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Chapter 1 of the brood

The story has began starting from the attack Prince Kael'thas made on Silvermoon, for those who don't know Prince Kael'thas sent a new form of elf to steal Muru, the felblood, a bunch of Blood elves that have taken in Demonic blood to become a half demon half elf creature. One of the felblood is called Alorion, he was Ray's old mentor who followed Kael into outland and turned into a felblood to get revenge on the Alliance and Horde for what he feels to be the true enemy of the Blood elves.

So during the sucssefull attack on Silvermoon Alorion meets with Ray, Ray is shocked by Alorion's apperance but despite this Alorion tried to convince Ray to become a felblood and bring justice back to the Blood elves, Ray's talking fammiler "Mog" argued with Alorion and eventually convinced Ray to not join Alorion, this angered Alorion and he did a strong mana tap on Mog abosorbing him, Ray tries to fight Alorion but is beaten and left for the dead, Alorion tells Ray he has a week to make up his mind before he does something he will regret.

A Orc warrior saves Ray but tells him that he saw how powerfull Alorion was, this angered Ray and he begins to notice that he is getting weaker and can't even carry his own armour, depressed over the loss of his life companion Mog and him not being able to defend his home, so he takes off to booty bay. In booty bay Ray becomes a bartender and has a small hut to himself that he rents hoping that Alorion won't find him.

Over in Kalimdor a group of Night elf, Tauren and Orc shaman and druids discuss about a new threat over the horizon that the land has warned them about, one that will ultimatly destory Azeroth. They explain that a new breed of elves have come to Azeroth and they need to learn more about them so they can hopefully stop them. A Night elven druid takes up the challenge known as Ereindil however the council wishes his daughter to do the job, a rookie druid known as Maderlin, luckily for her a experianced Orc shaman volunteers to go with her in stopping this new elf breed.

Back in the easten kingdoms Imoen has been given a mission to boost up the Scarlet Crusade's favor in Stormwind by doing a few mercaenry jobs but to hand the money over to the Cathedral, she picks up the job to hunt down a new demonic elf that has been seen flying around Darkshire for the past coulple of weeks. She heads to Darkshire only to hear that the strange creature has moved to the jungle of Stranglethorn vale. She goes to a camp whilst visiting the jungle and over hears talk of a strange winged elf flying over their heads, Imoen finds out it's heading towards booty bay and heads towards booty bay.

In Booty bay Ray finnishes his shift and as he goes to go back to his hut Alorion appears, turns out he was winged elf. Ray declines Alorion's offer once again and Alorion goes to kill Ray but is stopped after a bunch of mercenaries try to claim the bounty on his head. Alorion kills all but one Merc to send a message to the other bounty hunters as he turns to deal with Ray he finds out that Ray has used this distraction to run away from him.

Alorion finds Ray running into a cave and chases him, Ray only just manages to run but in the end is caught in a dead end. Luckily Maderlin and the powerfull Shaman have been stalking the two for some time and despite Ray being stabbed in the shoulder by Alorion he manages to stop Alorion from killing him, Maderlin drags Ray away to save him and Alorion and this Shaman battle it out, the Shaman puts up a good fight but is ultimatly killed brutaly and as Alorion turns to Ray and Maderlin to kill the two he is then struck by Imoen's blade, Imoen manages to defeat the weakened Alorion and Alorion uses a portal to run.

Imoen takes Ray back to his hut and tends to his wounds, she doesn't have much trust in the Night elves due to the people she has had to put up with in Stormwind but gives Maderlin a chance as she does with the others, Maderlin hardly shows any emotion at all and seems blank in her facial expressions aswell as her emotions, Imoen tells her she has taken the Orc Shaman with them so he's not to be looted by the goblins or mercs, this pleases Maderlin and she goes off to find a remedy for Ray's wounds.

When Maderlin finds a remedy it works and Ray wakes up, he explains to Imoen what he did to Muru and that he can't use the light anymore and despite Imoen's disapointment in Ray she agrees to train him as a Paladin, Maderlin thanks Imoen for taking the Orc shaman's corpse and flies back to Moonglade to give the shaman a proper burial.

Ray and Imoen spend a few days in outland away from any contact with Alorion and train in Nagrand, starting with building up Ray's muscles so the light doesn't have to support his natural strength to much, then they move onto the three virtues. Ray is surprised that the light isn't about any gods but a inner power that is earned by doing good deeds, Ray tells Imoen that despite what he has done to Muru everything he did, he did it for the good of his people, Imoen tells Ray that he has been close to a paladin but he still has alot to learn, they carry on trainning.

Over on Azeroth Alorion is angry that he has been beaten by Imoen and speaks to a demon known as Galomire, Galomire tells Alorion to give up on Ray and find anouther to join him, Alorion explains that he and Ray go way back and that now Mog, who was Ray's mentor to do good is gone Ray will slowly give into his hate and understand why the horde and alliance are the true enemies.

On the last day of tranning Imoen has taught Ray everything she knows about the light but they havn't got anywhere at all, Imoen feels as if she has failed Ray but Ray helps her to understand that she has done enough for him and that she has helped him dramticly. That night Imoen tells Ray that she has felt alone ever since she moved to Stormwind and that she's missed him greatly, she then subtly hints that she wouldn't mind sharing a bed with him, Ray doesn't reply to this and finds himself not being able to go to her tent, feeling sorry for himself he goes to his own tent.

The next day the two go to the holy city of Shattrath where Imoen has arranged that Ray will go train with a Draenei priest known as Elaine. Ray goes to speak with Elaine she tells him that he shouldn't have a realtionship with Imoen because the Scarlet Crusade have made her give a virtue of chasity and if she breaks this she will be killed. Ray doesn't listen to her and eventually the two begin trainning on how to become a Paladin.

Ray eventually realises that the reason why he hasn't been able to use the light is that he blames himself for executing his own kin who were going against Prince Kael'thas, only now he realises that they were in fact doing the right thing and trying to save his people. Elaine tells him that even though he did kill people who tried to do good he was only doing what he felt was right and that he should try and work for Scryers who were always against Kael'thas in order to try and redem himself. Ray doesn't want to do it but convinces himself to do it.

Ray decides to help out the Scryers in their mission against a fel reaver that is charging towards Shattrath, Ray builds a Gyrocopter and a tons of explosives ready to take the metal giant down but when he finally reaches Fel reaver he crashes his Gyrocopter into it's mouth. Luckily he has a fuse swith in his pocket and pushing the trigger blows a hole in it's gob and destories the machine thus gaining some trust with the Scryers, prooving his isn't one of Kael's lakeys anymore.

Ray finally attouned to what he felt was his sins and slowly the light began to flow threw his body once again but his problems had not yet finished, during the night Alorion came into Ray’s quarters and told him that if he would not listen to reason then he would force him to see the truth behind the Horde.

Ray awoke the following morning not knowing if what he saw and heard was real or a dream but then he smelt his favourite breakfast cooked by one person who knew how to make it, Imoen. The two were re-kindled and Elaine told Ray she had pulled a few strings and had managed to make Imoen come to Shattrath without alerting the attention of Crusade.

However Elaine had not brought her to Shattrath for the two to have a happy reunion but for Ray to complete his final test, the test of his way of putting others before him. Ray was happy that Imoen was here with him and enjoyied every moment of it but he couldn’t find the heart to tell her what he had to do.

As the day went on Ray was ready to leave and was given specially made armour by Imoen, it was red and black with enough armour plating to stop a ram from cracking his ribs, better yet it was enchanted by Imoen’s magics to make it lighter and more flexible.

Soon as Ray decided to leave Shattrath and return to his home, Silvermoon. Elaine managed to grab Ray and reminded him of what would happen to Imoen if the two were ever caught. Ray eventually built up the courage and prepared himself to end a relationship he had wanted for so many years.

Ray explained to Imoen that she deserved a relationship that was not hidden and worse yet put her at risk. Though Imoen understood the logic she also did not wish to end the relationship.

After a sad conversation the two agree that ending it was for the best and went their separate ways.

Ray went back to the horde to face his friends, the ones who made an order named “The Order of the sun” a order he tried to bring down long ago.

Imoen went back to the Alliance and to her cathedral, a man came to her side as she prayed we are unaware of what he says to her.

End of chapter 1.

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