Name[edit | edit source]

High Executor Aragar von Krueger

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

Coming Soon(tm)

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Forsaken Priest

Guild[edit | edit source]

The Shadows of Lordaeron

Occupation[edit | edit source]

High Executor of the Shadows of Lordaeron

Ambassador of the Undercity

Family[edit | edit source]

Heinrich von Krueger - Father / Deceased

Beatrice von Krueger - Mother / Deceased

Telaria Telanorei - Wife / Deceased

Claireriel Telanorei - Daughter / Deceased

Background[edit | edit source]

Aragar was born and raised within Lordaeron's town of Andorhal and never strayed too far from the town, after leaving the home where he grew up he choose to take resisdence within a small house just outside the town's limits. There, for the years to come, Aragar lived his life. He earnt a living as a blacksmith aswell whilst earning himself quite the collection of magical tomes and books, whilst not weilding the Arcane himself he had a fascination with its workings. The years went by untill Aragar met with the beautiful Telaria Telanorei, a High Elven maiden from the Elven realm of Quel'thalas. It was a meeting of destiny as the two quikly fell under the thrall of love, mere weeks passed untill the two were wed and Telaria fell pregnant before in time giving birth to their daughter, Claireriel.

In the years to come the three lived together in a simple life, they could ask for nothing more as they had each other. But shadow loomed upon the horizon as news of disease and plague reached the city of Andorhal.

Dismissed at first as somthing to be dealt with by Lordaeron the three went about their lives, untill the rumors of the living dead reached them. Aragar watned to keep his family safe, whilst beliving that Lordaeron would send aid to quell this evil rising within the lands he was no about to take chance. His actions however were all too late.

Aragar barricaded his family within their home as they heard the first screams of the dying, but the make shift barricade could not hold at bay the tide of death that had come to consume them. The risen dead swarmed into their home, Telaria was struck down first before she could whimper cry whilst Aragar received a mortal blow sending him to the ground to bleed to death.

Crippled, slowly dying, Aragar watched on as foul abberations of Undeath invaded his home. He saw as his daughter burst from his room, with the sword of his father Heinrich von Krueger in hand. He observed, unable to act, as she cut through the Ghouls and Skeletons invading their home before his visions finally failed him, consumed by blackness, as he succumbed to his wounds and died.


Years past untill Aragar rose from death, further months passed before he came to terms with what had transpired, what he now was, what he now served. He refused at first, but in time Aragar came to serve, he saw he shared a common goal with these 'Forsaken' and their Banshee Queen, vengeance. Vengeance upon the Scourge that had stolen from them so much. Their lives, their families, their loved ones. They wanted revenge, and so did he.

To this day, Aragar serves the Dark Lady and the Undercity, his unfaltering loyalty to her crown quikly earning him a position of considerable power as an Ambassdor of the Undercity and the role of High Executor of the Shadows of Lordaeron. With these roles, he serves the Dark Lady and the Forsaken aswell as seeking the vengeance upon the Scourge he so hungers for, vengeance for his wife, his daughter and himself.

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

Accused of Murder - No evidence found, charges dropped.

Accused of Treason - No evidence found, charges dropped.

Personality[edit | edit source]

"Do not underestimate the Ambassador, do not be fooled by frist impressions, how he comes across at first as a good all around decent 'guy', the truth of the Ambassdor is much more sisister. He is quite ruthless, when it comes to the enemies of the Dark Lady he will order the slaughter and butchery of every man.. woman.. and child. Without so much as a flicker of mercy."

First impressions of Aragar as a person come across to most as a decent individual, for a Forsaken. He greets others warmly, treating them with as much respect as he deems them deserving. Being a diplomat, he is highly respectful towards members of the other races of the Horde, more so with the recent incidents regarding certain individuals of the Forsaken.

Unkown however to many, the High Executor or Ambassador to most, has a much more darker and sinister side to his personality. When dealing with the enemies of the Dark Lady, those whom would dare threaten the sanctity of the Undercity the Forsaken, he is without mercy or remorse. He would easily order the butchery of every man, woman and child as much as he would do it with his own bare hands. In truth, Aragar von Krueger, as approachable as he may be in first impressions, is quite a monster.

Friendly, well mannered, respectful as he may be when first meeting. After a while those whom know him soon discover the true Aragar von Krueger. The sinisiter, manipulative, ruthless, remorseless monster that truely is.

Current Status[edit | edit source]


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