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Aliana Arcane (although she is better known as Aliana Brighteyes)


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Human Warrior

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The State of Stormwind.

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liana's memory starts at the orphanage of the newly build Stormwind. In Stormwind Aliana suffered under a heavy regime of discipline, this was necessary because of the sheer numbers in the orphanage. Aliana being 1 of 50 children in a small place, had it rough these day there. 16 years of age Aliana helped out at the orphanage a lot when she could. She tried her very best to help educate to children there. At age 18 Aliana left the orphanage and joined the Alliance military in Lordaeron, she completed the training as was stationed around the town of Andorhal.

Aliana was now 21 and this time ready for battle. When she heard of a attack on a village she rushed there with her captain and 6 other men. When arriving on the scene they were greeted by the Noble prince Arthas who lead the defences of the town. Alas they arrived too late, the building were on fire. The men of Arthas (that includes Aliana) fought the orcs present there. After their “victory” they went after the orcs slaying their masters. Aliana then followed Arthas true a campaign that would lead them to the discovery of a magical plague able of turning people into the undead, she would also meat Jaina Proudmore in this campaign. Aliana followed Arthas to Andorhal where Jaina left them to get help. In Andorhal they where attacked by the undead army and men them selves who had been affected by the plague by eating infected grain attacked them as well. The undead looked close to victory and Arthas and Aliana’s death until Lord Uther the Lightbringer and Jaina came charging with Uthers knights of the Silver Hand and saved the day. After this victory Arthas moved his army to Stratholme, he ordered the city to be purged because it had been infected by the plague. Aliana couldn’t believe her ears, she was horrified, she was not the only one Uther and Jaina declined to purge the city. Outraged by this Artas ordered all troops who would not do this willingly to leave. Aliana left with Uther and Jaina, Aliana came back during the aftermath when the only thing left to do was to burn all the corpses. Aliana was sent home by Uther to recover from the pain she had, it saved her life. Lordaeron fell to the Scourge during the third war. Dalaran was destroyed by the demon lord Archimond and with Dalaran Aliana’s brothers died. Aliana was called back into service defending the northern dwarven regions from invasion, a invasion which never came. Aliana was resigned of her post a year later. She used the time to hone her skills to become a better fighter for the alliance.

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