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Auren "Ren" Iisha (Full name Aurenata Iishanihu Leafrunner)

Physical Traits Edit

Auren has the bearing of a Highborne lady with the battle scars and thousand yard stare of a hardened warrior. Extensive black and red, glyph-like tattoos cover her arms, back and neck, the most visible of which is an eye on the back of her neck. Her black hair is pinned back in a tight bun and her face is as smooth and expressionless as a mask. When not in her Blood Knight uniform, Auren wears a long red, silk kimono. She carries a long, curved katana at all times and is usually followed everywhere by a Mana Wyrm whom Auren refers to as Shmee.

Race and ClassEdit

Female Sin'dorei Blood Knight (Paladin). Former ranger.

Guild Edit

Unspeakable Villainy.

Occupation Edit

Training as part of the Blood Knight order. Is currently on a retainer fee from Esme Underwood to ensure that the holdings of the Forsaken Business Association go smoothly in Silvermoon. Will hire her blade out to those who seek a warrior.


  • Fae Leafrunner- Distant night elf relative
  • Malphazzar/Malfazzar Leafrunner- Distant night elf relative.
  • Shmee- A mana wyrm and Auren's only true friend.
  • Phinneous Skyblaze- Late husband

Background Edit

For many years Aurenata Iishanihu Leafrunner served Quel'Thelas bravely and diligently as a Ranger alongside her husband Phinneous. When Arthas and the Scourge beseiged the city, the pair of them were called to the front line alongside Ranger-General Sylvanas Windrunner. The line broke and a pack of ghouls beseiged the Rangers, slaughtering Phinneous in front of his wife. Auren lost her nerve when she saw her husband fall and fled the battle, escaping out to sea on a small boat as Silvermoon was lain waste to. Her boat later washed up on the shores of the Wetlands and Aurenata disappeared into the dwarven and southern human kingdoms to live the lonely life of a masterless warrior. Ranger Leafrunner never forgave herself for the extreme act of cowardice she had commited and abandoned her Ranger's bow and her former name- going instead under the simple name of Auren Iisha. She vowed to redeem herself and live a life of honour and simplicity, and covered her body in glyphs to ward of evil and bolster her strength. When word reached her that Silvermoon was being rebuilt and that a new order of Knights was rising in the city, Auren travelled back to Quel'Thelas, accompanied by a small white hare. The hare mysteriously vanished when she reached the borders of the kingdom and was replaced by a mana wyrm. Auren swore loyalty to the Blood Knights and began her initiate training immediately, but soon had deep misgivings of how Quel'Thelas had changed during her abscence. A chance meeting in Murder Row with a drunken ex-ranger called Isanion, who has a similar disliking of the Magisters, inspired her to work against them in the hope of overthrowing them. Isanion and Auren also worked together on several missions on behalf of Esme Underwood, during which they became close to one another.

Rumours reached the Undercity that Aurenata Leafrunner, deserter of the Dark Lady, had been seen crossing the Thandol Span in into the Arathi Highlands, and a contract on her life was issued by Sylvanas to Esme Underwood. Esme decided to farm the assassination out to her best thugs as a kind of hunting competition, the participants being: Huntress Goru, Isanion Wingstalker, Shadon the Shadow Orphan, Morbosa Ravenspire, Vincent Trauma Blackblood, Blood Knight Auren Iisha and Corporal Coffey.

As soon as Auren discovered there was a contract on her life she began erasing all evidence that could have pointed to her. Unfortunately, she fell ill after Isanion attacked and mana tapped her when he was unable to control his magical cravings, and during her fever she called out the name of her husband, Phinneous. Isanion quickly discovered that Auren was Renata Leafrunner, but instead of turning her in, he professed his love for her and offered to help her. He stole military records from Sunfury Spire and killed the librarian Khorvacks, and then unknown to Auren, killed Chora Mae, a prostitute, and presented her heart to Esme to win the bounty on Auren's life.

One of the other participants in the bounty hunt, Corporal Aaron Coffey, had witnessed Chora's murder and was unconvinced that Isanion had killed the right girl. With Esme's permission he investigated and soon found evidence that Isanion had tried to swindle the Godmother, and that Auren was the real target of the hit. He lured Isanion and Auren to the gates of Zul'Aman and then held Auren hostage, threatening to kill her unless he confessed to the murders he'd committed. Auren was horrified by the revelation that her lover was a dangerous and unstable murderer, but despite that she couldn't bear to see Coffey torturing him. She killed Isanion to spare him the slow and agonising death that the Forsaken soldier had in line for him, and then battled Coffey outside the great troll city. Both Forsaken rogue and Blood Elf paladin were seriously wounded, and Coffey eventually retreated. Auren then ressurected Isanion, and the pair fled to Ravenholdt manor to recover from their injuries.

Whilst at Ravenholdt manor, the horrors of the past few weeks caught up with Auren. She found herself once again an exile from her city, her secret identity gone and her lover a murderer. In despair she attempted to kill herself and was saved by Isanion and Winstone Wolf. After recovering from her ordeal, she found that she couldn't deny her feelings for Isanion and is currently trying her best to forgive him his heinous crimes. The two elves have since left Ravenholdt manor under the guise of being bounty hunters and former Kul'Tiras sailors named Corneille and Renard. They are attempting to travel down to the Dark Portal to hide amongst the Blood Elf refugees in Outland.

Family Background Edit

The Leafrunners were once a large and proud Kaldorei House, but has been in decline since the Great Sundering. At the time of Queen Azshara's rule, they were renowned as great artists, musicians and vocalists who once served to entertain the Highborne. After the Sundering, the Leafrunners renounced the arcane practises of the High Elves and turned to druidism, but were treated with suspicion by other Night Elves. Many members of the House ended up leaving Kalimdor for Quel'Thelas. Auren's grandparents were two of these Leafrunners. The family abandoned it's heritage as artists and instead took up swords and bow to defend the High Elf kingdom from the enemies on its borders. Auren was the heir to the family and the last of the Leafrunner Rangers.

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Auren's Tattoos Edit

Auren collected a vast number of magical tattoos during her period of exile to protect her, bolster her strength and help keep her identity a secret. Amongst them are an Anti-Hex (Evil Eye) on the back of her neck to stop people from mind reading or scrying against her, and a Glamour glyph that helps minorly disguise her appearance.

Personal Notes Edit

Auren is a master of self-control and discipline and tries to deal with her racial magic-addiction through meditation, prayer and acts of self harm. She is privately horrified by several elements of Silvermoon society- its pampered, spoiled nobles, the dispassionate treatment of the Wretched, and the decadence in a city which only a few years previously was brought to its knees by the armies of the Scourge. She is also appalled by the cruelty and torture inflicted on the naaru from which the Blood Knights draw their powers, but feels that wielding this power is the best way to redeem herself and help her people. She becomes very angry is anyone were to suggest she were a coward. Her previous identity is unknown to Silvermoon society.

Current Status Edit

Coming to terms with her her powers and with returning to her home city after five years of self imposed exile.