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"Winter's approaching

Time to go or stay."

- Leaves’ Eyes: Misseri (Turn Green Meadows Into Grey).

Aurora Borealis – Part One.

Lord Shadowbreaker was anything but pleased with how Richeron and Lord Blackarrow had rather recklessly attempted their experiments upon the supposed Scourge stone – the stone that had exploded in the clergy wing due to whatever they had done unto it. I had seen it, I had allowed it. And my decision could’ve been the cause of grave injuries. Yes, I wasn’t too happy about that, but what had happened had happened. So, I took Lord Shadowbreaker’s berating, humbled.

Upon having spoken himself warm, he clears his throat.

"Right. That was that matter, Istro. Now for another."

I restrain the frowning. He’s always called me by my maiden surname, even after I was married to Richeron. Nothing new about that I tell myself.

"Yes, Milord?"

He shuffles through the papers on his desk, until picking up a parchment. "I’m sure you noticed the presence of the Argent Dawn in the streets these days," he says, glancing up at me.

"Yes, Milord."

He nods once, keeping his eye on the parchment as he moves closer to what little light that cascades through the small window in the room – the grey fog is still hovering ominously above Stormwind, covering the blue and cool sky of nigh winter. "To say the least, we’ll most likely be seeing some more to them. They’re calling upon all able-bodied men and women to assist them in the North, to fight the Scourge. As we are part of the Alliance already, and its military commanders are interested in dealing with this threat, the Church will be doing what it can to supply the requested need."

Shadowbreaker steps closer, handing me the parchment. "I believe you already received a letter from them."

"I did, Milord. One of their pamphlets."

"Yes, well, that is for you personally. Read it at your leisure." He straightens himself, and I immediately stand at attention. Tossing me the usual salute, he ends our short meeting with the traditional farewell, "Light be with you, Istro."

I return the salute. "And with you, Milord." With that I am free to exit his office.

I don’t stop my walk until I am in the main hall, standing close to one of the candle stands as to better read what the parchment is stating.

"To the Lady Elizabetha I. Withamhall.

Light’s blessings and guidance.

Milady, ever since you were first brought into our care, however brief, at Uther’s Tomb, have we known of your actions. Granted there are voices who claim that a Scarlet Missionary, former or not, is ill trusted, but bearing in mind that it was from whence the Argent Dawn first came into existence, and counting the reputation you’ve earned yourself through your actions, whilst serving the Church of the Holy Light – we’ve decided to write to you.

We require the assistance of any defender of the Light to help fight the encroaching Undead of the Scourge, and at the same time need Knights who’ve served long and who also know how to combat the Scourge. With your former service to the Scarlet Crusade, we know that you’ve seen your share of combat there. Likewise we know of your actions at the Cathedral of Light where you stood your ground with men and women of various races, defending that sacred place with your lives.

Such are the people we need. And you seem to qualify to such service. We can offer little in return, other than the knowledge that you will be serving the Light and humanity thus, as well as the Alliance itself. We do not ask you to abandon your oath to your Paladin Order.

The Scourge must be opposed.

If you should desire to join our fight, seek me out at our recruitment tents in the Trade District of Stormwind.

I hope you will bear your answer to us soon.

With the best of hopes and wishes for eternal blessings of the Light,

Yours sincerely,

Terent Fairspring,

Argent Dawn Recruiter."

I carefully fold the parchment, and shift the weight of my plate-shoulders. Gazing at the stained glass windows that loom above the altar, I find myself wondering what to do. Go? Stay? If I go, what of Imoen and that growing hatred of hers? If I stay, would it change anything?

Sighing, I rub my forehead. Headache after headache, but I know that I have to get used to the armour again. If I go, I will be doing what I do best, what I was trained to do.

Peering at the Argent Dawn seal upon the parchment I know what answer I’d like best to give.


First I need the courage to admit it.

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