Alliancecrest small Anneeta Kelly Elizabeth Lindsay Lauren Yvonne Grace-Downings V
Title(s) Countess of Stormglen
Race Gilnean
Age 30
Alignment Lawful Evil
Occupation Noble/Medic/Mother
Status Alive and literally kicking
Relative(s) Edgar Grace-Downings (Father, deceased)

Angelica Grace-Downings ("Mother", deceased)

Victoria Pelham (Birth mother, alive)

Willikins Watson (Half-brother, sadly alive)

Owen Hutchingson (Ex-husband, unknown)

Cordelia Grace-Downings (Daughter, alive)

Medic of the First Gilnean Regiment, former noblewoman of Gilneas, now renowned for being a scary bitch. Fairly harmless and weak looking, she doesn't seem to pose much of a threat to anyone. People tend to get over this assumption after not very long.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Upon first seeing this tiny little maniac, you might mistake her for an 11 year old, as her very small and very thin and bony body would suggest. However, engaging in conversation with her will soon make you realise that this is in fact a fully grown woman with a fairly deep voice and an exceedingly well-spoken Gilnean accent.

Another possible reason to assume she is only 11 or so is that she wears pretty much only one colour - red. She is always in a dress which is mainly red, wears a clearly massively expensive red handbag, and is often wearing her characteristic womens red laced miniature top hat at a slightly obscure angle.

She is actually shorter than she would like to have people believe - standing at 5'1 in the 6 inch high heels that she never seems to be out of, too proud to show her true height of 4'7.

Her hair is always done and her makeup is always applied - a blood red lipstick and a rather unnecesserily thick coating of blusher over her very strong and pointy cheekbones.

Her eyes are a deep dark green colour, and she more often than not wears a stern look.

Illegitimate birthEdit

Her father, Lord Edgar Grace-Downings, was a man who liked to enjoy himself. Opposed to education and generally anything which he found slightly boring, Edgar was not a self-made man in any sense of the term. Everything he owned was hereditary, earned not by him but by one of his distant relatives some way down the line in the past. The servants were treated as sub-human slaves, and anything "boring" (that being "informative" to me and you) was disallowed in Manor Grace-Downings.

Married "happily" to Angelica Marshall, Edgar always seeked more thrill, more entertainment. This led to him inadvertedly having an affair with one of his maids, one Vicky Pelham. Only the two of them were to know about this affair, this forbidden love between a nobleman and his common servant. Things don't tend to go to plan for any of the Grace-Downings', however, and Vicky was soon pregnant with what was to be little baby Anneeta. Edgar. who had always wanted a child, made no secret of Vicky's pregnancy. Angelica was, of course, not happy in the slightest.

Vicky already had a son, named Willikins Watson Jr., after his father Willikins Watson Sr., who came from a long line of Willikins Watson's. The Watson family long ago signed a 500 year contract to work for the Grace-Downings', and have remained loyal to the Grace-Downings family ever since.


Ann Child

Ann as a child.

Despised by the woman she knew as her mother, Ann didn't have an easy childhood. Edgar, who had hoped for a son, was never very supportive of her, he instead just threw money at her in the hopes she'd just go away. Angelica took every opportunity to spite her, and as such Ann was horribly neglected. Completely isolated away in Manor Grace-Downings, the only other human contact she ever had was with servants, whom she didn't really acknowledge the existence of, and the odd visitor, such as the doctor and her private tutor.

Thrown away and trodden on by just about everybody at all close to her, Ann turned her attention slightly away from the real world. Always dreaming of what the future would hold, she was a very ambitious little girl. In her teen years, she made good use of the incredibly limited supply of books her father kept. That is, a medical practicioners guidebook, a psychiatric assessment aid, a dictionary, and a selection of medical journals. There were other, fictional works, but they didn't interest her much.

Living her life within her own mind whilst being verbally and physically attacked by her mother, she was always quiet. Worryingly quiet. LIke a severely damaged nuclear reactor, pressure was building, and it wouldn't be too long before it gave way in a very dangerous way.

The PlantagenetsEdit

Just over the wall of the eastern property line was another fine house. This belonged to a military man, Brigadier-General Plantagenet. The two families were were good friends and would often dine at eachothers houses. The General had two daughters, identical twins Ambrosine and Violet. After many years of friendship, Ann started to see Violet in secret, having her sneak over the wall, where they would court in the backyard. When Ann was 24, Violet died of illness, leaving Ann permanently scarred and forever in memory of her once much loved friend.

House of Grace-DowningsEdit

Grace-Downings Coat of Arms

The coat of arms of the House of Grace-Downings.

The House of Grace-Downings is the Noble House which Ann belongs to. It has held several titles, most notable being Earl of Stormglen, held by Ann's father Edgar Grace-Downings II. Long ago the Grace-Downings' began to keep their lives more personal than ever. Since then, the family slowly learned to live their lives entirely centered around the Grace-Downings estate near Stormglen, leading to many family members becoming increasingly deluded to being incredibly important and powerful, none moreso than Ann's grandfather Edgar Grace-Downings I, whose idea it was to name his three children the following:

  1. Calenthoressa Josephina Moria Grace Maria Anneeta Denyse Yvonnethy Agatha Beatrixialthorium Grace-Downings Ovianna Tillerfield (Later to legally change her name to Calenthoressa Anneeta Grace-Downings).
  2. Anneeta Bethanolissa Cilventinie Dextarosa Elsie Fearne Grace-Downings Heatheria Illindora Janetta Kelly Laurencia Morganeta Nancy Oldridge Pauliney Queen Ralatorra Stormglenissa Theressianala Ulcy Violet Whinneymoore Xylatosa Yvonne Zellanoa Grace-Downings (Initials spell out the alphabet. Later to change her name to Anneeta Kelly Grace-Downings IV).
  3. Edgar Ryonn Alexandertarbelossa Grace-Downings Downings Edgar (Whose initials backwards are EDGARE. Later to change his name to Edgar Grace-Downings II. Ann's father.)

Ann's fatherEdit

The many antics of Edgar Grace-Downings I were what inspired his successor, Edgar Grace-Downings II to have a giant wall constructed around the Grace-Downings estate to both keep commoners out and, more importantly, keep senile old Grace-Downings' from attempting a revolt on the monarchy using improvised explosive devices attached to the backs of mastiffs.

Although considerably more sane than Edgar I, Edgar II was far from perfect. Often having his way with some of the more attractive maids on the staff, he was fairly adventurous. He attended many social events, but never allowed anyone else of the household to leave the estate, especially his "beloved" daughter Anneeta V.

Origins of the Grace-Downings'Edit

What remains of the historical document purge lead by Edgar I says that the Grace-Downings family originally began when Lionel Downings had an illegitimate relationship with Belinda Grace. Everything else about that couple is written by Edgar I, and is as follows;

Lionel, interesting chap. His real name was Linoleum. Terribly tragic, Belinda walked all over him.

Similar tasteless humour can be found throughout the extensive Grace-Downings library, with a chronologically ordered list and reference of all of the bad jokes added to the Humerus section of the medical dictionary Ann now carries with her. Oddly, the usage of the word humerus as a pun for the word humorous is not listed.

It is unknown how the Grace-Downing's arose into the ranks of the aristocracy originally, but nobody since Edgar I has bothered to check official records, since it must have been relatively underwhelming in order for Edgar to destroy all household records of it.


Years upon years of abuse and neglect have taken their toll. Unable to get past the half suppressed memories of her childhood, Ann is delusional and severely paranoid. Angry at the world and all of its inhabitants, she always feels the need to make others suffer. Although recently, Catherine Mistmoore, Ann's best friend, has convinced her to try to be nice. Ann gave this a try for a day, and was awarded a Bronze Star Medal at the end of the day for her performance. This has inspired Ann to atleast try to be vaguely nice some of the time.

The voicesEdit

At around the age of 22, Ann's suppressed memories started to make their way into her everyday life in the form of her "mother"'s voice. Unable to face her past, she tries her best to still hide from it, with the voices of memories long forgotten eating away at her spirit.

Anneeta's thoughts

A brief insight into how she thinks. Some of this is her own thinking, whereas the rest are the voices.


Ann's instability has always made her prone to quick and severe infatuation. She has failed two marriages, and still finds herself falling for anyone that treats her reasonably well. However, she has now devoted her life far more to looking after her daughter Cordelia, so she has not been dabbling too much in sudden romances.

Petty rivalriesEdit

Ann is always up for an argument with whoever, whenever. Her targets have included an Archmage that was supposedly reading her mind, a fortune-teller she'd only just met on the streets of Stormwind, a comedian that was trying to earn his keep, and a bunch of other people that might vaguely consider her to be a "friend".

Ann feels the need to be better than everybody else, particularly other women. This leads her to a lot of arguments, usually with Eclyptic Gravgot, and sometimes involving Catherine Mistmoore. This is majorly because they are the two people she sees the most of that aren't her butler Willikins Watson or Owen. The whiney bitch-fights that take place between Eclyptic and Ann are usually along the lines of "No, I'm better than you" followed by "No, I'm better than you". This may go on for several hours.

Threats petty

An example of one of her pettier moments. On this occasion, she promised to kill herself should Willikins Watson and Catherine Mistmoore become romantically involved. Depicted are Ann, Will and Cathy going from left to right.

Present dayEdit

Escaping from Gilneas alive with Willikins Watson Jr., Willikins Watson Sr. and Vicky Pelham (only the former of which is still sane/to be found anywhere), Ann was soon to join the First Gilnean Regiment soon after Watson Jr. did, and now she is living the old dream she had of being a sort of nurse. Life outside Gilneas has been very different. For one, she only has one servant now (Watson Jr.), and no longer lives in an imperfect perfect world crafted for the wealthy to hide away from the real world. Coming face to face with the everyday problems of life has been a struggle, but Watson is doing his best to look after her.

She now knows of her relation to Willikins, and in a rare act of kindness she freed him from his contract to serve her for the next 357 years. Since then, she has been treating him more like a human being than a door-mat, and they are getting along nicely.

Since the disbanding of the First Gilnean and the birth of her daughter, Cordelia, she has been mainly staying at home to mother her.

Notable quotesEdit

  • "I'll have you know I'm an intelli- intell- intelligent womanan."
  • "Watson, dock Eclyptic's pay."
  • "Wouldn't it be wonderful, Owen, if we murdered everybody and it were just me and you alive in this world?"
  • "Eclyptic. Shiny shiny! Fetch!!"
  • "Watson, add all their names to the list. As well as yours. Twice."
  • "You are all insane except me."
  • "What? Did you just bow, girl? Do you have a penis?"
  • "I want to scoop out your eyes but leave them attached so that you can watch as I snap off all of your limbs and then slowly and agonizingly slice through your skull and into your brain."
  • "Watson, turn off your ears!"
  • "Watson, stand or I will make it so that sitting shall be incredibly painful."
  • "Yes Eclyptic, there are two f's in vagina."
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