Aris Stoneblade and Nosey


Mrs Aris Stoneblade







Physical TraitsEdit

Red haired female dwarf with a sweet and innocent looking face but her violet eyes burn with passion. Often seen wearing scruffy leathers with a grey tabard thrown over to represent her position in the Stormspanner Brigade. Wears a silver ring with a onyx gem shaped like a sword.


Served in the Ironforge Home Guard as a military cook

House dwarf to her husband and three children

Mountaineer recruit.


Mother: Agnus Rockpick- Living in Ironforge

Father: Terrin Rockpick- Deceased

Brother: Firrip Rockpick- Deceased

Sister: Syrvia Rockpick- Living in Ironforge

Spouse: Stimli Stoneblade- Living in Loch Moden

Offspring: Anita Stoneblade, Annie Stoneblade and Agustus Stoneblade


Aris Stoneblade came from the slums of Ironforge. She worked with her two siblings in the Home Guard as a cook for the troops. After retiring from her service, she moved to Loch Moden with her husband Stimli Stoneblade quietly looking after his home and children as he worked as a commander for the Ironforge armies. But due to recent money troubles with her husbands new job, Aris began searching for an occupation herself. She currently serves Professor Berdrin Stormspanner in his Brigade, along with the family mutt Nosey.

Current Status Edit

After winning a small fortune at the local Ironforge bingo hall, Aris quit the life of an adventurer and bought a small cottage in Lakeshire where she can gossip until she dies old.