Hordecrest small Aldanea Elowen Quae'duce
Title(s) Ex-Priestess
Gender Female
Race Forsaken High Elf
Class Priest
Alignment Chaotic Good
Occupation None
Status Alive
Relative(s) House Quae'duce


Ex-Priestess Aldanea Elowen Quae'duce

Physical TraitsEdit

A limp mop of hair with a faded copper tint sits atop her head, covering the remnant stubs of her once long ears. Most of her face apears to have been nailed on and threatens to fall off whenever she grins too hard. This terrible spectacle is a clear contrast to the bright yellow eyes and the cheerfully grim expression that is usualy plastered on her face.

Race and ClassEdit

Forsaken High Elven Priestess



The surviving Quae'duce siblings from the eldest to the youngest.

Rodoles Quae'duce - Father (Deceased)

Elania Quae'duce - Mother (Deceased)

Quelonus Quae'duce - Eldest Brother (Deceased)

Veldonus Quae'duce - Elder Brother

Magister Faronus Quae'duce - Elder Brother

Prionus Quae'duce - Youngest Brother


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Family BackgroundEdit

See House Quae'duce.

Personal NotesEdit

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Current StatusEdit

Wandering about Silvermoon City, wondering when her brother will return.

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