Missing, presumed dead.

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Almalodaka Shadowstar

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A Tall, graceful female Kaldorei with azure-blue shoulder length hair, slim build and skin free of the racial markings worn by many of her sisters. At only 77 years, Almalodaka is young according to her race, and initially tended to be rather reckless and outspoken; given to bursts of impatience, However she is very brave, even fearless in combat and is capable of employing subtlety when the need arises. Alma is slowly being taught restraint and patience by her elders, though her nature battles against this. She has a good grasp of tactics and displays natural leadership qualities.

She can appear rather aloof and distant toward those not close to her, but is kind-hearted, by nature and hates those who seek to oppress or cause harm to others. Alma also has an odd romantic streak hidden deep within her, and secretly yearns for another's understanding, but is loathe to display this side of her character in public.

Race and ClassEdit

Night Elf (Kaldorei) former Huntress, formerly of The Watchers, now a member of the Cenarion Guardians. Recently promoted to Warden.

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The Cenarion Guardians .

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Almalodaka has some skill in leatherworking, is an artisan skinner, decent cook, and experienced fisher. She has recently began work in earnest upon her first aid skills. Learned the Way of The Hunt in Teldrassil, and perfects her skills on a daily basis. Was taught sword mastery by Woo Ping in Stormwind City

Beyond the relatively mundane skills mentioned above, Alma has been working as a Hunter of evil and advanced scout for covert operations within The Cenarion Guardians - her true masters. However before joining the Guardians, Fandrel Staghelm, self appointed Arch-Druid, gave her a specific commission within Darnassus and beyond: "infiltrate and identify the order known as The Scarlet Mission, and ascertain any threat to Darnassus"... and was possibly of the impression that Alma was working exclusively for him. However Alma harboured increasing doubt as to Staghelm's integrity and methods from the onset, and was, until recently caught up in a personal war of conflicting loyalties.

Now working exclusively for the Guardians, Alma has been given autonomy to hunt down any threat toward her race, the Alliance, and Azeroth, accepting commissions as she sees fit from any that can make use of her specialist skills.


Elder sister: Alaya Shadowstar, Huntress of The Watchers - whereabouts unknown. Mother: Eseria Shadowstar, Huntress of The Watchers - Died of a broken heart after the death of her husband in the Barrow Downs when Almalodaka and Alaya were very young. Father: Cerion'lodaka Shadowsong, botanist/herbalist of The Watchers - Killed by creatures that inhabit the Barrow Downs whilst exploring the deep caverns.

Background Edit

Almalodaka was trained amongst the Order of Watchers within the Barrow Dens of The Moonglades. After the death of her parents, herself and her elder sister were given into the care of The Wardens, under the watchful eye of Keeper of The Grove Califax.

Alma spend the first years as an assistant archivist within the Library Chambers, whereas her sister displayed martial prowess, and was trained as a Huntress and soldier, tasks at which she excelled. Alma was a quiet, introspective type, and generally preferred the company of old books, dusty scrolls and brittle parchments to that of her fellow Watchers.

Alma dearly loved her elder sister, more so in that they were completely unalike. Alaya's every triumph and honour was reflected on Alma's proud face. In turn Alaya was fiercely protective of Alma, and during the times when their duties did not conflict, the two sisters could often be seen laughing, and at play together; as Alaya was one of the few who could draw Alma out of her quiet introversion, and dark moods.

After the day of kin strife, in which the Sentinels, under the command of High Priestess of the Moon Tyrande Whisperwind released The Betrayer (Illidan) from the captivity of The Watchers; during which many of The Watchers, including Keeper Califax, were slain in a terrible battle of Kaldorei upon Kaldorei The remaining military arm of The Watchers, under the command of Warden Maiev Shadowsong vowed to recapture The Betrayer at any cost.

A great host set out on the hunt, and in the van, amongst Maiev and her friend and comrade Naisha was Alaya Shadowstar, resplendent astride her great Battlesaber, and a fierce light shone in her eyes.

"Be fearless little sister" smiled Alaya, as Alma stood within the entrance of the Barrow to watch the host depart "I shall return unscathed, bearing a great prize. Cenarius shall grant us unconditional victory"

Maiev noticed the worry and fear mixed within Alma's prideful expression and smiled upon her. "your sister shall be safe Almalodaka, do not worry. Warden Maiev, of The Watchers shall ride with her and moonlight shall shine upon our blades. Asto're! Ishnu Fala'na! - We will finish The Hunt!"

And with that, the host of The Watchers departed. Alma never saw Alaya, or The Warden again.

Four years passed, and no word came to the remaining community of Watchers of the host's fate. They waited in vain for news, but none came.

By this time, many of The Watchers had begun to make their way from the Barrow Downs into the wider world, and attempt to rejoin with the main families of the Kaldorei within their fledgling communities within Teldrassil. Without anything to watch, they reasoned, what is our purpose?

Almalodaka rode away with one such group, determined to discover news of her sister's fate, and indeed, the fate of the entire hunt.

At first afraid, and uncertain within the great expanse of wilderness around her, Alma soon learned to use dormant skills buried deep within her; becoming a fair tracker and hunter in the wild through necessity. Taking ship for Teldrassil, Alma arrived within the village of Astranaar, and soon put herself to work, assisting the craftsmen and artisans of that place, in exchange for combat training, and the chance to be taught by the Huntsmaster in Dolanaar. Alma was somewhat surprised to discover that she excelled in combat, and soon became eager to learn more, joining with the hunting parties that roamed the wild lands away from the villages and towns.

Alma learned many things as she strove to complete the tasks given to her. It became known to her that Priestess Tyrande had fought side by side with Maiev's forces in the human kingdoms. Alma immediately penned a message to Tyrande in nearby Darnassus, requesting an audience. The request was repeated many times, however Tyrande did not grace her with a reply. Instead Alma was contacted by Arch-Druid Fandral Staghelm, who entrusted Alma with a series of tasks, at first relatively mundane, concerning the upkeep of Moonwells around Teldrassil, and later of a more military nature. Alma excelled in all things and was soon entrusted to leave Teldrassil with covert orders from Staghelm "Your place is not to ask questions, it is to follow orders! Here are my orders: Seek out, infiltrate and gain intelligence on that order known as The Scarlet Mission, for it is known that these humans have made stealthy incursions into our home, perhaps as a precursor to full scale invasion? Observe them, know their motives and report back to me" said Staghelm.

Alma's growing frustration at Staghelm's acerbic attitude had begun to grow into one of outright mistrust of him. Alma has keen senses and ability to read others. Some time later, she was contacted by the leader of The Cenarion Guardians in Darkshore, who offered warning of Staghelm's motives, and a place within their order. Alma believes that this position within the Guardians was Tyrande's way of reciprocating her request for contact, whilst not overtly declaring herself in opposition to Staghelm.

From that time onward Alma has faced many enemies, and fought many battles, all the while gaining insights into her abilities as a fighter, and the enemies who stand against her. She is now fully committed to the Cenarion Guardians, and has abandoned all former ties to Staghelm, though she does not know if the Arch-Druid is aware of this change in allegiance, as he continues to receive her (carefully edited) reports on the Scarlet Crusade, and has not commented otherwise.

Family Background Edit

The Shadowstar family is an amalgamation of Cerion'lodaka Shadowsong, nephew to Maiev Shadowsong, and Eseria Starmantle of the ancient House of Starbreeze

Criminal Record Edit

Alma has no official criminal record, however she is sought by many foes, all of who wish to silence her, and end her unwelcome prying into their business.

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Missing, presumed dead.

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