Hordecrest small.gif Annie Shelly Oakland
Image of Annie Shelly Oakland
Race Forsaken, human
Class Warrior
Age 32
Alignment Neutral good

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Short and horribly bony, Annie's hair is left in three lopsided ponytails, as if a four year old played around with it. She is usually wearing a garishly bright pink dress with an equally bright green shield on her back covering her sack of engineering goods. The tips of her skeletal fingers appear to of been snapped off. She looks a little shy with a certain slouch and avoidance of folk in her. Her teeth are loose, can be wiggled around in her jaw and are obviously dead, being an icky brownish colour. Her face has rotted to the bone, though the rest of her has at least a thin layer of pale skin. Perhaps she was unlucky with her decomposition or just didn't care for maintaining her appearance anymore. If seen without her goggles, her eyesockets are empty, raising the question of how she sees.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Annie tries to be the best person she can be, being polite and formal in her mannerisms. Her major fault is being a passive pushover to the point of letting people walk all over her, preferring to parry blows over getting in a fight. When she is eventually pushed too far, however, she can respond with swift brutality. Annie suffers a guilty conscience, as evidenced by how ridiculously apologetic she can be over simply bumping into someone in the street. She shares her mothers' love of animals and largely prefers to slay mindless undead when she is out with a weapon. She is unlikely to be caught slaying the living unless she feels the situation provides no other choice.

Though she tries to stay out of the Alliance/Horde conflict, this usually ends in her having to parry a dozen blows over saying 'Greetings' to someone of the opposing faction.

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Has taken up a position within the Crimson Sun Brigade. Also does the odd job for engineering supplies and living expenses.

Family[edit | edit source]


Kyle Goldsong (Second cousin, half elf), Nathaniel Dawnbane (Cousin, half elf)


Carmen Oakland (Sister), Adalanta Oakland (Mother), Maquellis Oakland (Cousin), Lucien Oakland (Cousin/brother in law), Mark "Marson" Oakland (Uncle, avoids the majority of them), Jesse Oakland (Second cousin), Toyah Oakland (Daughter), Frank "Byron" Oakland (Unknown to them), Millyana Oakland (Cousin), Ashei Oakland (Cousin)


Chester Oakland (Son), Cherisse Oakland (Daughter), Lizara Lónan (Aunt), several more.

Background[edit | edit source]


Annie was the second child to Frank and Adalanta Oakland. She was shy and subject to bullying from her sister as they grew up, but took pride in the fact she succeeded where her older sister failed miserably. Upon moving out of the household, the two barely contacted eachother apart from at family reunions, where it was deemed necessary to avoid awkwardness or looking rude.

She married and had children, but before her third child's birth her husband just ran away without so much as a goodbye. She later caught word that he was with some younger, slimmer blonde. She felt utterly betrayed but discovered in time she could manage fine without him and had her extensive family's support.


Annie consumed the infected grain by casually eating some bread, which ultimately lead to her demise and that of several others.

Family Background[edit | edit source]

The Oaklands were middle-class. A bit screwy on her mother's side and a lot more welcoming on her father's.

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

Breach of the peace and destruction of land with dynamite in Tirisfal. Has managed to keep it clean since.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Living in Shattrah with her friend Mufu, takes long trips to the Eastern Kingdoms for work with the guild or the Argent Dawn.

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