Hordecrest small Atal'Loa
Role Heavy-RP; Focus upon Trolls and all things related, tribal community.
Leader Shadow Hunter Bamboochaa
Officers Vinji
PvE Possible
PvP No
Requirements Level 20
Troll only
Fairly good grasp on the Warcraft lore
No Shaman or Death Knight RPers. (You may play the classes but must follow the rules listed below)

Atal'Loa Edit

Important: The guild is inactive

About Us Edit

Role: Heavy-RP Troll only Guild

Leader: Shadow Hunter Bamboo'Chaa

Officers: Jozuua, Jenaiya, Vinji

Recruitement requirements: A fair knowledge of Warcraft lore and a focus upon RP

PVE: Possible

PvP: No

IC background Edit

Atal'Loa was formed with one goal in mind, to unite all trolls in the name of the Loa and stand strong against the young races until the day trolls dominate Azeroth once more.

Behind the vision.

During his years of exile, the Shadow Hunter Bamboo'Chaa traveled the world seeking to perfecting his skills in Voodoo and warfare but it was during that time he became a visionary.

Wherever he went, local trolls suffered at the hands of the younger races that seemed to flourish.

This could not be his kin's destiny, should this carry on then all trolls would end up as speechless savages hiding in caves waiting to be hunted down.

He saw all tribal warfare as pointless bloodsport that had to end and it was possible too, long ago, Zul'Jin had re-groupped the war-torn tribes of the Amani empire, He would do the same but with all tribes of all nations.

And there was only one way end the ancient hatreds and that would be to unite the trolls with something they share and is greater than any hatred, Religion, all trolls share faith in the LOA.

Then came the day the Atal'Hakkar infiltrated Zul'Gurub and the Horrid Hakkar was Physically summoned into this world.

This was set back for young 'Chaa who had planned to begin his work in Stranglethorn with the aid of the High Priests who were now under Hakkar's sway, war raged in the Jungles and the Loa were so angry no lone troll could make the sacrifices to peace them, should this not be the end, someone would have to gather those still failthful to the true Loa and strike against the Atal'Hakkar, they would be Atal'Loa.

Bamboo returned to Kalimdor with a change of plans but his visions for a better future intact. He would rally the Darkspear against the Orcish oppressors and one day return to the Vale.

Atal'Loa Is Formed

'Chaa spent the next two years within The Horde, earning the ranks and reputation needed, happy to be among the Darkspear once again and see most of them had not abandoned the Loa and praised the great spirits in secret, the orcs paid little attention to their troll allies. Now was the time to put his plans into action.

Return To The Holy Land

Bamboo'Chaa took most of his followers to settle in Stranglethorn Vale, since then Atal'Loa's numbers have been steadily rising, trolls from every corner of the world have come seeking to serve their gods.

Current Status

Bamboo'Chaa knows he will never see his vision come true himself but he plans to give Atal'Loa the starting push needed.

Majority of Atal'Loa are Darkspear trolls but many of the troll's Chaa chooses to keep close to himself are outcasts from other tribes, hence Atal'Loa has been mocked as a "Rag-tag band of troll zealots" that could not be further from the truth.

Atal'Loa stands as firm and thought out as any order or clan out there and follows Zandalarian Law. and are loyal to the King of all trolls, the great King Rastakhan.

Atal'Loa may be focused on working close with the Darkspear Tribe but they look towards The Zandalar Nation of Zul'Dazar as a role-model, This great, ancient troll nation has secluded themselves away from other tribes and constructed a more evolved society with greater understandings of technology and magic than other tribes. Sadly they are arrogant and see other troll nations as trouble and a waste of time.

Atal'Loa is well settled deep within the heart of Stranglethron Vale where they stay out of the conflict between the local tribes who's leaders still hold onto Hakkar's false promises, there is little to be done about them until the remaining taint of Atal'Hakkar has been washed out.

The Holy Land is plagued with more than Hakkar's ideals; poachers, pirates, Ogres, Naga, Murlocs, Trespassers, Tomb Raiders and last but not least The Venture Co, easily make other trolls the least of Atal'Loa's troubles.

Booty Bay and Grom'gol Base Camp are (for the time being) seen as friends and Allies.


OOC background Edit

<Atal Loa> was formed on the 26th of August 2008 by Bamboochaa, It quickly became one of the major Roleplay guilds on the realm.

Rules Regarding Classes Edit

Currently two classes must obey special rules within Atal'Loa.


The Shaman class, as it appears in-game is not accepted! Otherwise it is allowed, popular for Witchdoctor and Geomancer RP.

Death Knight: The Death Knight class, as it appears in-game is not accepted! should you seek to join us with a Death Knight toon a in-game chat with the Guild Leader is required.

Loa (Gods of the troll pantheon)Edit

What are the Loa? (from wowwiki)

-The trolls’ religion takes a decidedly different dark bent than the shamanistic beliefs of the orcs and tauren, though. Trolls have a complex belief system involving malign spirits and their effect on the world, but no scholar has established what is truth and what is simply long-held belief. All trolls come from a dark and bloodthirsty history of sacrifice, cannibalism and black magic. They consider spirits to be individuals much like living creatures. Spirits are greedy, hostile and dangerous. Trolls also believe their ancestors linger on as jealous spirits who miss the land of the living and require blood sacrifices to appease them. Trolls sacrifice and eat their enemies. They conduct these practices for two reasons. First, they believe the sacrifice of sentient creatures appeases malicious spirits. Second, they believe that after death, an enemy’s spirit can visit misfortune on its killer. By consuming the flesh of their enemies, trolls believe they can also consume their enemy’s spirit, or at least damage it enough to render it impotent. [1]

OOC Information Edit

The guild is currently inactive, see this story for further details.

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