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Alicia (Arty) Alania-Dreamchase

Physical Traits Edit

With a dark complexion and jet black hair, Arty looks exotic. Her feminine shapes and beautiful facial features often cause nearby men to turn their heads her way. She looks fairly young, around 20 years. She can be found wearing anything from robes to battlesuits, but they all share that they look extremely expensive. beneath her armor she appears strong and sinewy, although not too much.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Rogue (thief, assassin, mage knight to some extend)

Guild Edit

The Dark Embrace

Occupation Edit

although she's rich enough not too have an occupation, she still does things that could be considered 'work'. In Stormwind she does various honorable jobs, like politics and research. However, if she's masked, her proffessions vary from assassination to tomb raiding, of which the latter has helped increase the Alania fortune, although Arty is probably the biggest spender in the family aswell.


Siblings:none parents: deceased a few years ago, killed by Defias. her closest living family are her aunts.

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