Steamwheedle Cartel Controlled Locations
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The Giant rocket marks Area 52.

"A goblin base in Outland where the Arena reward vendor is. The Goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel are building a rocket to try and get back home but they are being stopped by the Burning Legion. Quests there involve killing Burning Legion and retrieving items to help build there rockets.The arena rewards vendor is located in this area which is in Netherstorm. The goblins of B.O.O.M work here and aim to get back to Azeroth with there special big Rocket. Basically Gadgetzan but with rockets and space stuff." - The Azeroth Conspiracy Manual.

Often quoted as an example of Goblin advancement into Outland, no-one has ever located this supposed outpost. Many have gone in search of it, but none have ever actually located it.

Another oft spoken rumour is that people have found Area 52, but have had their memories erased. This is seen as far fetched though. People who talk about Area 52 are often found dead soon after or badly hurt with amnesia.

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