Earthcaller Akroz Bloodtotem last known heir to the Bloodtotem Tribe

Physical TraitsEdit

Very similar to his Brother, large white horns, brownish white fur and two black hooves.

Race and ClassEdit

Tauren Shaman


The Bloodtotem Tribe


A Herbalist and an Alchemist aswell as an Shamanistic Earthcaller for his Tribe and soon-to-be Chieftan


A few lost brothers, and his recently returned to life brother Armos is the only he knows.


Seperated from the rest of his family during the raid that destroyed his and Armos's tribal village he was raised by a renegade Orc shaman who taught him the ways of power. Soon he found strange markings in the Barrens. He was looking into his Tribes' past and he saw the Earthmother in a vision whilst looking at one of these stones she told him "Your brother that you never knew is gone my child. Driven mad by the power of the legion. It is up to you to revive yours tribes past now."

Criminal RecordEdit

Assault on an Orgrimmmar guard when he commented that "All this Tauren jumbo is a load of Kodo droppings"

Personal NotesEdit

Currently in Mulgore preparing for the Revival