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All we can see it darkness there is a spotlight on Imoen who is sitting on a chair and she is holding her head.

We see an image of Elizabetha appear she is wearing a black robe, her face is white with black tear stains going down her face her eyes are covered up with a red blindfold.

Evil Elizabetha

Elizabetha in Imoen's dream

Elizabetha: Why did you do this to me?

Imoen: I didn’t mean you to get involved…

Elizabetha: You did and now im cursed with this.

Imoen breaks into tears her voice is soft.

Imoen: I…I…I’m sorry….

Elizabetha: All I did was love you.

Imoen: -sob- I knew of the danger…I…I knew he wouldn’t like it….

Elizabetha: And yet you did nothing. Just ask for help and move on. Just ask for help and move on.

Imoen: I’m such a disgrace, I don’t deserve your love!

Imoen bursts in to tears and falls to her knees sobbing.

Elizabetha smiles and vanishes.

Imoen wakes up and we some tears drop her bed covers she curls up and starts weeping.

Imoen: I’m sorry…mother.

We hear a knock on the door Imoen quickly wipes her eyes.

Imoen: -sniff- Come in.

Aanson opens the door and walks in he notices Imoen crying and closes the door behind him and sits next to her.

Aanson: Hey…Imoen what’s wrong?

Imoen: I don’t deserve you…I don’t deserve Elizabetha…

Aanson sits on Imoen’s bed and puts his arm around her.

Aanson: You have to stop blaming yourself what happened to us Imoen. There is no proof your father played a part in this. Elizabetha was attacked by cilvilans not the scourge.

Imoen: But if he didn’t destroy my home if he didn’t lead the scourge this wouldn’t of happened!

Aanson: Imoen…come here…

Imoen begins to weep and cries on Aanson’s shoulder, Aanson holds Imoen.

Aanson: It’s not your fault, you can’t give in you have to keep looking forward…things will look up they always do Imoen. Now Elizabetha has some good news for you downstairs.

Imoen wipes her eyes, Aanson gives her the red bandana he made for and puts it around her head, she takes it off.

Imoen: It’s not part of my uniform.

Aanson: Ah yes…well keep hold of it, something to remember me by.

Imoen looks at Aanson confused, Aanson just smiles at her.

Imoen ushers Aanson out of the door Aanson smiles and goes out of her room, Imoen gets changed into her uniform and walks down into the cathedral.

Imoen notices Elizabetha standing in the cathedral she walks up to her and taps her on the shoulder gently, Elizabetha turns around but doesn’t notice Imoen.

Elizabetha: Who’s there?

Imoen: It’s me Imoen, Elizabetha.

Elizabetha: Ah hello Imoen! I have some good news for you, I have managed to get Khallid back.

Imoen quickly give Elizabetha a tight hug

Imoen: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Elizabetha smiles and puts her arm around Imoen.

Elizabetha: Now, where is his funreal going to be?

Imoen: Where he gave me hope, Northshire. I want to do it now.

Elizabetha: Now? I’m sure you can’t do it right now…

Imoen: All we need to do is bury him.

Elizabetha: And not give him the honour of a full burial?

Imoen: I suppose…

Elizabetha: Give the body to the Clerics of Northshire then we will go while they sort out all the paper work.

Imoen: Good idea.

We now see Khallid, he is covered in darkness there are spotlights on him and there are three more but we don’t see anyone in them.

Voice 1: Khallid Sigil, you have been put here today to face judgment…

Voice 2: Khallid Sigil, Knight of the silver hand in his time…protector of the light-

Voice 3: But not of his own family…

Khallid hangs in head in shame.

Voice 1: Correct, he has ran away from someone’s life…

Voice 2: A life that deserved more…

Voice 3: She is now filled with sorrow and hate…

Khallid begins to cry

Khallid: I…I’m sorry…I have failed her…I…I only wanted the best for her…

Voice 1: I see…

Voice 2: Khallid Sigil…we can see in your heart that you mean well by your actions…

Voice 3: That is why we are giving you another chance…you are to see the madness your daughter will go threw…

Voice 1: Imoen is in great danger…

Voice 2: Yes…we are having troubles connecting to her soul…

Voice 3: The Shadow…Arthas…the scourge…they are the ones connecting to her soul with ease.

Khallid: What!?! Imoen is…no…no it’s not true!

Voice 1: Not yet Khallid Sigil…

Voice 2: If she is not faced with the truth…

Voice 3: Then she will be. Now…you are to become a forsaken…you will live a life you have doomed Imoen to…

Voice 1: But do not worry Khallid Sigil…

Voice 2: If you face your fear…if you save Imoen from this fate…Then you will be welcome in the heavens.

Voice 3: With Nalia.

Khallid: Nalia…

Voice 1: Now Khallid Sigil fate will guide you to Imoen we have made it so…it is up to you what you want to do.

Voice 1, 2 and 3: By the power of the light and it’s holy judgement we give Khallid Sigil the chance of Redemption.

All the spot lights go out and Khallid wakes up in a crypt, he looks at his hands they are boney and don’t have hardly any skin on them.

Khallid looks around his surroundings and sees a few undead men and woman open the coffins and crawl out.

Khallid walks up some stairs leading out of the crypt there is a undead priest standing at the entrance.

Undead priest: Ah there you are…our body snatcher said you were a good one…now, head out to the Undercity.

Khallid: This place…it looks…familiar.

The priest laughs, and puts on a announcers voice.

Priest: Welcome to Lordaeron! Or at least what it used to be called.

Khallid: No…I promised never to see this place…

Priest: Hmm, it will come at a shock to you new skin, you’ll get used to it after a while. Now go head out to the undercity.

Khallid walks threw the dead waste land we see him look at certain places and see an image of what it used to be like and what it is now. Khallid finally gets to the undercity we see the waters are a green sludge

There are orcs, trolls and Taurens walk by Khallid some shoving him shouting abuse at him as he stands in their way. A undead woman approaches Khallid.

Fiona: Hello there new skin, what are you standing around here for?

Khallid: All this…I remember it when it was so…beautiful.

Fiona: Yeah, it’s a shame I suppose, you get used to it though. This isn’t even the main city yet.

Khallid: It isn’t?

Fiona: Nope come with me.

Fiona takes hold of Khallid’s hand and leads him threw old Lorderon the whole place looks destoried, they approach the throne room we can hear the kings last moments threw the hall ways. Khallid looks upset as they approach the kings memorial site.

Fiona: There is nothing there you know?

Khallid: Yes, I was given the debriefing…

Fiona: Oh…you were one of them then?

Khallid: Yes.

Fiona: Well then…there is the door to the undercity past those huge meat bags.

Fiona points to two huge fat undead creatures their stomach is wide open and you can see their insides.

Khallid: Such…nightmares.

Fiona: Like I said, you get used to it. Come on I’ll help you.

Fiona takes Khallid’s hand and walks him past the fat undead monsters and they get on a lift down to the undercity when they enter the whole place is filled with skulls and bones, Khallid looks around and sees a human walk by with an undead noble.

Khallid: That’s…Lunda lison! What is she doing here?

Fiona: Oh if you see a Human here they are either about to be tested on or they are a slave until they are sold to the testing labs.

Khallid looks horrified by the sights. As he continues to walk he sees a large crowd of undead he walks up to them Fiona tries to stop him but he walks over anyway.

Fiona: I’m not sure you want to see this.

We see two undead warriors and a mage they summon two Humans wearing nothing but rags they are holding each other

Woman: -sob- Please stop this! –sob-

Man: We only want to go home!

Undead mage: Now you two…show me your rage kill them! Slaughter them all!

We see the undead warriors walk up the humans it pans back to Khallid as we hear their screams and the crowd cheering, Fiona puts her hand on Khallid’s shoulder.

Fiona: I’m sorry you had to see that…I did say.

Khallid: Such a horrible place…Imoen…what a fate I was going to put you threw…

Fiona: Imoen…hmm oh yeah! That was that Half-elf woman wasn’t it? Wait…so you’re her father?

Khallid: Well…

Fiona: Well? Are you or not?

Khallid: I am. Though I don’t deserve that name.

Fiona: Well like I was going to say they do this every day so better not go here to often.

Khallid’s face starts twitching and he burst out laughing manicly Fiona looks at him slightly puzzled and worried.

Fiona: Hey what’s funny?

Khallid: Can’t you see? Look at all this murder! Imoen! she was going to go threw this! I Failed...I failed...I must make it up to her...yes. We must Consider…yes…we must all consider.

Fiona: Consider what?

Khallid: MURDER!

Fiona: Oh dear…he’s lost the plot.

Khallid starts kicking the ground and clucking like a chicken.

Khallid: -cluck- This is me! –cluck-

Fiona: -sigh- Sure let me take you to some people that turned out like you…

Fiona grabs hold of Khallid’s arm who is still clucking she takes him to a bunch of undead scarlet crusaders. A robed Crusader approaches Fiona and Khallid,

Crusader: Ah hello my child, aren’t the meddows preety this morning and listen…can you hear the birds sing?

Fiona rolls her eyes

Fiona: Yeah…sure…here got another one for you, he used to be with the silver hand.

Crusader: Then he is one of us! Come brother together we will get the reinforcements from the king!

Khallid: Will he consider?

Crusader: He will brother!

Khallid: He will! He nill! He bill!

Fiona shakes her head and sighs

Fiona: Sorry you have to go threw this Khallid, it pains me to see you like this…were all here for a reason remember.

Khallid: Murder?

Fiona: Goodbye Khallid Sigil.

Khallid: Farewell little girl! Have a cookie! And a bookie!

Fiona walks off sighing shaking her head, a undead scarlet warrior approaches him.

Fancheng: Hail! Brother!

Khallid: Hail! Come! We must go to sick mans land and make them consider!

Fancheng: Sick mans’s land…Orgrimmar? And murder what?

Khallid: TWO questions HMMMM? I answer Both! BARK! BARK! YES! We go to the sick man home ORGIMMAR! And we murder….SCOURGE!

Khallid now


Khallid cackles madly fancheng seems a bit confused at first but eventually starts laughing with him.

We go back to darkness we see the three spotlights,

Voice 1: Khallid has lost his sanity…can he complete retribution now?

Voice 2: One day, when his sanity is needed the most…he will be alright.

Voice 3: Agreed, he must go threw the fate he would of caused Imoen…it is the only way to save the poor girl this way…

Voice 1: Ah yes…him.

Voice 2: Imoen knows nothing but pain…it has made her a kind soul…she does deserve the fate Khallid has put on her.

Voice 3: You are right…they won’t expect this to happen…now…who’s next for Judgement…?

The voices fade out and we pan back to Northshire

There are two monks panicing

Monk 1: What do you mean he’s gone!?

Monk 2: Well we were about to bury him and then…he was…stolen.

Monk 1: By the light…

Monk 2: Shall we tell Imoen?

Monk 1: No not yet, we may be able to get Khallid’s body back.

Monk 2: What do we do when she comes here then?

Monk 1: We will say we bured him we will uses some ashes from the fire and say it’s him…

Monk 2: This sounds wrong brother.

Monk 1: Can you remember how Imoen was five years ago?

Monk 2: Yes…alright, we will ask the light for forgiveness and then we shall do this…for Imoen.

Monk 1: Light guide him.

We pan back to the cathedral, a woman with long black hair is walking threw the cathedral with nothing but a few simple clothes and a backpack.

She walks up to the Archbishop.

Louise: Erm…hello do you know where I go to join the Scarlet Crusade sir?

To be continued…

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