Brother Akolen Marcus O'reely.

Physical TraitsEdit

He is a tall musclar human. He has long blonde hair, and a beard, which appears to be well looked after. He has dark brown eyes that pierce those he looks at. On his neck he has a scar, perhaps from a battle. He wears the uniform of a knight of the Scarlet Mission in stormwind. He looks strong and powerful, someone you do not want to mess around with. On his back is Shield of the Scarlets, and by his Side lies his trusted standard issue sword he was given by the missionary.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warrior


Scarlet MissionaryScarlet mission


Knight Missionary of the Scarlet Crusade.


All known family was wiped out by Arthas during Stratholmes "purging"

Father - Marcus O'reely Deceased

Mother - Sarah O'reely Deceased

Brother - Louis O'reely Unknown.


Akolen was born in the city of Lordaeron, where he grew up with his family. When he became 18 he joined up to the Lordaeron military, but was transfered to Stratholme. During his time in Stratholme he was taught by some of the best Warriors in the land, every day he trained as hard as he could. He was often sent as a messenger from stratholme to the close town of Corin's crossing on his horse. However, the week he was granted leave, Akolen returned to the city of Lordaeron to visit his family.. only to find out a few days later that Stratholme had be 'Purged' by Arthas. Angered and distraut, Akolen travelled down to the newly rebuilt city of Stormwind to gather his thoughts. After only being in Stormwind a few weeks, he hears of Arthas' betrayal and how his whole family was killed. Even more angered, Akolen decided to join the newly formed Scarlet Missionary. To this day he still serves for the mission as he has for many years. He now moves between the Scarlets in Stormwind and those in Stratholme, trying to repair his once loved city. He is also on an important mission in Northrend... to find the scarlet onslaught..

Family BackgroundEdit

Parents lived in Lordaeron city but went to Stratholme with Akolen. While there they lived as leatherworkers, making and selling leather armour in their shop in Stratholme. Later were killed during Stratholme was "Purged" by Arthas. However, it is unknown what became his brother who stayed in Lordaeron as he was never found after the end of the third war, he is presumed dead.

Criminal RecordEdit

Has no known record.

Current StatusEdit

Alive and serving the Scarlet Missionary in Stormwind.

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