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Italic textAct 5


We see Imoen taking a big yawn as she gets out of her bed, there is a knock on the door.

Imoen: Just a minute!

Elizabetha: Behind the door Don’t worry it’s just me.

Elizabetha opens the door slightly her face smiling.

Elizabetha: Good morning, today I have a task for you. I want you to go to Tyr’s hand for me and deliver this message for me, please.

Imoen: Alright, sounds easy enough.

Elizabetha: Thank you sister…oh by the way…

She opens the door and closes it behind her, she sits down on Imoens bed next to her.

Elizabetha: I heard about Clarizy…Are you alright?

Imoen: Sister, Hejin sent her after do I know he won’t do it with any of my other breathren?

Elizabetha sighs

Elizabetha: The Order and the Scarlet Crusade are after him…after them both. Don’t worry, he’ll be brought to justice soon.

Imoen: I hope so…

Elizabetha puts her hand on Imoens shoulder

Elizabetha: The light will protect you Imoen…have faith in it.

Imoen turns and smiles at Elizabetha.

Imoen: I do…mother.

Elizabetha looks a bit struck by Imoen calling her ‘mother’ but puts on a generous smile.

Elizabetha: Now come on, get your things ready. Your horse is waiting outside for you and he’s all packed and ready to go.

Imoen puts on her armor and equips her sword and shield, she kisses Elizabetha on the cheek and walks out of her room.

As she walks out of the cathedral we see Aanson run towards her, out of breath.

Aanson: -huff- wait! –huff- Hold up!

Imoen turns towards Aanson who is already packed.

Aanson: You look like your in good shape…that bitch! I can’t belive she tried to kill you, don’t worry sister she will be punished make no mistake of that…I’ll see to it myself if I have to.

Imoen: It’s ok…she’ll be brought to justice. You know the order and The Scarlet Crusade are after her and Hejin?

Aanson: No kidding! Well I’ll be.

Imoen: What?

Aanson: Well The Order and The Scarlet Crusade have always had their little tiffs you know?

Imoen: Really? Why?

Aanson: Who knows…I suppose they follow the crowd like all the Stormwind lot here. You know they have been given the right to arrest people? they are basicly the guards of Stormwind now.

Imoen: One of the Stormwind Guards did raise a finger to help me…

Aanson: Ah don’t worry about it to much…they don’t do anything but go after the Horde, they turn a blind eye to everything…that’s why the Order were chosen…

Imoen: Weren’t we in power once?

Aanson: Yes…the courts thought likewise however. A Dwarf was put in power…yes a human city and they get a Dwarf to run it…Berdrin is his name.

Imoen: I’ve meet him…he was very rude to me.

Aanson: Don’t take it to heart friend. He just can’t see past the haze of gossip this order gets…You know according to him killing warlocks is wrong?

Imoen: What? But they use demon magics…the very thing that tried to enslave us all five years ago.

Aanson: Yes, getting back to the point. He decided…and many others to make the order the new power…they really didn’t do much at first but thanks to Sister Elizabetha they are working really hard on this case. I’m impressed.

Imoen: I see, I have to send this letter to Tyr’s hand…you wanna come with me?

Aanson smiles and points to his backpack

Aanson: Already bought us some snacks to eat on the way.

Imoen forces a smiles and gestures to follow her. They both get on their horses and ride off out of Stormwind gates.

Moments later they are at the Hillsbrad foot hills. Aanson throw Imoen a piece of bread they both start eating it.

Imoen: You know –munch- I always wondered why people always told us they got attack by our breathren up north?

Aanson: Well two reasons…one is they do not show the right identifaction as you know any being can be part of the scourge whether they have fleshy parts missing or not…and two most of the soldiers who join are just ruffians eager for a fight.

Imoen: Idiots…they are causing us harm…

Aanson: Well sister, it’s easier to judge them so quick but take into consideration whatever reason they have it is for good…they do follow the light after all. Now, do you want this?

Aanson points to a bananna, Imoen smiles and nods

Imoen: Yes, please.

Aanson throws the banana at her but it hits her on the head, she does manage to catch it before it falls to the floor but Aanson is laughing his head off. Imoen gives him a cold stare and he goes quiet.

They approach a horrible looking place the once green fields they rode past have now turned into a green and black wasteland.

Imoen: There used to be huge green trees here…and green long grassy fields…now it’s all gone, defied by my father…I sometimes wonder what promise what made him do all this.

Aanson: No desrispect friend. But greed is mans folly.

Imoen: None taken, but he was a prince…what could possibly make him want more?

Aanson: More power, more land…who knows he’s crazy…come on lets get to Tyr’s hand.

Imoen stares at the waste land, we see dead bodies walk around in the distance and skeletons walking about. Aanson rides up next to her and tugs at her arm, she turns to him and sighs and looks down to the ground. Aanson lifts her face up with his hand.

Aanson: Come on, were almost there.

Imoen forces a smile and they ride off. We see them arrive a tyr’s hands gates. Two Scarlet Knights approach them.

Scarlet Knight: Your papers.

Aanson: We are wearing your tabard.

Scarlet Knight: You were attacked by one of your own yesturday…how can we now see the tabard as proff?

Imoen: I have a letter from sister Elizabetha…here.

Imoen jumps off her horse, the two knights put their hands on their sword hilts ready. She drops her sword and shield to the ground she pulls out a letter from the horses satchel and slowly walks towards them.

They realise their grip on their hilts and one takes the letter.

Scarlet Knight: Hmm very well…You have rode a long way here…do you want to a portal back?

Imoen: What about our horses?

Aanson: sister…when we are teleported our horses are to. Common knowledge amongst mages.

Imoen: Oh. Ok, why don’t you do it then Aanson?

Aanson Smirks

Aanson: Meh, im not in the mood.

Imoen sighs and shakes her head the two knights chuckle and mage wearing a red robe appears he spins his staff around and a portal appears showing Stormwind.

Aanson jumps off his horse, and slaps Imoen and Aanson’s horse’s rump making them charge threw the portal. Imoen and Aanson then walk threw the portal together. We see them both walk threw a portal and into the mage tower. Aanson turns towards Imoen.

Aanson: Did you ever have that dinner Clarizy suggested?

Imoen: Of course not. It was a distraction…thought it would preety obvious.

Aanson: Woah, hey calm down…I was just wondering…would…would you like to go and have dinner…with…well if your not busy or to tired…

Imoen smiles gently

Imoen: I would love to.

Aanson smiles back.

Imoen and Aanson both walk together near the tower where she met Clarizy. A Gnome appears with a huge white cooking hat.

Gnome cook: Hey! Hello there Aanson friend how’s ya doing?

Aanson: Good friend. I trust all is well?

Gnome cook: of course couldn’t be any better.

Aanson: Do you have a table for two?

Gnome Cook: Oh, Aanson has got himself a date eh?

The gnome kisses Imoen’s hand. Imoen blushes and moves her hand away. The gnome turns towards Aanson.

Gnome cook: [low voice] Hey she’s hawt.

Aanson: [ low voice ] were here as friends…and what did I tell you about the night elf who hangs around Goldshire?

The cook smiles and shrugs. Imoen rolls her eyes.

Gnome cook: Yes my friend right this way I have a lovely table for you both.

Imoen and Aanson are both inside this house there are some chairs and tables and there aren’t many people there. A few people turn to look at them Imoen and Aanson they try to ignore them and they sit down at their seats.

Aanson: Your special please…and for her to.

Imoen: Can’t I pick my own?

Aanson: Trust me, you’ll love this.

Imoen sighs

Imoen: Alright.

The gnome cook bows and smiles jots it down on a small note pad and walks off.

Aanson: Imoen, I want you to know that what with Hejin…

Imoen: It’s ok.

Aanson: No. I mean you must feel a bit uneasy after that…

Imoen: Why do you want to talk about this Aanson?

Aanson: It’s just…oh never mind.

There is a pause for 10 seconds we hear people talking in the background muttering to each other, the cook shows up with two steaming pots.

Imoen: Ah! Lobster stew! My favourite!

Aanson smiles

Aanson: I thought so.

Imoen smiles at Aanson and starts eating her food gulping it down. She eats like a pig and Aanson can’t help but be a bit shocked by this.

Aanson: Whoa, steady on, you’ll choke.

Looks up at Aanson some noodles still in her mouth.

Imoen: Hm?

Aanson starts laughing, scene skips to them both walking back to the Cathedral.

Imoen: I really enjoyied today…I’m glad you came with me.

Aanson: Pleasure is all mine.

Imoen: I’m sorry for acting like a bitch back there…

Aanson: Don’t worry, you’ve been threw a lot these past couple of days…it’s acceptable. Hey before I forget…tommrow I have a friend I would like you to meet her name is Suzanne, I’ve told her all about the order and she’s really interested…and she’s attractive.

Imoen smirks playfully

Imoen: So that’s the real reason huh?

Smirks back

Aanson: Nope really im a just a gent

Imoen: well…that was very kind of you to buy me dinner.

Aanson smiles.

There is pause which lasts for 3 seconds

Imoen: I have to go to bed…gd’night

Aanson: Night, Imoen.

Scene skips to Aanson rolling in bed.

We see Aanson in darkness only his image is shown nothing else. There is a strange voice speaking to him. It sounds extremely low.

Strange Voice: Only one.

Aanson: What?

Strange voice: Only one can.

Aanson: What are you talking about?

Strange voice: I’m alone.

Aanson: Where are you?

Strange voice: Fill my soul…you will not take. I will take.

Aanson wakes up suddenly.

Aanson: [ inside his mind ] What the nether was that all about?…must have been that lobster stew.

Aanson lies back in his bed and closes his eyes, as the camera pans out we see a see threw shadowy figure next to him starting down at him.

To be continued

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