Hordecrest small Akandra Bladeshorn
Title(s) Stone Guard of the Horde
Gender Female
Race Orc
Class Rogue
Age 26
Occupation Spy, Assasin, Scout
Status Alive

Name and TitleEdit

Akandra Bladeshorn

Stone-Guard of the Horde Forces

Stone-Guard of the Beastmaw Warband

Physical TraitsEdit

Akandra stands at average height for a female orc, around 6ft. She is slender whilst retaining clear muscle tone.

Her ears are heavily pierced with rings that are tight, almost cutting into the flesh to avoid them jangling against each other.

Akandra's hair is pulled into a high tail and tightly bound with a strand of leather decorated with a few small stone beads. Akandra is well groomed but not fussy or particularly decorative.

She is usually wearing High-backed chest armor, or a long cloak covering her skin. If you can see her back you would see that the skin is raised, welted and heavily scarred from her neck down across her sholders to her waist.

Her blades are well worn but still with a keen edge, and look far more practical than some of the more decorative ceremonial weapons seen carried. They have clearly been chosen for their merits as an edged weapon than a status accessory. Their only detail is the stylized pommels of formed eagle heads with red-stone eyes.

Race and ClassEdit

Orc Rogue


The Beastmaw Warband


Assassin, Scout, Spy.


As an orphan of the Internment camps Akandra considers herself a true daughter of the Horde.


Akandra's earliest memories are in the Alliance Internment camp in Arathi Highlands. It was here she first showed a natural aptitude for going un-noticed, and avoiding detection. There were occasions she drew the attention of the guards and found herself tied to a post and flogged until blood ran thick and her howls and screams echo'd around the encampment.

In her early teens Thrall and Doomhammer and the beginnings of the new horde arrived and lay siege to the Internment Camps. Hers was the last camp to fall, and where Doomhammer also fell. It would later become the horde outpost of Hammerfall.

Akandra was in her mid teens when the horde fled to Kalimdor and claimed Durotar as their own. Over the next few years she trained and served in the Horde forces, battling within Warsong Gulch, serving as a scout aiding the frostwolf at Alterac.

At 18 she was posted to Silithus as the war effort grew, she was there the night the gates of Ahn'Qiraj were opened, and witnessed the horror of the insectoids released upon those who led the push forwards into the city.

Over the years Akandra rose through the ranks to Stone-Guard, serving at many conflicts. More often than not she found herself behind enemy lines either scouting or in pursuit of a key target.

Personal NotesEdit

Akandra fights for her honor. Although many consider her profession to be without honor she firmly believes that society, and politics, need their butchers as much as their shepherds. She clings to the fact that everything she does is for the Horde.

Although she prefers to operate by stealth and opportunity she is more than capable of holding her own when forced toe-to-toe with an opponent.

Akandra is a fine tactician, able to assess a situation and predict outcomes, rarther than rushing blindly into the fray.

Current StatusEdit


Extract from 'Watching 'Edit

"Akandra scrabbled for grip on the wall behind the plaza, her feet slipping and grinding as the sandstone surface crumbled with each brush of the boot.

... Bloody sand everywhere here. It blew accross the land scouring everything in its path, softening edges of the landscape. Get caught out in a storm and it would strip your skin from your flesh. She had arrived in the, for want of a better word, 'town' in the mid afternoon after travelling all day and night. The heat was scorching. Sheltering in some of the cooler buildings she had waited patiently.

Patience she was good at. Except.... except this time something had driven her here."

Artwork & Imagery

Akandra watching

Akandra watches over the plaza. - From RP story 'Watching'

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Akandra (2)

Akandra watching the dunes

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