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Avenie Steele

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A recent inductee into The Silver Hand. Avenie was born and bred in the festering village of Goldshire, but escaped from it at the age of 14. She left the home of her parents - merchants of poor standard armour and weaponry following the murder of her dear brother. She set out on a mission to avenge his death in Reddridge and was found along the way by an Old retired Paladin who took it onto himself her to train her in the ways of the light. He trained her and two fellow students Cerestrihana and Alexandaar until his untimely disappearance one cold day in Dun morogh. The students unsuccessfully tasked themselves to find him and formed a guild named in his honour...The knights of Concordia. The Knights saw to it that Avenies brother was avenged but tragedy eventually struck when Alexandaar fell in Gnomregen. There was no way back for the Knights following this and a swift dissolution followed. Avenie took the brunt of this tragedy especially hard and it was only the company of her dear friend Cerestrihana which brought her back from the brink of her aimless wanderings in the Badlands. After a brief stint in the vanquishing Blades Avenie has now joined the Silver Hand in an attempt to rediscover her waning faith in the light.

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