggs and bacon.

Gadia: Mornen!

Ray: Good morning…hungry?

Gadia: Yer!

Ray puts some egg on a plate aswell as some bacon, Gadia smiles but doesn’t eat it just yet.

Gadia: You noes I add loooooads o sleep last noight!

Ray: Ah good.

Gadia: Yer! Noes moaning and groaning from the bedrooms, I used te ear dat evereh toime Noirola- er…Alorion? And Vespar? Go to bed…I asks wut e wuz doen to er but e told meh nuttin.

Ray looks quite taken back by what Gadia has just told him.

Ray: I’ll…tell you some day, now come on eat up we got a hard- long day ahead of us.

Gadia takes a bite out of her breakfast but doesn’t seem to enjoy it, her eyes squinting. She pulls out of her mouth a bit of the egg shell, Ray looks at her and rubs the back of his head and smiles embrassed.

Ray: Er…knew there was something I should of done...

Gadia: Dis as loadsa egg shells innit! Didn’t yeh take em out!?

Ray: Well…I kinda just beat the egg…on it’s…own…

Gadia looks at Ray blankly, not knowing if he’s being serious.

Gadia: Roooight…wells iz gunna afteh tell mommeh te teach youz cooken.

Ray laughs nervously and pulls out some ceral from a cuboard he pours it into a bowl and pours milk in it and hands it over to Gadia. She glares at him and begins eating the ceral.

Gadia: I ate dis stuff…

Ray: Yeah…not sure where Alorion got this from…

Ray also pours himself some ceral and sits next to Gadia eating his breakfast.

Gadia: So…youz been wer de past couple o months?

Ray: Over in Kalimdor-

Gadia: Wut?

Ray: Kalimdor…it’s a land far to the west, I lived in a troll village for a while then moved to Hillsbrad…do you know much around Azeroth?

Gadia: Well…I noes a bit but not deh names.

Ray: I must say im confused…I never knew I had a sister…where have YOU been for the past…how old are you?

Gadia: Sixteh. N I was in dis ‘uman citeh for a while den dat got destroyed by deh lankeh, green peps and scareh men on boneh ponehs! Den I wents to ere in dis citeh to find meh fammileh but I gase up after skeletons came.

Ray: Well…I guess this is all a bit much for you huh?

Gadia nods.

Ray: Mmm well…are you sure you really want to see mum and dad? It’s not going to be like what you think…

Gadia: Ey! I wunts te seem em kay!? You Iden summete!?

Gadia says leaning into Ray’s face scowling. Ray smiles nerviously and picks up her and his bowl and puts it into the sink, he starts washing them up.

Ray: Why “do” you talk like that?

Gadia: Loike wut?

Ray: That. It sounds almost dwarven and troll mixed together.

Gadia: Ey! I talk proper! I learnz et frum meh foirst dad.

Ray: Your first dad was a dwarf?

Gadia: Yer! E run inn fer a while den boogeh men came n I add te run wid oders te Silvermoon.

Ray: Hmm…well…get dressed you’ll be seeing your real mother and father soon.

Gadia jumps off her seat and runs upstairs, Ray is left doing the dishes. He sighs to himself.

We now see Gadia and Ray standing in the ruin part of Silvermoon city, Gadia looks stunned and Ray has his hand on her shoulder.

Ray: They died defending our people from the Scourge, aswell as your brother…they were good people, known threw out Silvermoon to be a honourable noble family. They were adventures in the Second war and also supplied weapons and armour for the troops during the Third war.

Gadia: I came all dis way…n im to late?

Ray: No, you saved your only family member left.

Gadia looks at Ray.

Gadia: But youz don’t feel loike meh bruder…er fammileh just…friend.

Ray tries to not look hurt by her comment

Ray: ...Mog is your family aswell.

Gadia: EM!? We gots demon now cat blood in us to!?

Ray smiles almost laughing.

Ray: No, he is the family familiar…a pet.

Gadia walks over to the graves and notices the third one, the gravestone says “Tien Garner, may his soul find rest in the light.”

Gadia points at the grave stone and looks up at Ray.

Gadia: Uncle?

Ray shakes his head.

Ray: Brother.

Gadia gets back up and stands just in front of Ray looking at the graves, not saying anything.

Ray: We are the last of the Garner blood line. Our family have always strived for righteousness and justice, though…I guess what we are now…makes things slightly more confusing…

Gadia: (Staring at the graves) I cants belive et…

Ray: (not paying attention to Gadia) But that doesn’t matter! We will strive to lead our blood line back to the path of righteousness and we will rid our blood of this curse once we stop our blood family’s madness!

Gadia: So dey gave up on meh…? I waz left te live a loife of sufferen whilst yous live in mansion…

Ray turns to face Gadia and goes to confort her but she rejects it.

Ray: I’m sorry…but I didn’t know of you-

Gadia: Yer so mums nedder told you nutten bout meh eder…ow I know dis man ere is meh real dad!?

Ray: He is your father…I can’t explain it but I know that you are.

Gadia: Den why was I nut known bout?

Ray: I don’t know…back in the day I was a drunk so maybe they did tell me or were to ashamaed to, mother would spend years travelling…perhaps she was looking for you?

Gadia: Maybeh…I donts no…

Ray: But listen your home now…I know I can’t do much but I can try and be a brother towards you…I know were not going to click just like that…but we have to try.

Gadia: I guess…

Ray smiles at Gadia and put his hand on her shoulder, she looks up at him and fake smiles back, She turns to see the graves.

Suddenly we hear a squeaky menacing laugh.

Mog: How touching…

Ray turns quickly to see Mog sitting on a small bit of rubble away from the two.

Ray: (happy) Mog!

Gadia: ...Wut you wunt…?

Mog: Ray, you could at least tell your “sister” the truth.

Ray: What? I am!

Gadia looks at Ray suddenly being a bit paronoid.

Mog: Hehehe. It is true your mother did look for you Gadia...but like all the familys you’ve had, they gave up on you. Once they saw the ruin of Stormgarde they simply gave up not exactly what I would call a family.

Ray: Your twisting the truth, my mother and father would not simply give up just like that.

Mog: When have I ever lied Ray? I’m created never to lie im just telling Gadia the truth behind why she was abandoned by her own family.

Ray: Grrr if I have to come up there...Why are you being such a jerk!?

Mog: It’s simple Ray, your letting your own issues get in the wayy from what you should really be doing, bringing peace to Azeorth.

Ray: Your…your working for them now!?

Mog: I listened to their words and studied it carefully, though I was created to destroy demons I belive that this is the only way the world can have true peace. But what do you care Ray? You care more about being a “hero” to hide the shame of your brother’s death.

Ray: Right that’s it!

Ray tries to climb the bit of rubble Mog is on but can’t reach. Mog giggles at him and jumps on a higher bit of rubble.

Mog: And as for your sister…you deny her a chance to have a true family, even she will admit she had a family before you came along and ruined everything.

Ray: (turning to Gadia) Gadia…?

Gadia looks at the ground not saying anything. Mog giggles again.

Mog: Face it Ray, your alone in a group of people who only wish to use you and imprison you. Why fight for the warmongers when you can fight for the side who wishes to bring peace to Azeroth?

Ray: Enslave them you mean…what has gotten into you? Alorion KILLED you! I saw with my own eyes and now you side with him!?

Mog: He mearly absorbed me, think of like stealing a spell. Once he did I saw everything and learnt everything he knew. Then it all made sense, all that I had teached you was true but we were on the wrong side. Gadia, you know of Alorion, yes you found his true self frightening but look around you Gadia, this is what war has caused.

Gadia: Why you ere fer…?

Mog: I’ve come to pass on a message from your father, Alorion. He tells you that if you wish to meet him and come back you must go the place you celebrated your very first birthday.

Gadia: But de guards…

Mog: You have the power to go wherever you like and no one can stop you.

Ray: Don’t listen to him Gadia! Alorion has done something to him.

Mog: Afraid your sister can accept the truth Ray? Your going to have to face it soon.

Ray clenches his fist a light glows in his fist. Mog notices this and looks slightly worried but gives a cocky smile instead, he closes his eye whilst talking.

Mog: On that note I can see Ray is in no shape to accept anything, I shall take my leave it’ll be the last time we meet. See you in Quel’danis.

Mog grins and a small portal opens for him, he walks threw it and the portal disappears behind him. Ray turns to Gadia who is looking at the ground obviously thinking over what has just happened.

Ray: We should go…

Gadia walks by him as they walk back into Silvermoon, they are being escorted by two guards either side of them. They walk back into their manor and Ray sits down in the front room the fire is burning. Gadia watches Ray go into the room and does nothing for a moment, she eventually walks into the room.

Gadia: Wut e mean by shame o yer bruders death?

Ray: It’s…complicated.

Gadia: I wunts te no! Why iz meh family iden tins from meh!?

Ray turns to Gadia and pats the part of the leather sofa next to him, offering her a seat.

Ray: Where to begin…? Well…as you know I was a drunk, I was a disgrace to our family. Then there was our brother, Tien. He did our family proud and was a priest of Lorderon. So when the war came and everything around us was falling apart there was a way both of us could be saved…but…he choose to sacrifice himself to save me.

Gadia: Dat good tho roight?

Ray: Well…no. I was nothing but a drunk, yet he gave me a second chance…I feel that I’ve been given this chance to do something…something great but I don’t know…deep down I feel guilty about his death, if I was only…more mature…perhaps both of us could of lived that day…you would at least have two brothers to greet you.

Gadia: Ugh two bruders!? One iz a nuff!

Ray smiles to himself and sits back in his seat sighing.

Gadia: Well…perhaps deh gang gave up der loives te give meh a chance.

Ray: I think so to. We can’t change what we were but we can make a start in changing who we are now.

Gadia: I promise I aint goin te Alorion…I wunts a real famileh nut a fake one…I fed up o dem.

Ray: (Smiling) Good, im glad your here, little sister.

Gadia smiles at Ray and lays into the side of him, Ray puts his arm around her and the two stare into the fire.

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