Hordecrest small Azézao (Azai)
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Title(s) Witch Doctor
Gender Male
Race Troll
Class Witch Doctor
Age 21-22 years old
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation Atal´Loa
Occupation Witch Doctor
Status Presumed alive

Name Edit

Azézao, Azai'zao. Both correct spellings of the same name. As Azai and his parents are unable to write the true spelling is unknown.. For friends he's merely 'Azai'.

Physical Traits Edit

Tall and lanky, Azai looks like the average Troll. Although a Mossflayer, his skin is not as green as the average Forest Troll. The thin layer of moss that usually grows into the skin of every Forest Troll did not have the chance to develop due to the fact that Azai had been seriously ill and was raised on the go.

He usually sports a large green mohawk and his face is often painted with warpaint in honor of the Mossflayer Tribe.

Race and ClassEdit

Male Troll, Witch Doctor.

Guild Edit

After leaving the Revantusk Tribe, Azai wandered the lands of Azeroth in search of his ancestry and eventually stumbled over Witch Doctor Jin'Zil at Malaka'jin. Jin'Zil taught Azai the basics of alchemy, herbalism and voodoo. Eventually he told him about Malaka'Jin's former overseer: Bamboo'Chaa, who had left Malaka'Jin to return to Stranglethorn Vale with the Atal´Loa. Jin'Zil ordered Azai to take Bamboo'Chaa's newly born with him, and bring her to Grom'Gol. Jin'Zil was supposed to bring Tanyi'Chaa himself, but he had to make sure his freshly caught Night Elves did not escape, nor die in the meanwhile. Upon returning Tanyi to her father (who was not amused because a 'stranger' brought him his daughter), Azai joined the ranks of the Atal´Loa.

Occupation Edit

After many trials and studies of the Loa under multiple witch doctors and Shadow Hunter Bamboo'chaa himself, Azai has finally earned himself the title of witch doctor.


Zala'zao. (Father)

Kaliama. (Mother)

Zajiki. Adoptive uncle in Revantusk Village, cared for Azai and his family.

Family/Character Background Edit

Before the coming of the plague, Azai's parents decided to leave the Mossflayer Tribe in Darrowmere Forest. Together with some of their kin they headed out, leaving the safety of Zul'Mashar behind. Young Azai was dragged along as the group travelled through the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms. The long and heavy trip took its toll on the Trolls and the victims started to count up. The Mossflayer Tribe, an tribe of the former Amani Empire, had few allies and couldn't count on a warm welcome anywhere. After multiple ambushes, diseases and starvation the group decided to make their way to Revantusk Village. The Revantusk were known for their diplomatic ways and relatively liberal way of thought, at least.. The exiled Mossflayers thought they did.

The Revantusk didn't welcome the wanderers, but offered the group a temporary home to recover. Among the victims of the journey had been little Azai. The day-long walks, ambushes, cold, and stress had taken their toll on the kid and he became seriously ill. The illness convinced the Revantusk to take in these desperate wanderers. Little Azai was so ill he almost lost his life, but thanks to the local Witch Doctor he survived and regained strength quickly. Azai still bears the scar of the illness, his brighter skin. Azai's illness caused his skin to stop the greening process usually seen among Forest Trolls.

Most of the Mossflayers from the group that fled Zul'Mashar left Revantusk after a while. The group was shattered and the various Mossflayers headed into various directions. Azai's parents stayed among the Revantusk, assuming that that was in the best interest of their son.

Criminal Record Edit

Minor incidents.

Personal Notes Edit

Azai is known to be a smoker of Stranglekelp and often states that his Stranglekelp is the best you will be able to find in all of Azeroth, all because of a 'special recipe'. Azai only uses Stranglekelp as so-called 'study-material'. Next to that, Azai likes the things almost everybody likes such as partying, drinking brew and relaxing. He also likes swimming (probably because Stranglekelp grows underwater) and can often be found close to one of Stranglethorns beautiful beaches.

Current Status Edit

Back in Stranglethorn Vale among the Atal'Loa, serving Akil'zon. Often travels back to the Hinterlands.


I did not start Azai as an RP-character, but he eventually became one. One of my main influences in this process were the indigenous people of New Zealand and Polynesia, such as the Maori and the Tonganese people. Another influence was the Rastafari Movement and Bob Marley himself, in the sense of being laid back and devout at the same time.

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