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As we see Imoen at the dark portal from the last episode, we see her getting grabbed by a dreadlord by the neck he grins at her then stops suddenly, Imoen is struggling in his hand he grins at Imoen.

Dreadlord: [taking a deep breath in] I can sense you fear mortal but not only that...he has done well to hide it from you little one…a shame I cannot end your life but my masters need you. you will come with me.

He begins to drag Imoen threw the dark portal but is stopped when Shirah dives into the demon and drives her sword threw his chest, he falls to the floor just missing the dark portal he tries to throw Imoen threw who is caught into the portal by the waist she slowly gets pulled in but Shirah grabs hold of her hand and manages to slowly pry her out of the dark portal, Imoen scrambles away from the dark portal and Shirah lifts her up to her feet.

Shirah: It’s ok sister, it’s ok.

Imoen: [gasping] Thank you sister…light, the demon almost pulled me threw…but…he didn’t want to kill me but bring me to his masters…

Shirah: Problery for an extra slave sister or information on the alliance.

Imoen stares at the corpse of the Dreadlord and looks confused at it.

The screen goes black and a message “Five years ago…” appears on the screen.

We see Andorhal as it used to be, lush forests covering a bunch of cottages and a large church, in this town we see an elf with long black hair and a cat next to him. They are both walking down a busy street and passer by’s are staring at the cat.

Ray: This is hopeless Mog…I mean I can hardly hold a sword let alone swing my fists…

Mog: Nonsense master Ray! I’m sure master can save the damsel in distress from the evil boyfriend!

Ray: Yeah right…look she’s made her mind already, she’s beautiful and I don’t know…

Mog: We both know that Ryan is an asshole.

Ray: She sure doesn’t, perhaps I should leave her be…

Mog: Where’s your manliness!? Can you remember your promise to her hmmm?

Ray: I was young then…and presides im twenty to human years she’s only sixteen…adultery that is.

Mog: So? Ryan is twenty five and he’s a human!

Ray stops and smirks looking at the ground at Mog who smiles back at him.

Ray: Your not going to stop are you friend?

Mog: Of course not. We both know she’s unhappy and your unhappy so you two need to talk.

Ray: You know how Ryan is with people…certainly me.

Mog: Nonsense just give him a try.

Ray sighs and walks by a bakery there is a scruffy looking baker standing next to the door he is smiling as he takes a bite out of the bread smiling happily, ray smiles back at him.

Ray: Old mac, I see baker Stanley is still giving you his spares.

Old mac: Aye ‘e iz a rite lov’ly chap! ‘E jus keep giv’n ‘n giv’n!

We see Mog looking a bit grim for a brief second.

Old mac: O’ if ye be go’n to see ol Imoen…[he sighs] well her mums at it ag’n.

Mog: You can’t blame her! You only see one side of Ryan…

Ray: Mog…

Old mac: E’s ok mate, I ear it all da time.

Ray knocks on the door next to bakery, Imoen’s house.

The door opens and an elf opens the door, she looks frustrated and looks at Ray and then Mog and nods once.

Nalia: Ah hello Ray…things are a bit…hectic here.

Mog: Oh?

Nalia: Come in old friends…I’ll make some hot tea.

They walk in and hear a man shouting up stairs, Nalia face shows anger and sadness as she puts on a kettle, Ray goes to sit down but hears a loud bang upstairs he stands out of his seat and goes to walk up stairs, Nalia grabs Ray by the arm.

Nalia: Don’t.

Ray: I’m only going to see if she’s alright.

Mog: Let him be Nalia.

She sighs and lets go of Ray’s arm he walks upstairs, we see Ray walk up the stairs and slowly open a door leading to a room, Imoen is holding onto what is left of her shirt as Ray walks in and we see Ryan standing over her.

Ryan: You again! I thought I told you to leave us alone!

Ray: Woah hey calm down I heard a loud bang and I got worried.

Ryan: Oh so you think it would be me right? What’s your problem, elf.

Ray: I have none…

Ray looks over to Imoen who looks turns her head away from him, it’s unsure whether or not it was that he might of caught them about to have sex or that something else has happened.

Ryan: Now do you mind we were about to ‘do’ something before you pocked your long nose in.

Ray snorts and closes the door he walks downstairs and Nalia looks at him concerned.

Nalia: Is everything ok Ray?

Ray: They were about to…well you know.

Mog: So he says…

Nalia looks at Mog and glares at him.

Nalia: We must respect Imoen and Ryan, no matter what we- you may think, familer.

Mog: Of course, I understand.

Ray sits down and starts drinking his tea, nalia hums to herself whilst pouring her own cup, her humming is very calm and peacefull.

She sits at the table just along side Ray.

Nalia: So Ray, how does your mother and father fare? I havn’t heard from them since…well sixteen years now.

Ray: Mother is still with the rangers, I don’t see her as much I would of liked to and father is always at his worshop making weapons…the others laugh at him for making so many weapons and armor, they say that at the rate he is going a quarter of our armies will be stocked up.

Nalia takes a sip out of her tea and smiles.

Nalia: Mmm don’t you agree that these tea leaves are just divine? They are from Stranglthron vale you know?

Mog: Really!?

Nalia: Oh yes, what with the work we did my friend I’ve managed to live off of it for years and the church may not pay well but it sure does help keep us going.

Ray: How could you go hungry!? What with Stanley giving out bread to old mac.

Nalia: We don’t like bread, Imoen has an allergy to his special ingrediant.

Ray: Aye mother and father don’t buy from him anyway say that human bread is bad for us…guess it would be for Imoen to.

Nalia: Yes, that and her allergy to his ingredients.

There is a silence for a few seonds whilst they sip on the tea, we hear small noises from upstairs.

Nalia: [sigh] I will have to take her to those goblins again…another pregnancy check.

Mog: Pregnancy check?

Nalia: [smirking] Well im sure familers know the basics of mating right? [laugh] I am joking friend im sure you do.

Ray: Yeah Mog…it’s preety obvious.

Mog: Yeah….but….what I meant was…it’s not the first time you’ve done this…surely she knows how dangerous it can be…having a child at her age!?

Nalia: She is young and filled with love dear friend, it must be her human genetics…then again me and Khallid hardly held back on our emotions.

She spends a few seconds moving her finger around the cup rim day dreaming and snaps back.

Nalia: Ah before I forget, Ray take this letter to your brother Tien. It’s the router for this week at the church.

Ray: Of course! Well then we best get going Mog, thanks for tea ma’am

Nalia: It was my pleasure Ray and goodbye to you both!

Ray smiles and goes out the door.

We now see them walking down a long country road.

Ray: Why does Nalia always call you “my friend” anyway?

Mog: Oh we go waaaay back.

Ray: Yeah?

Mog: Well you know your mother and father fought in the second war?

Ray: Uh-huh.

Mog: Well I fought alongside Nalia.

Ray stops in the road and laughs

Ray: You? Fighting alongside Nalia in a war!? Your playing me on!

Mog: I didn’t fight! I just…observered and gave insight into matters.

Ray: So you weren’t bought after the war then?

Mog: No I was more of a…upper hand in battle.

Ray carried on walking Mog following shortly after.

Ray: So what did you tell them then?

Mog: Oh death knight stuff really and fel magic and where the high points of it was.

Ray and Mog carry on talking to each other and we see a huge elven gate patrolled by rangers and guards holding huge two bladed spears they nod at Ray and Mog as they pass by.

As they walk threw the gate the camera pans threw the lush green forests of Quel’thas the camera pans down as Ray and Mog walk into the left side of the city we see the elven city filled with life. We see gardeners tending to floating pots and Enigineers fixing a machine that has smoke coming from it.

Ray reaches a small tower like building and knocks on the circler door, it opens and we see elf with long brown hair, it’s tied back slightly but the pony tail is moved forward over his shoulder, he is wearing a long red and white robe.

He smiles and hugs Ray patting him on the back.

Tien: Brother! Welcome home can I get you anything?

Ray: No! No, Nalia has already filled us up with her tea.

Tien: Ahhh yes the ones from Stranglethron vale yes?

Mog: Yup the very same.

Tien: Ah and hello to you familer Mog, please please take a seat!

Ray: So how’s pops?

Tien: Father is same as always…he’s making a special weapon today he told me it was very important…I think father may be getting post war stress he has seen a lot of horrors in his time little brother.

Ray: Aye…though im sure it’s his way of relaxing! I mean what else ‘would’ he do?

Tien: A valid point. Oh and as for mother…she’s with the Farstirders today scouting for any left overs of the orcs.

Ray: Good to see she is still her old self…but them aside, how are you getting on Nalia says your doing well there!

Tien: Well it’s hard work brother but…it’s worth it, the feeling of the light is strong when I do my work.

Ray: Bah, the light…can’t belive you really belive in all that stuff. It’s just a way for power I reckon.

Tien: Not at all! The light has helped us threw many a challenge! If wasn’t for the silver hand…we wouldn’t have even won the second war!

Ray: Well firstly, we all know that we won the war by meer chance and luck and secondly if the silver hand is all high and mighty why don’t they alow dwarves and us in eh?

Tien: Well…im sure they have their reasons.

Ray: Yeah sure they do, come on brother! Your at your age now when you can become a weapon smith like father or use your mana for arcane heck you could be advisor to the king himself I tell you this!

Tien: Well…I’m just happy the way I am.

Ray: Suit yourself brother, if your happy…then so am I!

Tien smiles at Ray.

The sun goes down and we see Ray in his bed, we hear a banging on the door.

Ray wakes up groaning, Mog is curled up on his bed who leaps off the bed when Ray gets up his hair is all over the place he walks down in his underwear and a shirt.

Ray opens the door to see Tien he looks worried and is gasping.

Ray looks at him worried.

Ray: Brother what is it what’s wrong…why aren’t you at church?

Tien: Ray…im so sorry…

Ray: …What is it? What’s happened!?

Tien: Lorderon…the…the king is dead.

Ray: What!?

Tien: We just heard the news today…the city is in panic as is most of the lands…

Ray: And the prince?

Tien: He did it…

Ray looks stunned and walks backwards putting his hand on his head slightly.

Tien: They knew something was wrong but after the scourge attack on Andorhal and his work on Strathome…he was holding a blade…the paladins said it felt so dark…filled with Shadow.

Ray: Crap…what do we do brother?

Tien: It seems father was ready for such a thing being he has armed half of the men of the city it seems he has the last laugh now and mother is scouting for undead troops.

Mog: Ray…[yawn] You forgot to give your brother the letter Nalia sent…not that It’s much use having a router now but [yawn] it may have his times for next week when this is all over.

Tien: I don’t think this will breeze of familer [Ray gives him the letter] Thank you brother…I suppose I am needed at the altar here if we have any human visitors.

Ray: Alright…keep me updated if there are any changes…I hope Imoen is-

Puts his hand on Ray’s shoulder.

Tien: Be strong brother, Nalia wouldn’t go down without a fight and her father will not alow her to come to any harm. Praying will help you.

Ray: I’ll pass brother but thank you for your words.

Tien nods and walks out of the door, Ray sits down on a chair and puts his head between his legs and lets out a long sigh.

We see Ray the next day walking about the streets of Silvermoon people start running threw the gates screaming, we see Tien amounst the crowd.

Tien: Brother! The scourge are here! Last night they attack Andorhal…quick we must get our blades and fight for glory and freedom!

Ray: Alright brother, to arms it is!

Ray and Tien run threw waves of elves trying to get threw telling them to go back to shelter as they reach their house Ray looks into the distance threw the wood he sees the wood turn dead in a matter of seconds and sees a huge army of rotting undead, Ray throws up and is dragged back to his house by Tien.

As they rush to a forgery Tien opens a cellar door.

Tien: Brother! The swords our father made for us wait for us in those cellars! Go!

Ray nods once and rushes down stairs, shortly after we see Mog talk to Tien and run down the cellar with him, Tien closes the cellar door behind Ray, Ray turns around.

Ray: Brother! What are you doing!?

Tien: I can’t let you die brother…this city will fall and with it our people…some will survive. Brother don’t forget all that I’ve told you about the light…farewell brother I hope that under certain circumstances…we do not meet again.


Ray starts bashing on the door franticly.

Mog: You have to stop Ray! You’ll draw attention to us!


Mog: Live today fight tommrow!

Ray: Shut up just shut up!

Tien: I’m sorry…brother.

We hear something heavy hit cellar door, Mog bites hold of Ray’s leather boot and pulls it back making him trip up, he slips and bangs his head on the stairs he falls to the ground and lies there unconscious.

We now see the massacare of the High elves, the people running away for their lives only to be slain where they stand. Arthas approaches the Sunwell and casts a spell the sunwell lets out a white light and explodes, in it’s ruin Kaelthzand stands in his lich form.

Arthas: Let the feast begin…

The scourge grab a guards body and before we see them take a bite out of him the camera cuts back to Ray in the cellar. He groans and rubs the back of his head he flinches.

Ray: Argh shit! Ugh…where am I?

Mog is sitting on a barrel

Mog: Your in your fathers cellar.

Ray: What? What am I doing here?

Mog: Can’t you remember the scourge attack?

Ray: [suddenly realising] Oh yes!

Ray grabs hold of a blade but it falls to the ground he tries to lift it up but fails to do so, he sighs and falls to his knees.

Ray: I can’t even lift a blade to save my brother…or my family…I’m hopeless…

Mog: Don’t say that Ray…you havn’t had any trainning yet and presides…you still have me!

Ray: Great…a familer as family…

Mog looks offended and lets out a huff.

Ray goes over to the cellar door and tries to pry it open but can’t.

Ray: If I open this…will the undead come for us?

Mog: I don’t know.

Ray puts one of his ears to the door and we hear footsteps, pans to outside.

We see some rangers in black leather and guards in long robes patrol the areas and a Prince Keal’thas.

Kael’thas: Search every home! There must have been some survivors there just has to be!

We see a guard look over the blacksmith area.

Alorion: We could use the weapons here for later…clear the area.

Alorion with the help of two elves pulls a forge across reaveals the door.

Ray: Hello?

Guard: By the sun! A Survivor!

Ray: “A” Survivor…?

Mog: I’m sure there are more…

Alorion: Move out of the way!

Alorion pries the doors open and reaches out, he pulls Ray out Mog runs out shortly he is grabbed by one of the guards.

Ray: Stop! He is with me…he is all that’s left of my family.

Alorion: So be it, let the familer go. Son…you may just be the last survivor left…but we will not give up hope! Men, take this man and his familer to our camp make sure he is not infected…

Kael’thas approaches them.

Kael’thas: A survivor! Sir know that even though our people have suffered greatly like a grand phoenix we ‘will’ rise from the ashes! That I swear by the sun!

Ray: ...Very well prince Kael'thas...

The screen fades out and we see the elves burning down their forests, we then see a Scourge commander looking at the forest on fire, he grins and the army walks away.

We see a rally of people standing together Kael’thas is shouting to people on a stand.

Kael’thas: Good people! It is time we stood against the scourge! We have burned down our beloved forests to stop the invasion and fool the idiocy of the Scourge! We now stand united as one force together we will make the scourge pay for their crimes! I go now good people to fight alongside the Alliance to rid of Arthas and these lands once and for all! For the sun!

Crowd: For the sun!

The message appears explaining that Kael’thas was betrayed by the unit he fought for and ultimately went to outland but that is another tale.

We then see a portal appear outside Silvermoon and Kael’thas with a few mages bring a Naaru to the city he stands on a stand and speaks to the crowd.

Kael’thas: Good people! We go threw dark times but now I bring to you salvation…I have found a new master, new allies that will help us with our new found addiction, A promised land. I have also given you all the chance to fight for your kingdom! Yes this creature is a creature of great power…our allies have given us this creature to help us.

Citzen: But it looks like it’s in pain…

Kael’thas: This is what we must do good people! It is the alliance that has forced our hand in this! We have a choice to grab what power we can and tackle the alliance and the scourge or we lie down and let these people wipe us all out…what say you!?

Citzen: You’ve gone mad! You expect us to torture such a creature in order to gain power!?

The guards go to do something about the crowd but there are to many, the elves that cause a fuss scorn the crowd and leave the city.

Kael’thas: Have faith good people, we ‘will’ have justice!

The screen fades into the words “A month later”

We now see Ray figting with a two handed sword with the guard who saved him Alorian.

They are practicing parrying.

Alorion: Come on rookie, swing harder!

Ray: Umph…I can’t dammit im not strong enough for these swords!

Alorion: Aww well I’ll let the scourge know that when they have their hands around your neck. Now let’s pretend im the one that killed your brother, that priest right? Tien.

Ray swings his sword at Alorion who parries it and slashes at Ray’s arm cutting it.

Ray looks at the wound in surprise.

Alorion: Come on whimp! You better be stronger than that if you want avenger your family or would you rather hide in our cellar!

Alorion laughs, Ray lets out a scream of rage and lifts the sword up in the air charging at him, Alorion manages to block the attack.

Alorion: Good kid…real good. It actually took some effort for me to block that…we’ll call it a day I think.

Ray: Very well Blood knight master.

Ray bows in respect to Alorion, he walks out of the trainning room and into the dinning room. Loads of blood elves are sitting at a long wooden table eating conjured food, Ray sits at the table and starts eating some bread a woman sits on the opposite side of the table to him.

Nina: Mind if I sit here?

Ray: Go ahead.

Nina: Hey…I know you…your that man who has that talking familer right!?

Ray: Yeah, im the man. Want to see him?

Nina: Oh yes please!

Ray: Irath…quecon…arthati dos!

A cloud of smoke appears next to Ray and Mog walks out of it, Nina gasps and claps her hands.

Mog: Who’s the exstactic one?

Nina: I’m Nina Sunskies, please to meet you!

Ray: Pleasure all mine- ours.

Mog: Yes.

Nina: So how are you finding trainning?

Ray: Difficult…lifting a sword is hard enough-

Nina: You mean you don’t use magic yet?

Ray: Wait…magic yet?

Nina: Yeah that’s what we all do, you can use that being to make you stronger like double your natural strength…why do you think these scrawny arms can lift a blade!

Ray: Son of a bith…

Nina: Excuse me?

Ray: Not master he’s made me use my bare hands no magic at all…

Nina: [smiling] He’s a bit of prankster eh?

Mog: He’s an asshole if that’s what you mean…

Nina laughs.

Ray: Wait…Nina sunskies…from sunsky flowers?

Nina: …yeah…

Ray: You were the flower girl! I remember your face now…I’m Ray Garner my mother loved your flowers.

Nina: Garner! Well well it’s a small world!

The two start talking away, we only see Ray trainning and using the light to make him more stronger in the meen time we see his relationship with Nina grow stronger and stronger, at one stage he gets on one knee and shows her a ring she is taken back by this and nods crying Ray puts the ring on her finger.

The message “Two years later” appear on the screen.

Nina: Well my love…this is good bye for now…

Ray: Don’t worry Nina, once I have completed my mission and help make a truce between us and the Horde I will come back for you in outland I promise.

Nina: I will miss you…and Mog. [kneels over to Mog] You take care of him whilst im away ok? And you two stop playing super heroes ok?

Ray: [grinning] Now where would the fun be in that?

Nina: I will miss you…when you get to outland we will retire…and get married there if that’s ok with you of course?

Ray kisses her on the cheek

Ray: I will make our truce with the horde quick then.

Nina smiles as she joins the ranks of her troops, the blood knights march into a huge portal created by some blood elven mages.

Anouther black out and a message “Three years later…present day.”

We see Ray near a giant being known as a Naaru. He lifts his hand towards it and a beam hits the creature, he retracts from it and takes a long deep breath in. Mog looks disaporving of this but Ray walks on down a long corridor and up a flight of stairs, he finally pulls some curtains out of the way and takes a look around the city is now near enough back to normal there are a few people walking the streets but not as busy as it was.

We see a noble walk up to Ray, he has long black hair and his facial features are very thin.

Noble: Guard Captain?

Ray: Yes sir?

Noble: Ah good…you can still understand “basic” elven…I have a mission for you some Forsaken madman is going around my manor spouting nonsense to passer by’s and is reaking the place of his stench…see him out will you boy?

Ray: Of course!

The noble sneers and waves his hand dismissively, Ray walks down a long pathway there are now horde members dotted around the place, mostly forsaken. We do see some orcs but most are complaining about the elves.

Mog: Things sure have changed around here…

Ray: Indeed! Though our mission is complete we still need to stay here.

Mog: Yeah…to maintain the peace…bah I say.

Ray: Well…yeah. But order are orders and im sure Alorian knows what’s best.

As they walk down the road they finally come to a large tower like building and two Forsaken men are grabbing people by the arm and talking to them.

Forsaken 1: YOU! YEES YOU!

Forsaken 2: Will you consider? Will you murder?

Forsaken 1: Murder!

Noble: I say! Get off me you-

Forsaken 1: You…you will not consider?

Forsaken 2: You…will not…murder?

Noble: Murder what?

The two forsaken grin at each other.

Forsaken 1: The scourge!

Forsaken 2: Eat them! Fry them! Eat their eyes…it is good for the heart.

Noble: Oh how revolting! Get away from me!

The noble brakes free and walks off shaking his head, Forsaken 2 breaks into tears whilst the other pats him on the back.

Forsaken 2: He won’t he won’t! He will not consider! Consider he won’t!

Forsaken 1: Do not fear brother…we will get more to consider!

Suddenly getting back to normal.

Forsaken 2: Yes! We will we will! YOU! YES YOU WITH THE CAT!

Ray: Now come on fellas it’s time we-

Forsaken 1: Will you consider will you murder?

Ray: Well Ray and Mog always fight the scourge so…yes sure.

Forsaken 1: He does he does!

Forsaken 2: He has considered!

Mog: Great now can you move along now?

They both stop and stare at the Mog, liking their lips.

Forsaken 2: Catty watty smattty batty!

Forsaken 1: Yes brother…lunch!

Ray walks in front of Mog shield and mace in hand.

Ray: Mog is no meal, now I will need your names.

Forsaken 1: What for eh!?

Forsaken 2: Brother! He has considered!

Forsaken 1: Of course! How could I forget!?

Forsaken 2: We are part of the crusade you know?

Mog: Yeah…suuuuure you are.

Forsaken 2: Khallid does not lie dear talking catty watty!

Mog: Yeah sure you…wait…Khallid!?

Ray: Khallid sigil!?

Khallid: Yessy messy! Tiz me…you know me? I don’t know you…why you look at me like that!

Mog: Well we knew you when you were…alive.

Khallid: What! I am alive! I am with the crusade…what? [he turns to his left] Silence Ryan! I will deal with you later! [turns to his right] What!? Imoen! I thought I said no cookies! Your grounded missy! Go to your room!

Now…as you were saying?

Mog and Ray look at each other for a second confused then back at Khallid.

Ray: Er…I need you both to leave this area…

Forsaken 1: But they must consider!

Khallid: Yes! It is our sworn duty to make people consider murder of the scourge yessy bessy!

Mog: Well this area isn’t very good mr?

Forsaken 1: Fancheng.

Mog: Right…fancheng…you know Orgimmar isn’t to far by zepplin only a day’s journey and they are loads of them there!

Khallid: The talking kitty witty has a point brother…

Fancheng: Yeaaas…

Khallid: Let us go! They must consider! Let us fly!

Khallid starts flapping his arms and runs down the road out of sight. Fancheng runs after him.

Mog: By the sun…

Ray: Poor Imoen…

Mog: I guess seeing Lorderon must of really made him coo coo…

Ray: Hey up…boss mans’ here.

The noble walks up to Ray and Mog.

Noble: I see he’s gone Captain…good work. Now then…in our barracks we have another job for you…one that you will have to take care of descretly am I understood?

Ray: Yes sir, what is it?

Noble: Well let me explain…

The noble, Ray and Mog walk off we don’t hear what is said but the screen blacks out and we see the caption

To be continued….

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