Archibalde the Younger


Tinkerer, Gearsmith

Physical TraitsEdit

Archibalde is ancient, being a young boy at the time Oshu'gun first landed in what is Nagrand today. His body has numerous smaller and larger scars from the battles he has fought, and recent burnmarks on his arms signify the injuries sustained during the crash of the Exodar. He has a regal, proud pose, and is quite tough and agile despite his advanced age. The plates and horns he sports, being a Draenei, are exceptionally ridged and pronounced - this due to his age and partial devolution into a Broken one that has haunted him a long time ago. Due to this partial devolution, Archibalde shows a single sign, namely two tentacles growing from his back. Similar to the ones that are borne by the Broken, these appendages are useless, but a constant reminder of the dangers faced by the Draenei. He takes great pains to hide them, and usually wears concealing armor and cloaks to accomplish this.

Race and ClassEdit

Draenei Hunter

Guild Edit

Occupation Edit

In his youth, Archibalde was an Elekk farmer, protecting the Elekk herds from Ravager attacks and raising them to be riding Elekk. In the Draenei military he increased his skills with the gun and the wrench, and has learned a lot about incendiaries. During his time as engineer at the Exodar, he has learned a lot about dimensional trigonometry, but has kept himself to the practical matters.


Archibalde has married (and buried) two wives in his lifetime, resulting in a plethora of children and grandchildren. He loves to spend his free time travelling the Two Worlds, and visiting his extended family. Due to his womanizing nature, he also has had several children with other Draenei females he encountered, and is expected to sire more in the future...

Background Edit

Archibalde's father, Archibalde the Elder, was the Exarch of a small community of Elekk herders in Nagrand. At the farm, he developed a practical nature, and a zest for life. Through the destruction of Draenor and his subsequent enrollment in the Draenei military, he hardened as cynicism and sarcasm became everyday realities. This led to a dangerous situation, where he started to devolve into a Broken One. However, this process was halted by the aid of his family, as his children and grandchildren gathered to save him. Through their assistance and care, he regained his sense of self, and managed to stave off his fate as a Broken One.

After this, Archibalde retired from active duty and found himself a position as engineer at the Exodar. Here, he was responsible for maintaining agricultural systems and some of the environment support systems. However, as the Blood Elves sabotaged the Tempest Keep, and the Exodar hurtled towards Azeroth, he found himself stuck in a piece of shrapnel bound for impact.

When he came to again, he found himself on a verdant - yet eerily different - place on Azeroth. Grabbing his gun and rising to his feet, Archibalde began the arduous trek towards the Exodar. From here, begin my tales of his wanderings...

Family Background Edit

Under Construction

Criminal Record Edit

Despite being cynical and quick with his hands, Archibalde has not had any run-ins with local law enforcement.

Method of Operations Edit

Faced with a problem, Archibalde will usually take a cigar out of the small metal tin he carries, and light it. Smoking, he would ponder the situation for a while before coming to a conclusion. However, in battle, Archibalde becomes the sublime Sergeant, directing military actions with precision, if no one else seems to possess such insight

Known special abilities (beyond basic lore) Edit

Archibalde has a natural affinity with things that can burn (and especially explode), and has a long record of safe handling of explosives. He is also quite the tinker, and likes to build machines to ease everyday life. His long - and I mean long - career in the field also makes him an expert marksman, tracker and beast master.

Current Status Edit

Wandering, Enjoying Brewfest!

OOC Info (Spoilers) Edit

Archibalde still has minor psychological quirks from his touch with Devolution. He loves his family a lot, and would respond very defensively if anyone should threaten them. Also, it is very easy for other characters to include him in his background as family, considering that he has sired many, many children in his long life.

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