Name[edit | edit source]

Aragar Von Hellghast

Race[edit | edit source]

Undead Half-Elf

Class[edit | edit source]

Aragar in his former life was a Pyromancer but since death the firey blood in his veins has run cold, leading the tormented soul down the more chilling path of Frost, Death and the arts of Necromancy.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Missing, claimed to be deceased.

Occuptation[edit | edit source]

Last kown to be further training his Icy skills and Necrotic powers.

Family[edit | edit source]

Lucius Von Hellghast - Father, Human, Undead - Death Knight

Mariala Von Hellghast - Mother, High Elf, Murdered by Lucius

Selara Von Hellghast - Sister, Half Elf, Missing

Yeila Von Hellghast - Sister, Half Elf, Missing

Vladaek Von Hellghast - Brother, Half Elf, Murdered by Lucius

Heinrick Von Hellghast - Brother, Half Elf, Murdered by Lucius

Taelan Von Hellghast - Brother, Half Elf, Murdered By Lucius

Daimarnus Von Hellghast - Brother, Half Elf, Alive

Background[edit | edit source]

Aragar came from the Von Hellghast family, a rather large noble house during the times before the Plague. Situated within the hills on the borders of Quel'Thalas, the mixed blood family lived in peace an tranquilaty with both their human and elven naighbours. The family kept to itself. Only the father Lucius ever left his guarded lands to hunt with friends in the lands below. Aragar allways stayed at home with his younger siblings, helping his elven mother care for them when their father was out. During these times in this life Aragar was a mage of the flame, keeping his younger brothers and sister entertained with his magics by performing little shows for them. Giving time for his mother to rest. His life and everything about him changed on one terrible day though when his father, Lucius Von Hellghast returned from hunting, crazed. A bite of a Ghoul upon is neck and the Plague allready coarsing through his slowly freezing veins. Claiming to be 'saving his family from the coming Plague' Aragar's father killed the majority of the family. Only the luckiest survived, along with Aragar, fleeing into the woods of Quel'Thalas with their home burning brightly behind them. Days passed, the hand-full of surivivours with Aragar wandered the forests whilst mourning their losses. Unkown to them was the fact that a tide of death and destruction were at the gates of the lands they had fled to. The Scourge. Aragar, wanting to keep his family and surviving friends safe instructed them to flee to the City of Silvermoon..yet leave him behind. Intending to turn the attention of the Scourge he threw himself into the dead ranks. His powers over the flame killing many of the Lich KIng's minions before he was finally cut down..left with so many others to rot upon the blighted Dead Scar. Years passed after his deadth before he eventualy rose. Changed, warped..his handsome half-elven self now nothing more than an corpse riddled with maggots of rot along with the tormenting curse of un-life. He wandered north, following the Dead Scar like a path before finding the City of Silvermoon. Thankful to see the City standing he rushed into the City streets, yelling out the names of his brothers and sisters and the handful of servants and guards that had survived Lucius' "mercy". Gaining no reply other that confused stares from the many Sin'dorei that passed him he gave up and vanished from society.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Cunning and deceptive, Aragar uses any means neccesary to get his way, meaning he lacks the ability to have remorse for those who he brands as obstacles that dare to bare passage down the path he takes.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"If i still possesed some powers of Pyromancer, Warrior. I would turn you into a walking radiator!"

"Half my my brain is mine..a third however belonged to some Dalaran mage whilst the rest came from a Murloc. I don't use that part though. Mmmrrggll"

"If you want somthing done, do it yourself...or hire a decently sized group of Leper Gnome slaves"

"I favour the winning side, losing you see is just somthing i could not possibly comprehend."

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