The tranquil village of Astranaar.

Astranaar is a Night Elven village in Ashenvale. It is the main hub for the Alliance in the area, it is also very welcoming to those who have helped. It has served as a strategic outpost for many Sentinel operations in past years due to its relatively central location in Ashenvale. The Third War may have ended, Astranaar is still full of Sentinels trying to heal nature with their Druidic allies of the Cenarion Circle and protect the forest from the lumber cutting Orcs.

Astranaar is a medium population night elf town located in Ashenvale. The town itself is actually an island in a small lake, with access afforded by a bridge at the east and west ends of the town to allow the road to run through. These bridges are not very wide and act as bottlenecks when Astranaar is attacked from the road. The north-east corner of the island is open and not occupied by a building. Combined with a narrow section of moat there, it allows for large amounts of troops to be brought in with less hassle than the bridges.

Source: WoWWiki

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