The Assembly of Stormwind acts as parliament of Stormwind City. It is a bicameral parliament, thus is formed of two halves. One is the Council of Nobles and another is the Chamber of Commons. It is lead by the High Chancellor, who is chosen by the rest of the Assembly and who serves a limited seat.


The first, yet reduced, meeting of the Assembly of Stormwind.


King: Head os State and Government. May create, change or veto laws. Goes through every law passed by the assembly. Has full executive power. Apoints the Royal court. May pass pardons.

Royal Court: Nobles ((NPC)) that advise the king and have have executive power over specific areas of government.

Assembly of Stormwind: May create and alter laws. May give vote of confidence or not to public institutions.

Regional government: Local mayors or magisters and councils make local decisions.

High court: Presided by Judge apointed by the King. Judges more important cases. Court of apeal.

The Militia: Is the active police that enforces the King’s law. Has strong control over crimminal laws. Commander judges minor cases.

The Royal Guard: Is responsible for defending the city from external threats and major internal threats.

The AssemblyEdit

Council of Nobles: will house representatives of each noble house and of each secular order.

Chamber of Commons: Will house representatives of each non-secular, non-noble and non-crimminal guild and community.

High Chancellor: Each month, the whole Assembly will vote for their High Chancellor. He will preside the meetings and, in case of a tie in voting, will cast the deciding vote.

Voting: The Council of Nobles will vote. The Chamber of Commons will vote. The votes shall be counted seperatley. If the final result in both houses is not the same, the High Chancellor will cast the deciding vote. When voting for the High Chancellor, the votes of every member will be counted together.

Laws and RulesEdit

The Assemble works with the Peoples' Militia criminal laws.

Joining the AssemblyEdit

OOC: To join the Assembly one only needs a reason and to speak to Richeron.

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