The elvish name for this ship translates roughly as "The Glory of The Sea" - what was once a fine example of a sea vessel crafted by the finest High Elven masons was, in it's most infamous and final days, a shade of its former self resembling more of a floating patchwork of numerous repairs and buoyancy aids than its title implies.

Comandeered at night from it's anchorage in Eversong by the decorated (former) Stormwind Royal Navy's Captain James Spencer - on the run for desertion and conducting an illicit affair with the Admiral's wife - the ship sailed for many months before eventually appearing in Booty Bay, where it began its life of piracy and the crew aimed to sell its very first haul of cargo.

Much of the gold made from this initial shipment was from the Elven artwork, jewellery and herb collections that been aboard the Aearon when Spencer had taken it and although successful, the ship and its crew would never make as much money again, favouring piracy on a smaller scale and lacking the numbers and equipment for any large hauls. Because of the smaller risk of death and mutilation garnered by avoiding dangerous sea-battles, the small crew had grown quite close under the leadership of Spencer, changing very little over time, not once considering mutiny and greater glory.

The ship and crew met their end all the same, however, when looting a small and abandoned Scarlet Crusade boat for gold and trinkets. Unknown to the Aearon, the Crusade boat had been returning from a raid of its own and had been carrying amongst its gold, several artefacts from the Scourge invasion tainted with the cold touch of the undead plague. Turning the crew against each other and re-animating the dead with an unholy touch, the Aearon and its crew were doomed to undeath.

The only crew member known to have returned to shore after the incident, Caballon joined the ranks of The Forsaken and later found work under the employ of Esme Underwood. He is thought to possess one particular artefact from the Aearon's final haul, a small black orb with unknown properties and powers.

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