Hordecrest small Arkhaan Suntalon
Title(s) Suntalon Elder
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Class Paladin
Age Aprox.1300 (Can't remember himself)
Alignment Chaotic Good
Affiliation The Suncrown Conclave
Occupation Suncrown Conclave Champion
Status Alive
Relative(s) House Suntalon


Champion Arkhaan Suntalon of the Suncrown Order. Elder of the Suntalon House.

Physical TraitsEdit

Has multiple scars from old wounds, and an eyepatch over his right eye. He wears the artifact armour worn by the great champions of the Suncrown Conclave, having last been worn by Mythlessa Sunspear. His armour is his prized possession and he spents hours making sure it is as strong and clean as it was in it’s glorious first years. For the sake of battling more efficiently, Arkhaan has put his hair up in a long pony tail which he can also use to disorient his enemies, due to the lashing effect during close combat.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elf Paladin


The Suncrown Conclave


Tinkles with making armour and weapons, but is not that good at it.


Father: Aerant Suntalon (Elf) Mother: Telia Springwind (Half Elf) His wife and child are both dead.


Arkhaan Suntalon is born into the Suntalon House, and has a sort of normal childhood until he matures to the age of ten, where the rigorous rituals, training sessions and manipulations begins, slowly turning him into the stern and efficient warrior he is today. At the age of approximately 1100, Arkhaan, is accepted into the Silver Hand on a limp and is quickly conflicted by the change from his upbringing, to the ways of the Paladin. He is distrusted from the start but steadily earns the favor of his fellow Paladins, slowly having parts of his upbringing edged away in favor of the noble teachings of the Holy Light. Slowly but steadily, the combination of his tough upbringing and the teachings of the paladins, Arkhaan becomes consumed by zealotry and slowly starts to spin out of control. At the time of the Plague Outbreak, Arkhaan enforces the teachings of the Holy Light to such extreames that he is instrumental, among others to turn the populace to turn on the Silver Hand, starting it on the path to the other’s final disbanding by decree of Prince Arthas, a decree that leaves Arkhaan in a pit of dispair and sadness. Arkhaan then goes on to fall deeper into despair as his beloved homeland is desecrated by the new Champion of the Lich King, Prince Arthas of Lordaeron. Following the fall of Quel’thalas, the Suntalon House joins Kael’thas’ exodus to the broken world of Outland, where they help in the taking of Tempest Keep. When Voren'thal the Seer deflected from the forces of Kael’thas, the Suntalon house chose to follow, setting up a base in the region of Nagrand. Following the fall of Illidan, the Suntalon house returned to aid their people once again, while Arkhaan has chosen to uphold his house’s ancient decree and has joined the Suncrown Conclace in order to protect the sons and daughters of the Oakwarden House.

Family BackgroundEdit

More to come.

Criminal RecordEdit

Due to their past unflinching duty, Arkhaan and his house have never suffered as a result of morally-questionable deeds committed in Silvermoon's defense.

Personal NotesEdit

My inspiration for Arkhaan is as follows. 1. Zaeed Massani (Mass Effect 2.). The main source for Arkhaan’s sometime rough personality. 2. Uther Lightbringer (WC3). This explains Arkhaan’s respect for the light and his past as an actual Paladin, being lucky enough to join the Silver Hand. 3. Leroy Jethro Gibbs (NCIS). This is the main inspiration for Arkhaan, as I think the character of Gibbs is both strict but is also very protective of the men around him, and is a generally great guy once one gets under his demeanor

Current StatusEdit

Preparing the Suncrown Conclave for their journey to the Hillsbrad foothills.

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