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Asuran Sunbow in the Twisted Nether


Asuran Sunbow
((OOCly Asuràn))

Obeservation TraitsEdit

Asuran's body is one big museum of scar's he recived from countless of battles tho hidden by his armor.

Asuran stands proud and tall, he is diffrence from the other Death knight's whom lost there interrest in living.

Asuran tends to wear his purple armor which is crafted from Nethersteel, Nethersteel tends to become purple when shaped into weapons or armor, it is very resistance to Shadow based attack and moderate magical protection.


Contracted Demon
Gender Male
Race Night elf
Class Death knight
Age 489
Alignment Neutral
Affiliation Contracted to Pandamidima
Lieutenant of The Lost Regiment
Occupation Rune forger
Status Active


Asuran Sunbow was borned in Nordrassil 489 years ago. In his young age he showed to be a true prodigist in Swordsmanship and was taught diffence of styles innit. His life was quite normal, he had a normal Kaldorei familly, his Father was in the Millitary and his mother in the Temple of moon. He also have a Sister named Hope.

Many years past and the Lich king withdrawn to Northrend after his encounter with Highlord Tirion Fordring, and the Alliance soon took flight to Northrend to lay siege on Icecrown. Asuran was among those young and brave soldiers who broke the walls of Icecrown.... all of them died honourable.. also Asuran... he died standing on his feets leaning on his sword after defeating one of the Lich king's Death knight. One of the valkyrie's saw Asuran defeating the Death knight and took him immediately to the Lich king. He was soon converted into a Death knight fighting to serve the Lich king... nothing more is known about his service as a Death Knight.

After the sundering and the Lich king's demise Asuran and his brothers were released from the Lich king's grasp and now have the mind of his own.

At first he seeked redemption but met a man named Revesan Sanelsens aka. "Red". Red took Asuran under his wing and into The Lost Regiment. A known Mercenary band... at first Asuran didnt wanted to join since more killing wouldn't fit any ways of Redeemption, but somehow he adjusted and enjoyed the thrill of the battle as a Mercenary.

Asuran joined a squad inside the Regiment known as "Unit five" which only was a squad od Death knight's, perhaps one of the most feared squad among the Regiment, in the end Unit Five and the Regiment was in a civil war and led to the defeat of Unit five... They were pushed back to Ebon Hold where they did there last stand... Asuran and Reapor (aka. Victor Kronen and leader of Unit Five), escaped in time and survived.
Asuran was in the end hunted down and killed my Pandamidima Nightbane (Leader of the Magical squad).

Abandon by the Light and Elune the only place for his soul was in the Twisted Nether, a Twisted place indeed and place where Demons and warlocks forms there contracts... a man named Kanser found a way to contact Asuran inside the Nether and told him about the contract... Asuran agreed and let Kanser become his new contractor...

Asuran was fooled by Kanser and did horrible acts in his name, he couldnt resist Kanser and was forced to his will, in the end he found a way to get rid of his control... all he needed was a new contractor...

One day Asuran was looking in the distant and suddenly Pandamidima came across and saw him... he was surprised by Panda's presence and she didnt do any hostile act's... the two of them came into a long conversation and in the end Panda signed the contract...


In his living state Asuran was kind and gentle, also brave and honourable. He fights to protect what is precious to him... Familly, Friends etc.

Asuran's personailties changes depending on his master's..

Right now Asuran avoids fighting at all cost, only when needed or depending on his mood...
Otherwise Asuran is quite gentle and he is having a friendly presence over him... sometimes it might also turn into a cold and murderous presence...

Race and ClassEdit

Night elf, Death knight Guild The Lost Regiment.

Fighting Edit


  • Light based spells
  • If his master dies, so will Asuran
  • Cant be apart from his master otherwise he has a time limit of 10 - 48 hours.


  • Strong and confident
  • Light weight armor
  • Master Unholy and Blood
  • Dont try to use the same trick on him he will adjust.
  • Touch of the Nether. (Spending time in the nether Asuran consumed some of it and have some positive effect on him also negative).

Family BackgroundEdit

Father: Feridan Sunbow (Dead)

Mother: Solarius Sunbow (Dead)

Brother: Stalath Sunbow (Alive)

Sister: Hope Sunbow (Alive)

Call of the NetherEdit

As all demons from the nether who forms a contract, they all need at some point to return to the Nether so they can charge up there energy. When they are too long in the realm of Azeroth, the realm itself starts to take on there magical essence, and if staying too long and not returning to the Nether... the demon will disperse into nothing.. other words... dying. If they are with there contractor their time in the realm is unlimitted.

Asuran have a pocket watch which when opened the clock shower burns with a purple flame... it indicates how long time he have in the realm... and if the flame is burning weakly means he needs to return to charge his magical essence.

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