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Basic InformationEdit

Horde PvE/PvP Guild

Our aim is to be one of the biggest, well recognised and respected guilds on Steamwheedle Cartel. We will achieve this by conducting ourselves as mature, civilised and accepting people. The kind of people that will be drawn to our guild is fun loving, easy going, kind and friendly but fierce when need be characters. We will be known among people as Awakening of Chaos and will be feared when entering the battlegrounds. People will know to step their game up when they see Awakening of Chaos coming.

The Guild takes priority!

Awakening of Chaos members will always look to the guild for groups before they do outside giving other a chance to do the same quests, gain xp etc. The guild comes first all the time, only after Awakening of Chaos have been taken care of can we assist outsiders.

If you help the guild grow, the guild will help you grow. There is no "i" in Awakening of Chaos nor in "We" and "We" are "Chaos".

Recruiting: See the Recruitment status in our forums.

General InformationEdit

· Our website is at

· Alternative Characters are allowed.

Forum/Guild RulesEdit

Before posting in our forums, please read the following set of rules. Failure to follow these rules may result in being demoted in rank, but you may also be expelled from the guild altogether. We take these rules very seriously and hope that you will as well. If you see anyone breaking these rules, please notify one of the moderators.

1. Respect others thoughts and opinions, you do not have to agree with them, but you will respect the fact that we are all entitled to our own opinions.

2. Bad mouthing ANY member or the guild itself in guild chat, on the forums, or by whisper is forbidden.

  • If you have a complaint, take it first to that player and if you feel it is serious enough, take it to the leadership. Part of the responsibility of the leadership is to help resolve issues and disagreements, however always try to solve things with the offending person first.
  • All Members are expected to treat their fellow guild Members with respect and dignity at all times.
  • No harassing, be-littling, stalking or any other behavior that disrupts the guild’s continuity will be allowed.
  • Petty arguments and disagreements will not be tolerated.

3. Bad language is not encouraged. Your choice of language directly reflects upon the credit of yourself, your guildmates, and the reputation as a guild. Do not be offended if you are asked to tone the language down a notch or two.

4. Cooperation between everyone in the guild is expected. This guild is founded upon a family and friends type atmosphere. We are all friends helping friends, and this is reflected in our actions and our language. (see rule 2 and 3)

5. Any reference to pornography is strictly prohibited.

6. Nothing on the site is to be copied without prior, written permission from the owner, otherwise it will be seen as theft.

7. Religious discussions are not allowed.

8. Keep political issues outside the forum.

9. We do not tolerate any form of racism, sexism or any other form of intolerance.

10. Defamation is a serious matter and will lead to expulsion from the guild.

11. Above All Have fun and enjoy playing the game with a great group of friends.

Leaving the Guild

If you wish to leave Awakening of Chaos, you are expected to talk to an officer so that we understand why you feel that you may need to leave. Anyone leaving the guild without talking to an officer will NOT be invited back. If you left the guild in good standing, you may reapply at any time.

If we all follow these rules, we will all enjoy our time here together. There is no excuse for not following the rules, therefore, we will not hesitate to take action against those who do not take the rules seriously and make the experience for others here a miserable one. If you do not agree to these rules, please do not post here and if you are a guild member, I would ask that you leave as these rules not only apply to the forum, they are to be followed in-game as well.

Guild Code of ConductEdit


You must be loyal to Awakening of Chaos in every aspect of your gaming experience. You must ALWAYS put the Chaos ahead of outsiders no matter who the outsider may be. If you know the outsider in real life, ask them to join us, they will bypass the initial recruitment stage and go straight onto probation. If someone is putting the guild or members of the guild down, stand up as a proud Chaos and defend our honour.


Respect is something Awakening of Chaos take seriously, our members will show respect to other Chaos at all times especially to their higher ranking officers. The officers holding second rank have the same power as the GM, so treat them with respect and dont give them reason to boot you. They do not need concent to boot someone and can do so at their own discresion so you might want to get to know them and be aware of who your higher ranking officers are. Awakening of Chaos will show respect to outsiders as much as they do to their brethren Chaos. Disrespecting an outsider will reflect badly on the guild and therefore you will conduct yourself outside as well as you do within the guild.


Awakening of Chaos have awesome attitudes, they strive to be the best they can be and try to do as much as they can themselves and only ask for help from higher levels when they cannot find a group to do the harder quests. They believe they can do anything they put their mind to and are not afraid to put in the hard yards to get a job done.


Know your role when grouping with outsiders. If you do not know your role, speak to a Class Leader. They are your mentors and there to guide you. Know the looting rules. Everyone has their own looting rules, figure them out BEFORE you begin and make sure you abide by the rules agreed upon. NEVER EVER BE A NINJA!!! We do not like ninjas and will vary rarely give second chances. We do understand that it can sometimes be an honest mistake, so if it happens, speak up and apologise straight away when realising what you have just done. If this does happen, the best way to resolve it is to find out the value of the item/s you just ninjad and give each person in your group what the item would have sold for, or, agree to roll to see who would have won the item and agree to pay that person the worth, the decision is not up to you, the group must agree on it.


We expect all members to be active within the guild. Those who intend to be away for a long period must notify an officer. If you are away for a long period and do not notify anyone, then you will eventually be booted as we will think you are not that interested in playing anymore. So to avoid being booted, let someone know.

All Awakening of Chaos members MUST join the guild site and participate in any votes or polls that have been posted. If raids have been organised, those who are eligible MUST attend all “mandatory” raids. The only people who do not have to participate are those who have already requested leave of absence before the upcoming raid was posted.


There are no secrets between the Chaos, if you have done something wrong whether intentional or accidental, you should feel comfortable to tell an officer about the situation. Just as there are rules, there are punishments, and the situation will usually determine the punishment. Use your commonsense and you will likely avoid any unwanted, negative situations.


If you have nothing better to do, or you are not doing anything at the time, and someone asks you for help, please help him or her. Awakening of Chaos are a family unit and are here to help each other whenever possible. In saying that however, spamming guild chat for assistance will not be tolerated. If someone is free to help, they will notify you.


In the event that a class or grade leader is unavailable to acompany you on quests/instances etc, a leader will need to be chosen. It is worth while having a leader so that there is less "hang around" time as the leader will have the final word and once he/she has, you can continue to move forward in your persuit. The leader should be chosen as detailed below:

1. Majority vote 2. Experience 3. Rank


Generally, if you recruit someone they become your responsibility and you must pull them up when/if they step out of place, cause problems within the guild.


You bring:

  • Able to raid 3-4 days every week from 7pm ST - 11pm ST
  • Previous raiding experience
  • Know your class perfectly, we're not here to educate you
  • Speced for PVE or be willing to spec for PVE, if you can't raid with us, why would you apply to a PVE guild?
  • Mature, we prefer if your over 18+
  • Fluent in English, both written and vocal
  • Have ventrilo and know how to use it + a microphone
  • Your a dedicated player, with the desire to beat 'the game' - You push hard, and you play hard. Dedication is the key
  • An open mind and a friendly attitude

We bring:

  • A guild of equalminded players
  • A friendly atmosphere
  • Loads of fun and raiding
  • The chance to experience all raiding content in the game first hand
  • A healthy guild system

We are mainly a PvE guild, but we do have players who use the battlegrounds.

Further Requirements: - Level 70 - Must be able to run Ventrilo - Attuned to Karazhan

· We recruit on a trial basis for around a week depending on your activity, if you make the grade you'll become a fully fledged member.

· Applicants should post on the recruitment section on our forums or contact Camci or other officers Recruitment.

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