Alliancecrest small.gif Aylian Smith
Image of Aylian Smith
Title(s) Champion of the Cross
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Paladin
Age 24
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliation Stormwind
Occupation Guard
Status Alive
Relative(s) Jane and Eomyl Smith

Name and Title

Aylian Smith, Champion of the Cross




  • Likes: Helping people, animals, horseback riding
  • Dislikes: Violence, torture, guns
  • Positive traits: Friendly, helpful, cheerful
  • Negative traits: Easily distracted, sceptical

Physical Traits

Aylian's appearance is defined mostly by her long, blonde hair, which falls loosely over her shoulders and neck. She usually carries a friendly smile when in conversation. A subtle eyeshadow and red lipstick complement her features.

She sports a combination of a slim body, womanly curves and muscle, largely thanks to her regular training and healthy eating habits.

In combat, Aylian definitely isn't a pushover, being notably experienced with sword and board and wielding the Light to strengthen her attacks.

When on guard duty, she is clad in a combination of mail and plate armour, tabard covering the upper half. A small gap in her legplates reveals part of her thighs. On her time off, she is typically seen in one of her many dresses, or a shirt and pair of shorts during hot summer days.

Personality, ethics and philosophy

By Kaldira.

Aylian is a usually cheerful young woman whose mood tends to vary from generally content or happy, to joyful and excited. especially when it comes to trying to make others happy. She is rarely a 'girly girl' though, except when in the company of certain friends.

As a guard, she thinks of it as her duty to not just make arrests, but to help and get involved with the people, something she enjoys doing regardless. As soon as there is law-breaking involved, though, her attitude becomes completely serious.

Aylian thinks everything through, and will never blindly follow orders, questioning the morals and consequences of her own and other's actions to ensure that they cause no unwanted harm to others.

She thinks of most criminals as undereducated people with a troublesome family background, or bad influence from outside. Being absolutely against torture, she would much rather see someone exiled, locked up or preferrably, redeemed. While she is not an advocate of death penalty, she considers it necessary in some cases when "there's no turning back for them".

Recently, she has taken up a training as a Paladin, and is studying the Light and its teachings.

Aylian Guard.jpg


A skilled warrior, Aylian has been trained to use sword and board since she was only six years old. Her combat style is defensive, and she wears light armour to allow her to dodge and attack swiftly whilst her shield covers the unprotected parts. Remaining calm and in complete control, her movements seem to resemble a 'battle dance' at times rather than fighting. She is also capable of calling upon the Light, mostly for protection. Her strongest abilities would be revealed only if she were to be severely injured.


Aylian's mother, Jane, is a simple woman of few needs. She spends her doing the chores at the family house, cooking, cleaning, and tailoring. In her free time, she spends time over at the stables of Eastvale Logging camp where she enjoys looking after the horses and doing the occasional riding.

Eomyl, Aylian's father, is a rather intelligent man, who is occupied with his job as a woodworker. He has always refused to leave his current profession and look for a more prestigious job, for unknown reasons - perhaps because he simply enjoys doing what he does.


Aylian grew up in a rather simple family in Elwynn, where she was taught the basics she would need in life later to come. As a young girl, it soon became clear that while she was grateful for what her parents gave her, she was more ambitious than them. Her father taught her the basics of sword and board as well as ranged combat, while she learned from her mother how to properly ride and care for a horse. With these basics behind her, she quickly made her career choice after she entered Stormwind City for the first time and saw the various guards in their blue lion-adorned armour.

After serving a while in the Guard, she suddenly left for Northrend, just like many others also feeling the need to fulfill their duty there. Sadly though, her mission was soon ended after being viciously attacked by an unknown entity. She returned to Stormwind as quickly as she could, refusing any medical help during the journey. Aylian then resumed her guard duties as normal.

Eventually, though, she made the decission to leave life as a guard for what it is, displeased with the commanding officers and their brutality. She ventured out of the city, travelling all alone through the Eastern Kingdoms for over a year, trying to help out here and there as she went along.

As the solitude finally caught up with her, Aylian returned to Stormwind, much more experienced than she was when she left, and rejoined the guard after being reassured of the personality of the new captain.

After having won the Red Cross Tournament and befriending Sinthya Bloodthorn (who coincidentally died shortly afterwards), she gained a considerable fortune as well as a house in Ironforge, in addition to the one she already had in Stormwind.

Aylian Smith as drawn by Katleena.

Current Status

Taking a break from her job as a guard to travel the world.

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