Name Edit

Andreniel. aka Adrenaline. Surname not known to the public.

Physical Traits Edit

Andreniel walks with the strut of confidence, aware of her body and surroundings. As a teacher, she wears an elegant Dalaran magus robe, under-laced by tight corsetry. Off duty, she prefers tight black leather trousers and embroidered black blouse. A knowing half smile on her lips, Andreniel's manners are always polite.

Andreniel has perfected the art of spying in stealth.

Race and ClassEdit

Night elf Druid.

Guild Edit

In Character: no guild. I use the <Twilight Prophet> guild tag for RP reasons only.d

Occupation Edit

She is an excellent herbalist and alchemist, experimenting with potions, flasks and elixirs.

Family & Family BackgroundEdit


Background Edit

Nothing is known of her background, Andreniel simply appeared in Stormwind taking interest in underground politics and cults. With a lot of careful research, links can be found to The Hand of Death.

Criminal Record Edit


Andreniel's secret work

Known to some guards for sweet-talking her way into the crimal records files, which she then 'borrowed'. Strangely, none of these guards now serve on duty, and therefore this information is unknown to current guards.

Personal Notes Edit

Nothing is known of Andreniel's motivations, yet she has somehow managed to obtain a position as a teacher at the University of Dalaran.

Current Status Edit

Andreniel prefers The Blue Recluse in Stormwind, but will occasionally frequent the Pig and Whistle. She always arrives alone, and often leaves in the company of a new gentleman friend. Andreniel has allowed whispered rumours to circulate about her abilities as an accomplished seductress, yet conversely also allows whispers that she is mistress to, and funded by, a rich gentleman.

During the scourge invasion of Stormwind, Andreniel was often seen in the Cathedral of Light, silently studying the necrotic runes.