Alliancecrest small Field Marshal Akoras Hearthman
Title(s) Sir
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Death Knight (Formely Paladin)
Age 47
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliation The Seven Kingdoms.
Occupation Field Marshal of Lordaeron
Status Dead
Relative(s) Father:Harry Hearthman Mother:Jane Hearthman

Name Edit

Field Marshal Akoras Hearthman

Physical TraitsEdit

Medium Coloured Skin,blonde long hair with a beard,Averaged height Human who's very strong and smart.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Death Knight (Formerly Paladin)




Field Marshal of Lordaeron


Mother:Jane Hearthman (neé Clearblue) (Deceased)

Father:Harry Hearthman (Deceased)


Early Life Akoras grew up in Stromgarde to a simple mother(aged 25) and a High Commander as a father(aged 30).He was never close to his father as he was always away with Soldiers of Stromgarde fighting the remaining Amani in the Highlands.He grew up with no friends as all the Younger children lived near the Mage Tower in the city.So he stayed at home reading about the Military,Stromgarde,Lordaeron,The Seven Kingdoms and other topics on the Alliance.

First War

By the time of the First War,no one in Lordaeron knew about it.So lives went on normally and thoroughly.Soldiers were away and women stayed at home and the King sat in the Keep whilst the Ambassador was in Lordaeron.So at the time it was all normal until news arrived of the Refugees arriving in Southshore with the Orcs coming soon enough.This was a blow to the economy as the Soldiers and resources were sent south.By the end of the War a note was of his father,Killed in Battle at the age of 50.

Second War

His Father's death made Akoras join the Military,he was given his Father's post and he used it well and was a great leader.As the Orcish Horde controlled Azeroth.Soon enough Khaz Modan fell and all that prevented the Orcs from coming North was the city.The civilians and the 26year old High Commander were sent into the tunnels under Stromgarde as it and it's harbour were destroyed,sadly Jane was slain by the Orcs and she was recovered and buried with Akoras' Father.Soon after they came back up and started to rebuild the ravaged kingdom,alone as they left the Alliance due to Terenas not giving Stromgarde part of Alterac for their own.

Third War During the Third War the Scourge never came to the independant nation and the Horde had already left for Kalimdor,so Akoras sat alone in his home doing nothing but wait untill...An Emissary came and asked any soldiers to re-join the Alliance,Akoras did and he left for Lorderon,he was slain a week later and risen as a Death Knight,he was then a Lieutenant of Baron Rivendare in Stratholme..

The Burning Crusade

Akoras was taken to Archerus which was being built in Northrend during the War in Outland.He was told to remain at the post untill further notice,which he did for a year.

Wrath of the Lich King

During the year 27 Akoras was in Archerus when the Scarlet Crusade were in New Avalon,he was told to go down and fight them so he did,he witnessed the Scarlet Onslaught creation and Battled at Light's Hope where he was granted freedom from the Lich King and he joined the Alliance.He then moved south to Elwynn only to find some soldiers of Lordaeron recruiting,he joined them and he fought the evils that lurk in Lordaeron adn he fights to take the entire Kingdom back after all the pain the Scourge has done to him. During a recent attack on Scholomance a Necromancer caught him and took him far into the University.They asked for his eye or heart,they took his Eye and were about to take his heart when Hethreana, Abraw, Zuelid and Wheele from the Legion came in and saved him.

Akoras recently left on a skirmish mission for the Argent Dawn but never returned, his remains were found inside the Inn which were discovered by another Argent Dawn party.

Criminal RecordEdit



  • He lost his eye to a Necromancer in Scholomance.
  • He kills all Forsaken, Horde, Scourge and any other threats on-sight.
  • He lived in Southshore after moving from Stromgarde.

Criminal RecordEdit

His record is clean except for him killing our enemies in battle.

Current StatusEdit

Deceased, cremated and kept in Light's Hope Chapel.

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