Also known as the alchemists home as the townships Alchemist and herbalist use the house often. though Amy Redcross has made the place her home. the door is large made of a thick oak with steel alloy in the middle making the door hard to blast to pieces, also the house lock is very thick as well as its hinges. if one ever opens the door to the house and walks in, they are always greeted with the smell of cooked meat, mainly Black bear or Boar which resides on the table.

if early in the morning then Amy is usually still asleep on her bed, most of the time with clothes on, as you look around the house the bed is placed so it is the first thing you see, over the head is a trophy of a boars head, also there are stacks of unused engineering supples that the reasons of being are unknown, as one looks right they see a small table with 3 chairs, on the table is usually some cheese and meat, as you continue to look right you will see a picture of a half naked human woman, who she is unknown though many have said it looks alot like Magwitch, you look farther on you see a cupboard, filled with a mix of clothes, food, powders and poisons.

as you look left from the bed you see a fire place, hanging over is a meat cleaver and a large fork, as you continue to look left you see another cupboard filled in the same away as the one on the right. also scattered around the house are a mixture of guns, swords, daggers and spears

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