Ameterasu ready to engage in battle

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Valkyries was a former general for the lich king till she was send on a suecide mission against the lights hope chapel, she survived it but now sworn to exterminate her former master and she and the knights of the ebon blade allied with horde/alliance to make this final victory come true.


Ameterasu Nagrand (Valkyries Björn)


Ameterasu is a 7'00" large female Warrior and is korrawi's younger sister. She's a young playfull girl that loves to have comtact with the other races of azeorth unlike her older sister Korrawi. you will find out Ameterasu has an outspoken meaning and won't lie to gain trust (meaning if you are a dickhead in her eyes she will say it straight to you.)

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Ameterasu aka Valkyries has recently broken away from the grip the lich king had on her and tries to find an existance in life. Since she did not lost complete her feelings, the chance is big in the far future people will accept her back in society. Some people even see a spark of the ok ameterasu in her.

Valkyries aka ameterasu

Ameterasu today

==Race and Class==

Race: Draenei

Class: Warrior (Death Knight)

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Unknown most of the family converted to tools of evil when their Homeworld of argus was converted by the burning legion.


Guild: The Blades of Elwynn

Guild rank: Corporal

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Korrawi and ameterasu

Ameterasu and korrawi together

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