Name Edit

Formerly, Mercenary captain Arothor Rockjaw of The Iron Blades, now a recruit of The State of Stormwind Guards

Physical Traits Edit

This dwarf seems of middle age with a weathered face. His hair and beard are of a golden colour. Arothor bears several scars across his face and body.

Race and Class Edit

Dwarven Sharpshooter/Mercenary (Hunter)

Guild Edit

Recruit of The State of Stormwind

Occupation Edit

Arothor works as a mercenary, most often as an assassin or a spy for high paying groups or individuals. He often signs up for work with the Stormwind or Ironforge Guard factions to hone his skills and connections.

Family Edit

Arothor's family is spread across the dwarven country, going about their own ways.

Background Edit

Arothor has always been a wild spirit. Never staying in one place for long. He left his family home when he was old enough and began traveling, offering his services for money. Little else is known about his activities besides the odd few months he has spent with The People's Millita and other groups. Although several months ago he was spotted within and around Southshore and in certain circles there are quiet rumours of how he was contracted for the assassination of former baroness, Lady Lashela Alania

Criminal Record Edit

He has most likely comited a few crimes in his time but non are recorded.

Personal Notes Edit

Arothor is a fine sniper. He always carries two well cared for Emberly Dueling Flintlocks. When on missions he carries a customized gnomish musket. It is fitted with a crystal zoom-scope and the barrel is modified to fire gyrating thorium rounds over a long range, causing maxium damaged even against armoured targets. He often carries an assortment of hand weapons, from hatchets to short-swords. He is mediocre with all of these weapons but trully excells in the art of gunmanship.

Current Status Edit

Arothor was establishing himself within the State of Stormwind Guard (Under Councillor Xephon's rule). But he was set upon by Malvalon Gangers when Officer Dergo betrayed him.