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Forsaken symbol

Also known as 'Agmar Scourge Bane'

Physical Traits Edit

Agmar has changed little from when he was first raised. Much of his dishevelled form has rotted away since his demise, allowing patches of bone to stick through his skin, though the Scource necromancers managed to repair most of the damage. With his cheeks and lips rotted away, his skeletal face seems to be in a permenant grim, and his boney fingers have been sharpened to the 'point' where they could be considered weapons in their own right

However, the curse is not the only thing to have affected his body. His eyes burn with blue flames as a result of the magics used to raise him, and his body has been strengthened beyond most other Forsaken. Also, his sword constantly shimmers with the souls of all those he has slain. There they remain, forever trapped until the day Agmar decides to release them, but that may be some time away...

Race and Class Edit

Before the curse took him, he was a Human Paladin.

Now, in the unlife the Scourge granted him, he has become a Forsaken Death Knight.

Fighting Style Edit

In life, Agmar was a powerful paladin, using his large mace and light-given powers to smite the wicked and protect the innocent. When he was ressurected at the hands of the scourge, he first fought with sword and shield. However, as a Death Knight, he now wields unholy powers in place of the light, inflicting diseases on his enemies and even raising their corpses as his own personal guardians. As for his weapon style, it is relatively unchanged from what he used when alive. The only notable difference is that his new style is a bit more aggressive than before, and that he now prefers to use a greatsword to a mace.

Occupation Edit

As a child, Agmar spent some of his spare time helping his father run the blacksmith in Stratholme. Even when he became part of the Silver Hand, he still spent many hours at the forge.

Family Edit

Agmar lived with his mother and father in Stratholme. Both of them were in Pyrewood Village visiting Agmar's aunt when the purge took place. His father eventually died at the hands of the scourge, and Agmar was forced to end him when he was found as part of a Scourge raidding force. However, his mother was never seen again. It is rumoured that she was on the other side of the Greymane gate when it was closed, and that she wasturned into a worgen and is alive and well with the rest of her kind.

Background Edit

Born to a small family in Stratholme, Agmar lived a rather typical upbringing, helping his father run the family business. When he reached 16 years of age, he was dilivering some goods to the town of Darrowshire when he saw a group of bandits ambust a lone traveller. Abandoning his goods to help the stranger, he managed to help fight off several bandits before their leader knocked him to the floor. He would have died that day, but the stranger revealed himself to be a Knight of the Silver hand, and slew the leader their and then. Impressed with how Agmar handled himself, and sensing a latent talent for channeling the Holy Light, the knight took him to become part of the order with his father's blessing.

Rising through the ranks of the Silver Hand, Agmar soon made a name for himself fighting against the Blackrock Orcs. Before long, however, he soon began hearing talk of the dead rising up to attack the living. Placed under the command of Lord Uther, he found those rumours to be all too true. After fighting the undead at the Battle of Hearthglen, he found himself marching towards his home. When he arrived, he was horrified to hear his prince order that the city be purged. Siding with Uther, he left his king there, safe in the knowledge that his family were far to the south, as he had recieved a letter from them not 2 days before. Although the Silver Hand had been disbanded by Arthas, Agmar remained with Uther to help fight against the Scourge. When the prince returned and slew his own father, he stood guard over the urn that held the king's ashes. However, one day, the Scourge came for it. Agmar valiantly held his own, but he was eventually overwelmed by the endless tide. His last mortal sight was Arthas standing over Uther's lifeless body.

Suddenly, Agmar found new life being breathed into him, along with an irresistible urge to serve the betrayer prince. Completely aware of what he was doing, but unable to stop himself, he served as a common soldier in the undead army for a time, before the necromancers discovered his past as a paladin and began to instruct him in the ways of the Death Knight. His unlife then began a grim parody of his former life, learning how to wield the powers of the unholy just as he had once done with the holy light. Eventually, his training was complete and he was assigned to Acherus: The Ebon Hold in time for the destruction of Havenshire and New Avalon, which became his initiation trials for full entry into the Death Knights. During the later Battle of Light's Hope, however, Agmar's mind was freed from the Lich King's control, allowing him to rebel against his former master. After helping to steal control over Ebon Hold from the Scourge, he joined his new-found brethren in the Ebon Blades without a moments hesitation.

Faith Edit

In life, he was an avid follower of the Holy Light. However, since his undeath, he has abandoned it as he belives it abandoned him.

Relations Edit

Due to what he did when under the control of Arthus, most living people tend to avoid him. While this can sadden him a bit, he does not allow himself to become angry over the matter. His fellow Forsaken, as well as his brothers and sisters in the Ebon Blade, are the only ones to truely accept him for what his is, and not what he was. As for himself, he is usually wary around Draeni, due to their fixation on the same holy light that saw fit to curse him this way.

Personal Notes Edit

Dispide fighting for what many would see as a noble cause, Agmar is not above using more...questionable methods to achieve his goals. The time spent as the Lich King's slave has had a negative effect on his mind. For example, his runeblade is capable of ripping out and storing the souls of all those killed by it. These can then be used later to, among other things, animate nearby corpses to turn them into loyal undead bodyguards. He also has a tendancy to never show mercy to his enemies; once they start to fight, Agmar will either kill them or die trying.

Current Status Edit

Agmaris currently aiding the Earthen Ring to repair the world pillar in Deepholm.

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