Alliancecrest small Athanas Shieldheart
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Warrior
Age 61
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation Kingdom Of Lordaeron
Occupation Physician
Status MIA


Lord Athanas Shieldheart


An larger than average-sized man of a stocky and muscular build, with thick, graying hair and a small dignified beard.
He has a nasty looking burn scar around his right eye, the eye is still somewhat intact and he can maybe see through it a little, but hardly enough to be useful.
He also has a tattoo on both of his wrists, on the left "Ad serviendum" and the right "Et protegant".
He also has a weakspot for cigars and has them specially made. He will be seen smoking them almost every hour of the day.
Aside from the obviously distinguishable features there is nothing more to him aside the weathered look that most verteran soldiers have.


Born in the kingdom of Stormwind, Athanas had a peaceful childhood.

Following in his fathers footsteps, Athanas answered the call to arms, joining the Stormwind army at the age of 21.
During the First War he rapidly roze to the rank of Lieutenant.
After Stormwind was destoyed Athanas fled to Stromgarde.

During the Second War, Athanas was drafted for The Stromgarde Defenders to fight against the Horde once again. After the Second War ended, he joined the Stromgarde Brigade.

After the Third War started Athanas was send out with the Stromgarde Brigade to accompany Jaina Proudmoore and the Human Expedition across the sea to Kalimdor.
After his return to the Eastern Kingdom he saw what had happend to the city of Stromgarde.
Still under the oath of allegiance he stayed to defend the last pieces of the once mighty kingdom of Stromgarde.

After Stromgarde fell to ruins and Stormwind was rebuilt, Athanas travaled back to the city and rejoined its militairy.

When the Dark Portal opened, Athanas was part of the spearhead going to Draenor. After the initial breach, Athanas was reassigned to training recruits going to Draenor in Nethergarde Keep.

During the war in Northrend, Athanas was stationed at the Valiance Keep for a few months, though nothing eventful happend in that period.

Athanas combat

Athanas in combat with a deathguard.

After The Shattering, Athanas moved back to Stormwind.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warrior.


Kingdom Of Lordaeron


Head Physician for the Lordearon Resistance.


Father - Lord Philandros Shieldheart (Deceased)

Mother - Lady Guinevere Shieldheart (Deceased)

Wife - Lady Marina Shieldheart (Missing)

Son - Tybalt Shieldheart (Missing)

Criminal RecordEdit

Several charges of disorderly behaviour.

Suspect of smuggling illegal substances.

Suspected of manslaughter during The First War.

Current StatusEdit

Missing in Silverpine Forest

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