Neutralcrest small Angerak "Shovel" Feathershoe
Title(s) Sharpshooter
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Class Rogue
Age 76
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation The Defias Brotherhood
Occupation Locksmith and Traveling Merchant
Status Alive


"Oi mate, maybe Ah can intrest ye in some goods that Ah´ve stocked up fer jes some days ago. All of it´s ofcourse leagaly got. Good price here and now, only fer ye." The short dwarf smiles in his nice red clothing showing the shops the goods that he has to offer

Every one wants to be the slimeball that walks around the citys and looks a bit like a creep. Well I wanted to role play one any way. Angerak is that cinda Dwarf that will do any thing to complate his task so long that his life is not to risked. Doing all cinda shady things that you can think of. So you can say that he is the avrage Thife that tries to go in with out any one knowing it but never likes to be taken by suprise either. A bit of an jack of all trades he tries to be. The life of an Rogue is perfect for the Dwarf.


Father: Jackar Feathershoe -Dead-

Mother: Felica Feathershoe -Dead-

Brother: Jackar Feathershoe

Brother: Erdward Semmering

Sister: Felica Feathershoe -Dead-

Sister: Miraska Feathershoe

Family BackgroundEdit



Defias Renegade

The background for Angerak that he´s born and raised in Dun Morogh and in a young age even started to steal things from the towns folk of Kharanos. When he become older he did get banished from his family clan and in there eyes he was dead. Under many years he´s wander around the realm. One day in Stormwind he did found a poster that did tell him about The Defias Brotherhood. He did seek them out and become a member.

After that he did join the army under the Second war. There´s was a Scout for the front line. But when the war was over he was once again an out cast when he was chanrged for stealing money from the Captain. But the chanrges was agaist him did fall and nothing more happend to him.

Now he´s back In stormwind trieng to earn his respect in the Brotherhood by helping them in Stormwind. Working some time with the Defias did make him understand that they where no gooder then the others. After leaving them and scraping of the burned signet from his foot and stealing all that he found in the mine before leaving them. Luckly he did flee from them with out any larger problems. Hiding much in Booty bay earning money in any way he could. He did dye and shave his hair and beaird to give him a new look. Moving back to Stormwind and trying to see if the Defias was after him any more. Luckly they think that he´s dead and he walks easy in Stormwind once again. Meeting Danjinn Sparr in Old town streets he did once again get hierd to work for him and Kalern.

Physical Traits and Personal TraitsEdit

He haves dark hair that´s cinda dirty. Dark yellow small pig eyes. He´ves some old bullet wounds on his chest and some old scars all over his body. He´s avrage hight for a Dwarf. He haves a atletic body. And he haves a smell of smoke when ya walk pass him.

Crinimal RecordsEdit

For the monet he haves just some records in Ironforge for starting Brawl Fights. But mostly they´re noew clean from most of the shit he has once done in his life.

The rest of Angeraks filles´re stolen and burn away for Theft, Smuggling and Pouchering


When wandering around in Stormwind smoking his pipe and selling all cinda things to the diffrent shops to earn his money. But you may as often see him in Booty Bay in its more unclean Brothels and gambeling dens.

Items of Note Edit

Combat Rifle

A short and sturdy Rife that haves a capacity to three bullets in it. It has a long scope on it that makes it a good long range weapon. The stock is made in some darker brown wood and the barrle has some cinda light steel with copper inlays all over it.

Lightning Powerder;

It´s small leather balls that when trown into the ground or agaist someting solid it will explod and send out a straight light that will make every one near blid for a moment and give out a thick cloud of smoke. Home made all the way.

Influences Edit


Lemmy Kilmister (Ian Fraiser Kilmister)

The fine and good looks of Angerak here´s much like Lemmy here. All the Rough "I dont give a shit" look that Lemmy has. So all the rough textures there is on Lemmy even a bit more is on Angerak.

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