Annarima by Lashela

Name Edit

In her true form: "The Oracle".

As her own agent: "Lady Catherina DeLavey".

Before becoming "The Oracle": "Annarima LaVey".

Physical Traits Edit

The Oracle:

The cumulated amount of arcane energy and shadow magic inside the eternium armour is overwhelming. Inside the helm, the only thing you can see is no face, but a dark void and red flaming eyes staring at you. From the heart of this morbid creature, a dark vortex seems to suck energy and happiness right out of the environment. The eternium armour, acting much like a cage to the entity inside, is seemingly going to burst, and static electricity is formed around the shoulder paths.

Catherina DeLavey:

A glamorous young Lady, Catherina leaves an impression with her beautiful appearance. Elegant, yet also indulging in life as a young woman, her hips gently sway as she walks. A sometimes mocking, but usually charming and tempting smile is displayed on her face, although she isn't well known for being over-friendly. A petit ring shaped like a snake adorns her finger.

Race and ClassEdit


70 Human Warlock


Former Human Warlock.

Currently: A creature of the void and adept Shadowmancer.

Guild Edit

The Dark Embrace


Father: Bishop DeLavey (NPC), active in the Stormwind Keep.

Mother: Passed away while giving birth.

Background Edit

Disclaimer: Any information here is in-character (IC) information meaning almost no role-playing character is aware of any of this information, and most information contained on this page is even known to none but Annarima herself. Attempts to meta-game (using IC information that was gathered through an out-of-character (OOC) medium) will be simply ignored as it indicates bad role playing.

Early Years Edit

During Annarima’s birth in Stormind, her mother passed away. Her father, Bishop DeLavey, didn’t want to take responsibility for the child, as he never married her mother. Without even anyone knowing him to be the father, he found the easiest solution to trust the child to a monk who’d take her to the monastery at Northshire where she would be raised. A compassionate soul, the monk named the infant Annarima LaVey, effectively giving her reference to her unknown family.

Being raised in a monastery, she was taught the ways of the Light, as well as she received a priest’s training. Although much effort was made by the monks and Brother Neals especially, they failed to completely convince her of their right. The girl reached her teen years, thinking of most followers of the Light as hypocrites. Her real interest had always gone to the Arcane. Much of her time she was found in some corner of the monastery, completely absorbed by books on magic and history. It would be this love for ancient and secret knowledge that fuelled her interest in the Quel’Dorei, as well as some other subjects…

A breakthrough happened when she was 16. Halebar, a handsome Youngman known to have some knowledge about magic, would make his stay at Northshire for several months. A passionate secret relation developed between the two. Halebar was able to find an excuse so the two could meet in private often, by telling the monks he would teach the girl a thing or two about to arcane. During these “sessions”, he also introduced her to another field which she earlier read about: Shadow Magic.

Their happiness wasn’t to last unfortunately. It was found out that Halebar possessed forbidden knowledge and had been trafficking with demons. He was effectively banned from the kingdom of Stormwind. During their quick goodbye, he whispered something to Annarima though: “Find The Dark Embrace”. It would be many years before the two would see each other again. The Nortshire heads had also found out about the relationship between the two. For that, the girl was punished severely and forbidden to read any other books that those handed out to her. It would also take several more years before she was allowed to leave the monastery and see the world.

Into Azeroth Edit

When she was finally released she immediately took the opportunity to travel. Sometimes begging, sometimes making money through magical means and often using just her charm, she was able to stay alive and well. At some point though, when back in Stormwind, she learned about the warlocks active in the crypts of the Slaughtered Lambs. When these warlocks found the girl capable of dealing magic, they allowed her to join them. Thus she was able to become a warlock herself and continue her study of Shadow Magic which she started learning from Halebar. It was during these early steps down the path of warlockism that she was able to contact The Dark Embrace, and become an associate of the organisation.

As a knowledgeable scholar on Quel’Dorei history she also joined the Royal Apothecary Society which had been renewed in Stormwind under Lady Lashela Alania, who was at that time still the unknown Mistress of The Dark Embrace. For this Society, some essays were also written concerning ruins located through Darkshore. As she became adept in history, she also became friends with Berdrin Stormspanner, ironically one of the greatest opponents of The Dark Embrace.

Her efforts within the guild were also noticed though. To become truly accepted though, she had to undertake a trial like all other members. Hers was not lighter than any other: She would have to slay her lover in order to prove her dedication. Accomplishing this, she went through the mystical ritual of her organisation and effectively reached the rank of “Embraced”. Later, she would even rise higher, being elected to Dark Consul, an officer-rank within the organisation, and being appointed Eye of Destiny, making her the Mistress to - at that time – one of three divisions within The Dark Embrace. Later this position would change and she’d become the Oracle of Balance.

During this time, her knowledge of shadow magic would grow rapidly and she’d become an adept Shadowmancer. A lot was taught to her by her Mistress and personal teacher, Lady Lashela Alania, until there was no more to learn. Annarima was also noted to bring into live the class of Shadow Knight. These Shadow Knights were warriors or fallen paladins who were heavily empowered through the means of Shadow Magic and trained personally by Annarima. Some of these included Honoria, Halmar and Rhelas. Many others were also known as students under “Mistress LaVey” at some point or another, like Ormsby or Nirofen. Mostly this was for matters regarding Shadow Magic, sometimes other means of demonic magic and a few times even close combat with sword.

Becoming one of the Void Edit

During her expeditions, research and dealings with both arcane and shadow magic Annarima would claim an old and forgotten temple-ruin as her own. Here she had earlier discovered old sources of arcane magic with Berdrin. After much experimenting she turned this temple in her own great storage of nearly unlimited magical power and energy. Slowly, a corruption would spread through this secret lair and its surroundings, as if a cloak of shadows was placed upon it. Shadow magic spread through its foundations and mixed with the raw arcane magic until the corruption was absolute. Nearly none but Annarima herself knows what lays beneath even now.

At some point her mistress Lashela found the time right to hand over one of her most powerful artefacts to her former student. The notorious artefact was known as the Black Book. Only one problem didn’t allow such a transfer. Due to the very nature of the book it would feed on any soul it could, even the soul of the one wielding it. It became clear what had to be done. Annarima would remove her own soul by becoming a LichOne of her closest associates, Entriia, aided her with this and locked her soul in a phylactery. It’s unknown where this key to Annarima’s existence is located nowadays, although it’s safe to assume she would guard it at the location safest to her; her lair. Due to the process of becoming an undead, even until today she has a natural weakness to holy magic.

The Oracle

Her intense dealing with shadow magic and many greater powers than her own could only lead to one thing unfortunately. The shadows in her lair themselves would consume her physical existence. For months, no one heard from her and its said the Black Book be lost during this time. It was assumed by most she was gone pernamently as well. However, as she had become a Lich earlier and her soul safely stored in the phylactery, she was to return. Slowly she gathered in force and took the appearance of a wraith. With the help of minions she kept herself informed and was able to retrieve some more power. As a side effect, because of the chaos of her existence, two avatars came into existence, reflecting different sides of Annarima’s former personality. One would become her minion, Seduzca. The other one she would never know about, was called Anníe and represented a time Annarima as a young, still innocent girl. It’s unclear what happened to these avatars. Finally though, with the help of the demon hunter Hazadur the Shadowmistress obtained a heavy black eternium armour which she would possess during an extensive ritual, her essence locked within it by a dark gem placed in her crown. She had become a creature of the void, one made of shadow magic itself and thus immune to it. This dark creature would be known as “The Oracle”.

However due to the massive amount of energy that was now placed within the armour and because of the powerful creature she had become she would only be able to leave her lair for a set time, and only when summoned. To keep in touch with the outside world she focussed some of her energy into creating another avatar, Catherina. This new agent, looking identical to the former human version of Annarima, was able to track down Annarima’s father, Bishop DeLavey. Putting the man under pressure, she was “adopted” within the family, and was able to claim her name and a title of nobility, as well as to secure a solid financial position. So The Oracle’s single most important agent would come to be known as Lady Catherina Annarima DeLaVey.

The Faith, Lashela, would soon contact her again and Annarima, now known as The Oracle, would take her place again within The Dark Embrace. Having visions of a dark future, she set off to do what she had always been best at since she chose her path: Spreading corruption.

All things come to an end... Edit

After her return The Oracle would quickly return some discipline to the Brotherhood and help it grow again. The Faith however, during the last months, had gone mad. The demon inside her finally had won and now The Dark Embrace was without a leader. The Oracle would not wait and used the opportunity to quickly cease power, an act that remained unquestioned by anyone else within the Brotherhood. New officers were appointed over time, new disciples were recruited and some new and old projects turned alive. The Oracle went as far as establishing an alliance with other-worldly creatures, an alliance she knew would benefit the Brotherhood in the future.

Now that her power had grown within the world of Azeroth, she deemed time ready to turn some of her greater tools to use, and so she turned to the Black Book. Feeding it with souls of victims made by the Brotherhood she was able to unlock one of the last secrets she needed to know: Her death. What she saw did not please her, for she had found out her end drew near and it would be one of the association's arch-enemies that would slay her. Having made the final preparations during the time she had left, she then gathered the members of her Brotherhood around her lair to protect it from the invaders: Starlight. During the fight, she lured their leader, Nomine, down into her lair. The two fought an epic battlle but the end had been known to The Oracle. In a brutal finale, Nomine destroyed her and took her phylactery with him. Her short reign came to an end, but she did not regret. Balance had been restored she knew, and the processes she had put into motion would lead to much other events...

A more detailed record of her final battle is told in The Death of the Oracle.

Artefacts Edit

During her many travels, extensive study and with the service of minions and students The Oracle has gathered many powerful artefacts. It is unknown what happened to these after her demise.

- The Black Book. The notorious book long carried by the Faith, the leader of The Dark Embrace. This book feeds on souls and is said to have the ability to look into the future. If this is true it is possible it has its origin with the Bronze Dragonflight, the keepers of time. However, during the time of her incorporeal existence it was lost, its location still unknown.

- Book on Necromancy: This untitled book covers many aspects on Necromancy and origins from the Burning Legion. It was brought to Annarima LaVey by her student Ormsby and remained in her possession even since. It is said to have been used while dealing with Dilliamem and for her own transformation into a Lich .

- The Tome of Shadows: This heavy black book is magical by its own nature and contains many spells on shadow and demonic magic, including some of The Oracle’s own spells. It is said anyone wielding this book be capable of casting most of its spells, even those not adept at using shadow or demonic magic. It is unfortunately said as well that it does not willingly opens to anyone but The Oracle.

- Sword of the Void: This powerful sword is permanently engulfed with shadowfire, containing essence of the Void. Because of this it has an intense purple glow. The sword seems to feed on the flesh of its victims and is said to be able to bring forth shadow magic. As it was created by The Oracle, it contains some of her own essence in it and is thereby bound to her, for now.

- Magical shackles: These shackles were derived by the Shadow Knight Honoria from the former High Elven city of Eldre’Thalas, commonly known as Diremaul. The shackles are said to be capable of locking anything from a humanoid to an ethereal to a ghost.

- Shadowfire Whip: The Oracle’s personal whip made of shadowfire. It has proved its use countless times when shaping minions and off-trail associates. Hence it is not the most popular of artefacts.

- The Soul of Warpmind: This being has the capability to mindcontrol others and has been locked into another dimension by The Oracle.

Criminal Record Edit

At some point when she still went under the name of Annarima LaVey, suspicion towards her possible affiliation with The Dark Embrace became apparant. However, no official charges have ever been put forward and the case has been long forgotten. With the recent name change, no official documentation linking Catherina Annarima DeLavey to any criminal activity still excists.

Trivia Edit

- Has been known by many nicknames and titles, including - but not limited to - Mistress, Lady, Eye of Destiny, Oracle of Balance, Shadowmistress, Corruptor.

- She has for a long time now been known as a cruel torturer, although luckily such displays have become rare.

- Did once engage in experimenting with alchemy, but abbandoned the field after not too long.

- The Oracle may be summoned by anyone who has the means to contact her and is willing to offer a sacrifice to allow such magic.


Neutral Evil

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