Hordecrest small.gif Adalanta Marie Oakland
Image of Adalanta Marie Oakland
Race Forsaken, human
Class Mage
Age 55
Alignment Neutral good
Status Dead, properly.
Relative(s) A lot.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Adalanta is quite frail in her undeath and walks with the aid of a cane. Dust can be seen drifting away from her in the sunlight from a window. Her hair has gone out of control with scruffyness and has been just left like that, and grey mold dots around her old-looking face. She wears old hand-me-down robes and doesn't seem too fussed about her appearance.

Personality[edit | edit source]

She can be quite stern and strict to the point of being overbearing on her relatives at times, mainly on her eldest daughter, but won't turn any of her family away if they need a shoulder to cry on. This makes her lonely at times due to assuming the comforting role all of the time and not having someone she can just lean on. Despite being Forsaken she is a strongly family-orientated person, and can become vicious in her relatives' defense to the point of organized murder. She has a habit of standing up to people regardless of size, which is at odds with her fraility. Has an affection for cats, unlike her daughter Carmen. Very stubborn.

Towards the end her personality seemed to fade away at times due to gradually losing and misplacing her memories. Sometimes she grew frustrated at not knowing where anyone is, fearful, chilly and confused. This got particularly worse to the extent she didn't recognise her own daughters or believed she was is in the past, or that any odd person on the street was her deceased husband.

Occupation[edit | edit source]


Family[edit | edit source]

Alive[edit | edit source]

Nathaniel Dawnbane (Nephew by her brother in law, unknown relation), Kyle Goldsong (Great nephew).

Undead[edit | edit source]

Carmen Oakland (Daughter), Annie Oakland (Daughter), Lucien Oakland (Nephew, son in law), Ashei Oakland (Niece), Maquellis Oakland (Niece), Jennifer Oakland (Sister in law), Jesse Robin Oakland (Great nephew), Millyana Oakland (Niece), Marson Oakland (Brother in law), Toyah Oakland (Granddaughter)

Deceased[edit | edit source]

Lizara Lónan (Sister), Chester Oakland (Grandson), Lola Oakland (Granddaughter), Frank Oakland (Husband, assumed to be dead), Ariebelle Sweeney (Mother, deceased), Daniel Sweeney (Father, deceased).

Background[edit | edit source]

Life[edit | edit source]

Adalanta was born to an overly strict mother and a henpecked father. He died when she was two after an attempt to run from his depressing marriage ended in him falling down a well. Her memories of him consisted of sepia photos and tales from her older sister Lizara. Her mother wasn't a pleasant person and her strict upbringing contributed towards the two sisters feeling that they should rush into adulthood to take a snatch at freedom. She managed her education fine and met a perky young man after he managed to bump into her and spill a bucket of water down her dress. A while after initially storming off in a huff, the two became a couple and their 'careful'ness wound up getting the 21 year old pregnant. Her mother severed contact with her over winding up pregnant out of wedlock but her lover's family took her in with open arms. In time she moved on from pining for her, seeing how controlling and stifling her mother was in comparision to her new-found family. She didn't make contact again.

They eventually married and had a second daughter, two years after their first. Adalanta lived hapilly with her in-laws, their own family running around next door and a bunch of cats. She worked part time at a tailoring shop and did various other jobs over the years to support her family.

She occasionally pitched in to help with her sister and in-law's children, among them her horribly-named nephew Lucibelle that they had just taken to calling Lucy. He had remained silent and distant for quite some time but began warming up to her and actually speaking for a bit. This earned her the ire of her husband's brother's wife Jennifer, who maintained a grudge against her for long after their children were adults. Possibly still to this day.

Though her hopelssly inept daughter remained living in her house with her spouse, she felt an empty nest as her cats passed from old age or other things and most of the second generation of Oaklands grew up, moved out and had their own children. She and Frank were soon out of cats but took in a happy pug they named Fiddlesticks.

Death[edit | edit source]

Her daughter Annie was the first of them to eat the tainted grain. The majority of the Oaklands perished at a family reunion when her mindless daughter ran in and mauled them all.

Undeath[edit | edit source]

She awoke to find herself at the bottom of a pile of bodies and practically clawed and barged her way out. She could sense some of her standards had ebbed away through the corruption of undeath but didn't feel she cared about the matter. She began eagerly searching for whatever could be left of her family and old way of life, without much thought to the Forsaken's goals or ideals. She found what was left of her dog - a grumpy snappy skull - and threw herself into mage studies when it seemed all was lost and she needed a distraction. The exception to this would be her daughter Annie - traumatic memories of her death remained and she couldn't or wouldn't bring herself to face her again. This led to some arguments from Carmen's side, who started actually being nice to her sister for once.

Family Background[edit | edit source]

Got thrown out by her mother after getting pregnant, lived with her in-laws and husband afterwards. Kept contact with her sister Lizara.

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

Cautioned for arguing with a guard in Silvermoon. Nothing from her life.

Pets[edit | edit source]

Fiddlesticks[edit | edit source]

Her once perky pug is now a grouchy shadow of his former self, with all that remains of him being an angry pug skull that snaps around like a pair of wound-up dentures. He enjoys being stroked by his owner but will bite the hand of most people. Hobbies include chasing rats, chasing sticks, trying to chew on treats and biting whatever bums may have the misfortune of sitting on him.

Gingernuts[edit | edit source]

A pretty ugly orange-furred cat Adalanta came across in Silvermoon and took in out of pity. His eyes bulge slightly, his scraggly fur is missing in patches and his right back leg has a kink in it. He seems to not mind her undead state, possibly due to the fact he couldn't run far from her to begin with and because she gives him food. And cuddles.

Current Status[edit | edit source]


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